Why does my baby cry when going to daycare?

advice please. After 8 months of my 18 month old being in this daycare the last 2 days he hysterically cried when I would drop him off. So like it said in the packet to do I showed my concern and made a suggestion on how to fix it. they have a camera system that all I would have to do is download the app so I could watch what goes on during the day. she said she wasnt offering that at this time and when I went to go pick him up my son was terminated. sounds like she was trying to hide something, its awfully fishy. No warning or anything. what would you mommas do? should I report it even though there isn’t proof of abuse? thank you!


i would literally call your department of public health right now


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I’d report it big red flags: your son crying the last two days, has cameras but they “don’t work” or is offered at that time, then he’s terminated after you asked🤔 sketchy


Legally they can’t show you camera footage if others children are in it. So the camera part doesn’t sound sketchy to me.

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Definitely fishy! Somethings going on

Did u ask what was the cause for the termination? That’s super messed up. When my kids were in daycare we had to give a written 2 wks notice before we terminated or we would have to pay an early termination fee. I’m assuming there’s something u can look into because now they put u in a position where u have no child care. Look over the paperwork to see if theres some type of small print that can help u out. But still trust ur intuition. If something seems fishy… It more than likely is.


Something sounds shady… I would report them if it were me… What reason did they give you for terminating care?

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Yes very weird. Why was he terminated? Was there a reason? That’s really strange. I would report it.

File a police report ,and demand to see surveillance tape for the last few days via police evidence.


I agree take your child to his Dr immediately, tell them what happened and they will by law report it and get the ball rolling. Prayers for your child.


Report it! Trust your gut.


Make sure though that they know the main reason you are filing IS NOT because terminated arrangements with you. But because you think that they are hiding something and making it behind the end of business agreement is not a sufficient defense. Hopefully they explore further

Also do you your own public inquiry to other parents. Where theres smoke there’s fire…somewhere. start sniffing


Yes. Call your state licensing

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Not cool go with ur instincts mamma

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Absolutely report them to the police department and ask why he was terminated. It is a public option for people to get their kids to go there fordaycare.You may not be physically able to see any marks but that dosen’t mean that they didn’t mentally do anything to him.


Report it immediately!!

Put a nanny cam in something of his…

Better safe than sorry, plus think of the other children thay couls be at risk.
Hope you baby is OK!


I’d demand to see the tape something was wrong it could of been another child hurting him I’d be demanding something sounds like guilt some were

I would especially report it, they offer a system to view what happens but not really? And your son is in tears? And now he’s being kicked out? Yeah, something isn’t right at all.


Take ur child to his doc report it at least it’s on record


That doesn’t make sense…at our Center the cameras have been down due to maintance…but she’s not offering the App right now…WHAT? Do they use Life cubby?

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The reason for termination was parent/provider differences. But this was the first concern ive ever had and my son gets terminated the same day. They gave me a 2 weeks notice but why would I bring my child back after all this.


Yes…the fact that they unexpectedly expelled Your child after asking for a feature their center offers is cause for concern and id think enough to warrant an investigation


Demand to see the camera


My son only fussed the first few times then after that he’s not even wait to tell me bue!! Report it, if nothing’s wrong, no harm no foul!! Better safe!!


What would you report? You don’t know anything that is going on there.

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Talk to some of the other parents see what their kids have been going through and if their kids are going through the same thing suggest a hidden recorder put in their backpack and see what it records because yours might not be the only one behaving suspiciously and if they out a nap kicked your kid out why demand to know why there has to be a reason

I worked at center for 9 years I have my associates in child development I worked with 12-18 months for 5 years and then-for the other 4 it was 3-10 - for what is worth here’s my opinion -I’ve seen both sides where the child is completely fine comes with smiles everyday then out of the blue starts becoming upset at every drop off, and is than fine 5 minutes after mom leaves. I have also seen children who are upset because they don’t want to leave mom, sick, growth spurts, they had an incident with another child there’s a million reasons kids do this. On the other hand my own baby started becoming upset at a home daycare which scared me cause he was always happy and went with open arms, 2 days after that started we got a 7 day notice that she was ending our care. I never brought him back and I called her licenser, I never heard back. what does raise the flags for me is that they said they weren’t offering that service currently, not offering it to you? Or everyone? And if this is the 1st incident where you voiced your concern and the terminated care that is also something that would raise a red flag. You can call the county and every county has their own rules they will probably follow up but I highly doubt they will do much unless there is solid proof of abuse or wrong doing. Centers usually get some leniency when it comes to parent complaints because there are many parents that that call in. I had a parent call once cause we told her her child needs winter clothes and she didn’t think we should take her outside and a teacher should stay back with her child we explained several times that we go outside even in the winter and she ended up calling us in. - in MN they don’t even have to give you a reason to terminate care , which I think is ridiculous. I wouldn’t bring my child back if that’s an option and I’d read through the contract and see if there are references and call them and see if they really say good things. Also see what it says about parent teacher disagreements as a case for termination. You can try to call and I hope you get answers but from my own experience and working for a center just be prepared for nothing to happen also - I hope you find and amazing provider😊

It’s an 18 month old can’t talk for themselves so need to have something to prove he has not been abused. Marks may not be on child but emotionally he has shown signs that he is not standing that place. Something could have happened. Need the cameras as evidence. Also try contacting BBB and yelp reviews mom groups in area to get word out. That could really screw their business. No one would want to go there.

I would report it!! It sounds fishy!!

Yes and fast hes telling you right tgere somethin is wrong and he dont want to go back

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Why not ask the other parents if they have had issues

Michelle this sounds way messed up hey

If you think something was weird go to the police and talk to them

Yeahhhhhh that’s fishy

File a report. The cops can get footage

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REPORT IT. Get the cops, CPS and whoever’s else you need to get involved. Even if there isn’t enough evidence for justice for your son, this may prevent something else happening to another child.

Demand to see the cameras!! Something sounds fishy!

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I would demand to see the footage.

sounds way weird. i would definitely report it

I would try to find out before reporting

As a past child care worker, they definitely are hiding something, get whoever you need to get involved and report it, you might be the one to save the next baby if anything is or was happening

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I should always be able to watch video yes sounds fishy

I wouldnt be asking, id bring it to someones attention. Also id tell other parents

I agree something is not right. Can you go to child welfare or child protection. But do not allow them to push you off.

I would have this investigated. I’ve babysat others children that always came to me happy and didn’t want to leave many times. It’s the departure and when you drop them off you have to pay attention to. I watched one and two year olds along with my two year old while my others were at school. As a mother I would want to care for others children they way I would want mine cared for and always made sure they were safe and happy. Something definitely is fishy with this situation.

I would report it. There’s something she is trying to hide if she is unwilling to show footage that is offered for parents to view.

Demand to see security footage

Obviously she’s doing something to him

You may have touched on something

Report this to CPS and cops talk to other parents to get feel from them. Kids do cry when taken to caregivers but it usually is because of something, ck to see if video shows any thing they must show you it if they have one most do.ask his teacher.your gut feeling will be how far to take this. investigate it’s your child life!

Report please before a child passes

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You have a civil duty to report even if you have speculation. Bring up your son’s behavior and how you were terminated without cause!

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If she said she isnt offering that camera system thing so you can watch, that alone is fishy as fuck and i would tell em youre the parent so they better make it happen before you take him somewhere else. I work at a daycare, and although we dont have the camera app to watch and the kids are crazy, we have cameras and an open door policy and ALWAYS tell parents, and let them know theyre more than welcome to watch how their kids day was at pickup on our cameras.

Something sounds wrong I would report

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What was her reasoning for terminating him?

I currently run a daycare

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I would say something to CPS or whoever they are licensed through and I would definitely tell other parents what happened and what your concerns are.

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Something was happening to your son at the care center.

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I would just in case so no other kid has to go that whatever is going on

Report it! Trust your gut.