Why do toddlers scream?

hi so i have a 2 year old son that i’ve noticed that he would be playing and all the sudden he would scream or cry get all red for sec it looks like he’s in pain just don’t know what’s going on. and last night we were about to put him to sleep he was crying not until my hubby rubbed his tummy and he went to sleep. anyone kid happened to them this and what it was, i’m calling the doctor tomorrow so i can take him to the doctor. but i’m just so worried about him that can’t sleep lol what a mom does just worries about their kids can’t help it :slightly_smiling_face:


My son woke up out a dead sleep screaming he was about 4 he said his stomach hurt we immediately thought about his appendix took him to the ER turns out he was constipated he had been having regular Bowel movements to but once we got him on miralax he hasnt had that problem again hes now 9

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Tough poop did this to my oldest. I cant remember what the pediatrician told us to do though.

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Sugary water might help or pears,grapes,prunes. Probably just a poop blockage

Could be a sudden stomach cramp. Is he having regular bowel movements? Are they soft or do they come out like hard pebbles. He could be constipated and not know how to express it.

Pear juice or prune juice sounds constipated my daughter does the same thing when she cant go

He’s probably constipated. About 10ml I believe of miralax to help. Hope he feels better :heart:

Is he regular? Could be constipated
ask the dr about miralax to regulate

Please take him to an ICPA chiropractor

Is he constipated? I do home child care and that would be my first thought.