Why does my c section scar burn?

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I need help I had a C-section bout 4 days ago and I have a burning sensation on my left side of my scare is that normal and what can I do to ease the pain? It has put me in tears and hard for me to move


Yes m8ne did ibphrophen helps warm compress heat pack ect

I still get burning pains and just regular pains in mine, if you are too worried call your doctor :heart:


Yes it is normal. …that’s the side the Dr pulled more on (that’s what I was told anyway when I had mine)


Tylenol for the pain and heating pad and take it easy, hold a pillow if you have to cough if the pain is that bad

14 years later, I still get a burning sensation where my scar is, usually around my period. Was told it’s scar tissue!?!?


Call your doctor.
This happened to me.
He gave me a shot to numb it and told me to come back if it started again. I had to go back right away because I got a blood clot where he gave me the shot and when he looked at it it was a 2 inch extra stitch that didn’t dissolve with the rest that was trying to pop out of my skin. It finally did and it didn’t hurt anymore.


Totally normal! They cut through tons of nerves and they have to try to heal mine burned for 6 months the first time and 9 the second time. Much better by the year mark. Relax and take it easy stay on your pain meds for at least a whole week or two then back on ibuprofen


I would say normal. I remember feeling that with both of my csections and till this day I still feel numbness around the area. Maybe a heat pad or ice pack will help? Or letting shower run over it.

I had the exact same thing. Take ibuprofen and lay down/put your feet up it should go away

Call your nurse or dr in the morning and let them know… I had 2 c sections and that sounds pretty normal since it’s only been 4 days… don’t do any heavy lifting or a lot of work or strain for at least 4-6 weeks. Your healing inside and out. Rest and pick your feet up and take ibuprofen or whatever your dr gave you for pain

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Call your doctor. Could be a problem with your incision. Don’t wait it could be an infection starting up and you dont want that around the baby.

I would say normal i used to wrap an ice pack round a dish towel and placed it on top of my clothes to chill it down. Worked a treat xxxx

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It’s where the finished the stitching they tie the knot there

Very normal. Mine took a good full week or two for that pain to stop. It’s to be expected. Hang in there!

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Yes ! And walk , as bad as that sounds walk

I’ve had three. Very normal. After about 6 weeks you will feel so much better . Do. Not. Vacuum. For almost 12 weeks I leaned the hard way

That’s normal… just take otc pain meds that your doctor has approved and make sure you move around enough so you don’t get stiff

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Call your Doctor and tell them what is going on.


You already out of the hospital? They kept me in the hospital for 4 days and I left the 5 day

Stay on top of your meds and wear an abdominal binder

You’re doing too much. Rest, Mama!

Talk to your doctor but relax, take it easy, and don’t lift anything except your baby. Just being passed 4 weeks with my 1st c-section it’s been very hard to not lift or do much besides walking but it’s worth not being in pain. (Now heads up about other abdominal pain because you could be constipated and might need a stool soften… watch out for that) stay hydrated :blush:

I had staples and they burned so bad on one side. So I would say, normal if you had staples. :two_hearts:

I had it with my last c section 2 yrs ago. It would start hurting when i was moving around too much or was too tired. Pain would go away with rest.

I will never understand why people ask FB for medical advice?!?! CALL YOUR DR! :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

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Make sure they give you a belly wrap, wear that anytime you’re going to get up or be active it will help with the pain, take your pain medication on time I took ibuprofen 800 is that my doctor prescribed because I didn’t want to take the heavy narcotics, pain control is key, don’t ban to repeatedly don’t lift anything heavier than your baby for the first 8 weeks rest when your body needs rest and move around as much as possible to prevent blood clots, drink plenty of water still take your prenatal for the first year postpartum to replenish your body, take a stool softener everyday as directed by your doctor to help you not get backed up because getting backed up freshly after having a c-section is very painful. Drink coffee prune juice fruits and vegetables to also help not get backed up. Call your doctor if you’re worried however it because for the first month after giving birth you are at risk for complications.

Yes very normal. The burning on the one side will last longer then the rest of the pain too!

They tied you up on one side, i heard them explain it to their assistants on the other side of the sheet haha i feel like at first… a c-section seems like it will never feel normal. Pulling burning itching. All normal for the type of incision healing. Think of all the layers they cut through. It takes longer to heal, but don’t ever feel afraid to reach out to your doctor or even your pediatrician about even a minor concern. If it concerns you, try to take it easy on it lol and get it checked out. I’m 9 month postpartum now and only just starting to feel “normal” again and even then it will feel like your insides got moved around, because they did! Lol just try to take ot day by day and remember how long it took your body to grow that baby. It takes the same amount of time or more to go back

If you have staple s sometimes they burn. When in doubt call the Dr. That why they get the big bucks

Binder. Do not carry or drag anything that’s heavier than your baby. Pain killers. Have yourself checked. :blush: On my 4th day after C-section, I can’t even sneeze without crying. :joy:

Gotta keep moving around or your wound will “sieze” my last c sec, I was out the next day. I just took pain relief and antibiotics every 4 hours until I had nothing left. If pain is unbearable, go back to hospital to get checked.

And your scar will forever feel itchy at times, not constantly. It’s super annoying.

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If the pain is on the incision itself try witch hazel pads, Tucks. They work wonders.

I had that when I had my first C-section it turned out it was an affection

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I had 2 c sections and one openened up even. But i didnt have that happen. Maybe theres an infection? Id go see the dr.

Normal, csections are a rough recovery :sweat:

They don’t give enough pain medication anymore cause of the addiction rate. Take 800mg Ibuprophen and try an ice pack. You only need to worry about infection if you see a lot of redness around the incision.

Yes that’s normal. If u have had staples, it could be a staple tugging, if you don’t have staples then it’s probably the glue. Yes DONT CARRY ANYTHING HEAVIER THAN YOUR BABY!!! Take the prescription your doctor gave you n if anything make an appointment to get checked

Sounds like infection

very normal, try a heating pad, works well for the pain