Why does my 9-month-old have anxiety?

My Daughter is Almost 9 months old and what seems like she has anxiety around People?? For Example: I seen a friend in the grocery store,friend said hi to my daughter touched her foot and she just loses it. “ crying” if someone comes over to our home to visit and talks to her she just cries💔 cries so hard she starts breathing heavy and gaging… She is my first and only child…
sincerely,New Mom :heart:


Very normal for that age. She’s just experiencing “stranger danger”. I worked at the Santa and Easter bunny sets at our mall and that age group almost ALWAYS cried.


Sounds like anxiety, which can suck for you but it is also reassuring that she wont just talk or go with a stranger. I would prep her before people come over or if you see someone approaching say something like “oh look theres so and so, are we gonna say hello? Yay! I love seeing so and so!”, and at home say “so and so is coming to visit today it will be so fun!” And just try to make her see that momma trusts that person. My kids are the opposite, will talk to anyone and that’s scary because of todays climate with child abduction. You dont want her to be okay with everyone but just try to teach her the difference.


This was definitely my daughter’s behavior at that age. It’s stranger danger… and while it can be frustrating, it’s really a good thing and a normal part of development. My 3 year old has mostly outgrown it, but it takes a bit of time for her to totally warm up to people now.

Very normal. She has stranger anxiety which is normal for her age.


My son is that way, he will be two in August. Some people he takes up with and others he doesn’t.

I feel like doing this all the time.


It’s the age. Very normal. I call it “stranger danger” lol.

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That’s not too unusual. My daughter was like that with almost all men. She would freak out when a guy would put gas in my car (it’s illegal to pump your own gas in OR).

My almost 9 month old daughter is like this. Yesterday an old friend of ours looked at her and said “man you look like your momma!” She instantly started bawling to the point I had to blow at her face to get her to take a breath. Some days she’s okay with people she doesn’t know but then other days she’s not having it. She even does this to my grandma (her great grandma) cause she doesn’t see her but maybe once or twice a month.

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Sometimes babies cry the tears others hide .they are extremely sensitive

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My daughter will be 9 months in 2 weeks. This is a normal part of development. If you’re afraid it’s excessive speak to your Dr. But it’ll probably pass. Look up the app TheWonderWeeks if you get a chance. Has so much info on babies development by month/week. It’s helped keep me sane as this is my first as well. Good luck!

I’m almost 35 and I have a hArd time with new ppl. I’m good with short conversations but it just can’t go on for a long time. I find myself trying to escape.

My son is 3 & still hates strangers. He won’t exactly cry, but he’ll look at the ground or hide behind my leg. However, my daughter is 2 & was never like that. She’s not shy at all, & loves being around people.
I wouldn’t say it’s anxiety, just stranger danger. I’d say it’s normal.

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Stranger anxiety. Normal.


It’s normal at that age.

It’s normal for this age.
People anxiety, some babies get it worse than others

I’m a infant teacher and I have had my babies do this when other parents come in for there kids…they crawl to me for reassurance…and I let them know that they are ok.soon after the person leaves…they return to normal

Its stranger danger all babies go through this

Very normal.Sge will grow out of it.

She is still little i wouldn’t worry about it unless it continues as she gets older its normal for infants and toddlers to not like new people or strangers

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My daughter is 13 months and still does it

My daughter had stranger/social anxiety from the very beginning. No one at the store could talk to us. I literally had to ask people to stay away. She grew out of it eventually. She is 9 now and perfect.

Stranger anxiety. My daughter had it horribly. Literally everyone, besides a handful of family members, she was afraid of. Now she’s 3yo and a social butterfly. They grow out of it.

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At that age they have their favorite people they feel safe with. Baby is going through stranger anxiety or stranger danger. Youtube baby stranger anxiety there might be tips on how to help calm baby and let them know its ok.

My baby is five months and I read today that many babies start to develop stranger anxiety after this age and that she may cry if other people hold her or even just approach. Your baby is probably just fine and this developmental stage will pass eventually.

At my son’s 6 month check up, his pediatrician said, “ this is such a good age because they are always so happy to see us, just wait until his 9 month and he has major stranger danger.” I doubted him because my son is the happiest, most friendly little guy ever. But he says it never fails, babies are always shy at that age.

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Normal. I’d just not force her out of her comfort and let her approach people when she’s ready. But at that age, totally normal

It’s the touching or getting in the face or being loud that used to set my boy off, only with strangers, people he knew were fine, he grew out of it and now loves new people, unless hes overtired, not so good with anything at that stage, pretty much got people to let him see them before they got in his face.

I would have to smile and hug my friends & reassure my daughter that this person was good and our friend before she would be okay with them. My son would walk off with anyone!