Why does my child get sick at night?

Almost 4 years now I’ve battled sever nausea at night time, it hits around 6pm and stays until I eventually fall asleep! I’m at my wits end with this crap, on top of that my skin starts itching severely there’s no rash or anything it just itches like crazy making me not be able to fall asleep!has anyone else ever gone through this?! I can’t see a doctor about it because I have no insurance and can’t afford to be seen. I’ve tried over the counter nausea medication, I take 2 Benadryl every night to stop the itching nothing works anymore! I seriously can’t deal!


I know that feeling… do you over eat at dinner? I do that’s what makes that way

You may be allergic to Benadryl I was itching real bad and breaking out taking it every night you might need to quit taking it.

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Really try to see if someone can see you , or heath dept… free clinics. Itching and stomach problems can be a pancreatic problem.


This happened to me 2 months after having my 2nd son. I had developed an ibprophen allergy

So. Maybe it’s dietary. Over eating. Or something you’ve grown sensitive. Over time. Things change and sometimes food you never use to br sensitive to can affect you. Try cutting out foods you have one at a time. See if reaction changes. Then benedryl daily can increase your tolerance making it increasingly ineffective. . limit caffeine intake an hour or so before bed also.

Almost 18 months postpartum and the nausea happens to me every night especially around my period. I HATE it… I don’t have insurance either so following to see if you get any answers

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Maybe you can go to your nearest ER? It’s a charity care there? There might be, and it will be based on your income… At least call and ask, it’s better than going through what you’re going through.

Probably a food allergy but could be because of a larger problem(thyroid ,intestinal, leaky gut, ect) if you have vomiting some time every night it sounds like thyroid but could take them 20 years to diagnose… log it all… and see someone even if it’s free help to start…

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First you can become addicted to benedrly also you have summe concerning symptoms you need to budget money and see a Dr.

Seems like you may be stressed during the day and at night your body relaxes and you become I’ll at night… I get this and I have anxiety and stress through the day and I get sick at night when I’m relaxed

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I did go through this! I would have severe nausea, but I wouldn’t throw up. I didn’t know how to ease it. I DID have insurance and it didn’t help, I did allergy testing, thyroid checks, intestines checks everything. It did eventually pass but it was horrible and it started out of no where. Especially if I had tortilla chips or certain things . I cut gluten out and it stopped . I eventually added it back so I still don’t know if that was it, but I understand how miserable u are. It was horrible I was taking tums Nd acid medicines just to try and cope and it was so hard to try and explain it . Good luck keep a diary through out the day and see if u have any triggers


I have similar issues as yours, with the nausea every night. Maybe it’s terrible acid reflux? Recently, I noticed I rarely felt heartburn creeping up but was getting extremely nauseous every night after dinner.


Go to the ER. They can’t deny you. For the nausea, take ginger. You can eat it raw, or take it in capsule form. It works wonders. As far as the itching, stop taking benadryl, and use on oatmeal lotion. Do both until you have tests done at the ER. It sounds liver- ish…


It may be stress or it could be something serious with your stomach

Get seen by a doctor or go to your local department of health to get assistance … They. an refer you all u need to ask is for help theres no shame ur health comes first seek for. A primary care physician

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Would Solarcaine spray help with itching? It numbs the skin. My legs itch when they are cold and the spray worked for me. Isn’t there an OTC med for motion sickness. Like for flying? I have heard that helps with nausea. Never tried it. But yes, look for a free clinic.

Your local health department can help you if you don’t have insurance. They will base everything off your income! GERD could be causing the nausea, which gets the worst when lying down. The itching could be caused by a detergent or soap ingredients, even if you haven’t changed them, the manufacturer could have changed an ingredient. Good luck! Don’t feel embarrassed to go to your local HD for help, that is what they are there for.

I had severe nausea until I was diagnosed with hashimotis. It’s where your immune system attacks your thyroid. As soon S I started treatment the nausea stopped. It was miserable. I hope you get answers soon.

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I’d be getting your liver checked…


So you takes Xanax or volume? When I was prescribed I had the same nauseous feeling in the middle of the night

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I was in the same boat before I got pregnant. Now I’m sick from pregnancy, but I was tested for everything and they still don’t know why. I’m on medication for acid reflux, so that’s not the cause of my nausea. I ended up being prescribed zofran for it because I was always nauseous.

Those were my mothers symptoms before she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, bilirubin levels were high causing severe itching.

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Get your liver and gallbladder checked!


Odd question…do u eat fat free foods, use fat free condiments, drink diet soda? If so, stop bc that could be the reason!! I had the same thing happen to me. I developed an allergy to aspartame. I would have a diet soda with dinner or fat free dressing or even crystal light water flavoring. I had no idea. I itched so bad and tried everything. They finally figured it out after almost 2 yrs. I stopped all that food, drinks, condiments and it went away like instantly. So, if u do eat or drink that stuff, stop and see what happens, if u don’t then u guess just ignore my comment. I hope u figure it out soon

B complex vitamins to calm your nervous and CBD oil for nausea.

Go to your Dr.
I had extremely low blood pressure and could have just died when I had an issue with daily nausea. They said it was so low that I could have went to sleep and just not have woke or could have just fell dead

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You can eat the bill darn it, don’t risk your health. There could be a bigger problem!

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I have the same issues and it’s caused by MCAS, it’s an abnormal allergic response.

Pancreatic cancer or lymphoma

have you tried stemital for nausea and polaramine for itch…it does work.

U seriously need to see a doctor

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Have you tried to get on Medicaid? Id suggest trying to get on that and going in. Sounds like you need to be seen.


Call Dr office to see how much a visit is? I went without insurance, Dr see people without it. If theirs a serious problem the Dr knows cheaper medication etc. If theirs a bigger problem there are grants in some areas to pay medical. Just go to Dr.

Maybe there is something that is causing the reaction could be stress could be an allergic reaction. Some Of these comments seem to be there as a reaction find a doctor get checked out to ease ur mind and if no insurance they can’t turn u away you always pay monthly payments

Sounds like a food allergy. Try to think about what your eating at dinner time but I’m guessing ita probably a gluten allergy

My mom was having the same issues and was diganosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

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Could be your gallbladder, could be your liver, could be your pancreas… Gallbladder can damage all those organs too… Get checked, if otc meds have not helped in four years there is clearly something that needs to be treated by a doctor.

You should see a Dr. Sometimes you just gotta bill it. Lots of places will work with you on payments

Yes. Same here. Ive found its related to anxiety AND allergies. I have food, environmental and pet allergies. I have a dog so of any little bit of hair gets on me or my bed im miserable. The naseau i find is also linked to anxiety and food allergies.

This could be liver or kidney issues or neuropathy !!!

You can take 3 benadryl and alkaseler