Why Do People Dislike the Movie 'Turning Red'?

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"I’m not trying to start arguments here…but can someone explain to me why everyone is against the movie Turning Red? Please no arguing I’m just very curious about opinions…I have a 4-month-old son and he’s not watching it because I’ve heard of reviews I’m just wondering what the fuss is about or why it’s bad?"

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"I don’t see a problem except maybe uptight people yapping about dumb stuff"

"We loved it, I thought it was a great movie."

"Because it addresses periods. I LOVED the movie."

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong with that movie"

"It’s not and your 4 month old wouldn’t understand anything happening anyway so I don’t see big deal."

"it addresses period and is basically about puberty."

"Because it mentions periods for like maybe 5 minutes of the movie if that , people need to get over it"

"Some people are up in arms about it because it addresses menstruation and “encourages rebellion.” I watched it with my 4 year old and we enjoyed it. If you’re concerned about it I’d just watch it on your own first to screen it but honestly your 4 month old son isn’t going to absorb any of it anyway."

"Because it depicts every day life of a teenager and it’s not a fairy tale"

"They show the mom bring an armful of feminine products and it makes people go… “Oh that’s icky, women are yucky waaaa” but it is very cute and highly accurate depiction of what it’s like being a young girl… Ya know other than the transforming into a creature hahaha"

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Honestly i think its fine depending on the kid. People who are upset need to remember what rating the movie is their kid is watching. It mentions period products for like maybe 5 minutes and lets be real girls can get their period at the age of 9 and all girls should be prepared by then for what a period is just because of it. The only issue i have with the movie is that when my 4yr old watches it she likes to act out the moods she watches and she can get sassy but then again I am aware she is watching a pg13 movie and its my choice.