Why does my baby spit up so much?

hi mamas so i have a month old baby boy that spits up a lot. i Breasfeed btw just wondering if anyone’s baby spits up a lot too and if it’s normal


You may need to talk to the dr. I nurses three of my four kids and typically they don’t vomit much when breastfeedin.

Your baby could be having a hard time digesting your milk. Talk to your doctor and see what they say. Best of luck.

7 weeks old my daughter ended up with piloric stenosis keep an eye out for dehydration (sunkin soft spots) and call Dr

My son had this issue when he was a baby, it wound up being acid reflux and he had to b on meds for it until he was about 5. Try to keep ur son upright as much as possible during feeding and for about 30 mins after, i used to set my son in his swing so he would be sitting up. Talk to a dr, good luck

Could be an dairy allergy. You may have to cut out dairy from your diet. Also could be reflux.

Could be reflux, could be an allergy to something in your diet. I had an over supply and if I didn’t take a little milk off the top baby would spit up my milk would pour out just too much too fast. Talk to an LC and your pediatrician to trouble shoot

My almost 2 month old spits up a lot. Or well, did. I start burping him for about 5-10 min after every feeding. He hasn’t spit up since.

My youngest was throwing up a lot almost like projectile so the doctor had her tested for Pyloric stenosis it is an easy test they do at the hospital doesn’t hurt at all thankfully it was just a bad case of acid reflux talk to the babies doctor about it good luck mommy