Why does my 3 year old still have accidents?

Any ideas on what to do about my 3.5yr old, when she goes to the bathroom she doesn’t always pull her shorts down. Is she just rushing? She’s done really good on going on her own besides this.


I put a long door mirrior so my kids can see themself before walking out

at home maybe no undies? is say she’s just leaving it to the very last second as kids do.

She will get the hang of it. She is probably waiting till the last minute to go. It takes time momma. She will be a pro in no time.

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Maybe put her in dresses?

Just keep reminding her to pull them down far enough

Shes rushing. Go with her a time or two saying the steps slowly again so she’ll think of it next time.

My daughter did same thing. Went sears and took her with me to look at pretty panties and animated ones. I asked if she would like to pick her own out. She did i didnt say anything UNTILL we got home and asked her if the pictures would like being peed on and she said oh no i cannot let that happen she didn’t

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It takes time. Lol. Remind her…undies to the knees. Lol. She will get there. My youngest boy rushed lots and got pee on his undies by not getting his little winky out fast enough. Kids wait until they are about to burst to go pee lol. Take her out and let her pick out some super cute undies, remind her the things on it won’t wanna get pee on them , so she has to remember to get them to her knees or more before sitting down. Lol. Good luck.