Why does my c section scar burn?

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I’ve had 3 c-sections my first was a emergency c-section my second was just 11 months after the first and my last was 3 years ago. There are times if I strain my stomach muscles as in just picking my 3 year old up my c-section scar hurts anytime I sneeze or have a coughing fit I get a horrible burning sensation where my scar is and it’s takes days for that pain to go away I’m just wondering if there’s any c-section mamas that have had the same thing that happened to them. From the research I’ve done I can’t really find much on the subject , I don’t have health insurance seeing a dr isn’t a option for me , I could go to the emergency room but I don’t feel like it’s a emergency situation :expressionless:


Personally i’ve only had one csection but I’m only 5 weeks pp and have no pain. My pain completely went away around 3 weeks - it never hurts to pick up heavy objects/ cough/ sneeze. Maybe try calling your OB and just speaking with the nurse without scheduling an appt?

I’ve had 2 c sections and currently pregnant going to have my 3rd. I’ve had sharp pains in my scar while picking up my children or simply bending over. I’ve done research and only thing I’ve found is, scar tissue breaking away or sometimes your uterine wall or bladder can get stuck to it and that’s causing the pain.

I have 2 c sections and just release from the ER today. My kids are 6 and 3 but my husband rush me to the hospital due to the severe abdominal pain and burning sensation. I’m clear from UTI but they still gave me antibiotic :disappointed:

My mom had 2 c-sections she had similar issues then started bleeding constantly for 8 months they did a hysterectomy and found out her uterus and other organs had so much scar tissue they fused to her c-section scar

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I had my last C-section in 1993 and I still have issues with my incision to this say. Not always, but it still gets red and irritated and sometimes itches like crazy. It’s not painful just annoying

I had 4 C-sections and also had that same spot cut open 10 other times.What you are feeling is normal but if you are concerned it never hurts to see a doctor.It doesn’t sound out of the norm from my experience if you don’t have insurance maybe try to save a little money or find a free clinic or one that goes on your income and get it checked out to ease your mind a little

Try using a compression garment

Ive had 3 my first will be 6 years in july my last being 6 weeks ago. I started having scar pain after my second cuz they hit a nerve.

I had a C-section November of 2017 and January of 2019 I’m completely recovered from both but I also still get pains when I strain my muscles.

I’ve had 2 a yr apart and mine does that. My first was also emergency. They say the scar always hurts and mine does. My last one was 14 months ago

Ive only had 1 c-section and am currently pregnant. My scar does occasionally get a pulling sharp pain sometimes when I go to pick up my son but its never really been an often thing. Just every once in a while kind of thing. But the area around my scar is also completely numb. I cant feel anything there.