Why does my 3-month-old stop breathing?

I need some advice mommies
I have 3 months son who is always having a relapse and stop breathing since he was born.I took him to doctors and tey don’t see any problem with him
So I was asking for help and advice in wat to do if anyone had the same experience please and his father think is because he never met him


Sounds like sleep apnea. He needs a sleep study. My son had sleep apnea, he wore a mask to bed.

Wait…did I read that right ? He stops breathing because his father never met him? Huh?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


His father think ,the baby stops breathing, because he’s never met him? What? Is this a legit question? I’d push the subject on the drs this is a serious issue. It sounds like sleep apnea.


Has zero to do with his father not being involved. Request a sleep study.


Bradicardia, apnea was baby premie or in the NICU at birth? Don’t stop till you get a neonatologist in this specialty!

My son does the same thing and he is only 3 weeks ago the doctor told me it was normal for baby’s to do that

You can ask your Dr for a portable monitor, I dont remember what it’s called it monitors their heart rate and breathing and an alarm sounds if something is wrong… on another note your babies issues iant because of his dad not being around that’s just stupid lol


Maybe second opinion for sure. Pediatric doctor of course!!

If you’re not comfortable with the drs answer always get a second opinion get a third and fourth if you have to

Is he stopping breathing while asleep?? Or awake??
Like others said maybe apnea? But if its while awake definately needs checked. Call the pediatrician every day but i find it hard to believe a real pediatrician would have told you its nothing

While he’s sleeping or while he’s awake?

My daughter used to have breath holding spells while awake. They are extremely scary and I had no idea it was a thing until she started them. I thought she was dead one time. It happens when they are upset or startled. Look into it and do your research so you know what kinds of questions to ask your doctor. Most definitely request a referral for a second opinion. Maybe a pulmonologist?

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Tell me he is on a monitor, please?

Hubby and I use to be Foster parents and we had a child that had the same thing and the doctors attached an alarm to the child and we would hear it at night through a baby monitor if the child s breathing was off

My nephew had an issue like this and it turned out to be something with his heart. The dr.’s are watching it and don’t seem to concerned about it. It is definitely not from the dad not being around. If the dad thinks it is, then maybe he should come around and see if the issue resolved itself!

Get a second opinion from a dr not Facebook :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

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Have a sleep study done. Could be SIDS. it can happen. Prayers

Get a second opinion. And breathing issues have nothing to do with him not seeing his dad. That’s just stupid.

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Keep going to the doctor. You have to be an advocate for your child. See a different doctor, ask for a referral to a pulmanologist. They will likely send you home with a monitor to put on baby while sleeping to do a sleep study. I also suggest that you invest in a monitor for your home, such as an owlet. My lo has stopped breathing and has several health problems and the owlet has saved her countless times.