Why does it burn when i have sex?

When my significant other and I have sex, my vag always burns… I did have my daughter almost 3 months ago, and I had super bad “road rash” after giving birth. I was only dilated to a 7 when I pushed her out. But it’s almost the same exact feeling after we have sex… it honestly makes me not want to do it… I’ve tried explaining it to my fiance but he just doesn’t seem to understand. He feels bad because he think he hurt me and that I’m not attracted to him, but it just hurts afterwards… What can I do to make it more enjoyable and not so painful when we’re done??..


Lubrication!! Oil that baby up. Lol.


Why on earth did they have u push ur daughter out while only being dilated to a 7!? I would probably go to ur doctor and explain what is going on and maybe they could pinpoint what’s going on


See your doctor girl! Doctor is your best bet!

***why did you give birth at only 7cm?! Ahhh that sounds terrible :tired_face:

Hoping for the best for you


So! My dr. told me that after having a beb, while breastfeeding your body’s hormones basically do their best to make you NOT want sex. You won’t be able to produce the same amount of self- lubricant you usually do. It will take a little while for your body to get back to normal in that department. My dr. suggested avoiding tampons, drinking lots of water (of course), and supplemental lube. And lots of foreplay. Gets the juices goin’! Good luck!!


Get checked. You could have ripped your vagina out

Yeast infection ?
Don’t put anything down their
Have u been using condoms could it be from using these?
as well sometimes the vagina is very sensitive after pregnancy so easily can get infected

Lube is your bff after baby. Try taking to your doctor too.

sometimes it takes longer before things feel normal and you aren’t sore anymore, it did for me anyway :tipping_hand_woman:


Have you asked an actual doctor instead of a facebook page?


Go to your doctor! I was still having pain and found out I wasnt healed right. Also, try getting more in the mood before you have sex. Use as much lube as you need to, but really try to stretch out if that makes sense. I had the same problem. It really does get better. The doc can also prescribe you lidocaine

All these people saying lube… Do you guys not get oral sex very often? I’m not trying to be mean… I’m just asking cuz I didn’t need lube at all after baby was born… My guy is also an oral giver so that helps :joy::joy::joy:


He’s probably been elsewhere and you have an std


Lube! It will pass with time. Took me a few months to get full feeling back too. I was scared it would never feel as good as before.


Have you tried making an appointment to see your doctor? Seems like your vag isn’t healed yet.i would recommend trying to use vagisil unscented wash. Your vag could just be dry. Also, when you’re intimate I would suggest using some sort of lube. But most of all make an appointment to see your doctor.

Tons of lube helps. I would also see your ob to get checked out. Good luck

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Obviously they wanna mKe you think oh it’s so well for my vagnia

Well if you weren’t hurting like that before you had your baby then it’s safe to say it’s too soon to be having sex after birth. It can take several months to heal completely with a normal birth but pushing a baby out at 7 I’m sure would take longer.

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