Why does my child put everything in their mouth?

How can u get an almost 11 yr old to stop putting everything in their mouth!! I have heard that maybe they are lacking something? I never had this problem b4 so i need advice! I did set up an appointment wit the dr but that isnt til middle of july unfortunately :sob: the stuff that gets put in the mouth is chees on hair paper rubber bands and string! Im sorry i cant find anything on google to help me til i get into dr! It worrys me in a way! :disappointed_relieved: Thanks!


I’m sorry, 11 years old?

11 years old really should know better, my 20 month old has stopped doing that not sure they are lacking in anything maybe just like chewing on things

This is a sign of anxiety I do believe


Maybe keep Gum around? I’m not sure. This may be a medical issue.

My son is 9 and has autism he still puts everything in his mouth mainly to chew on. He has high anxiety.

Sounds like they have an oral fixation issue. My daughter had that problem. Chewing gum helped a lot.

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Could have an oral fixation. I used to work at a childcare and an older child was constantly putting stuff in her mouth, she definitely knew better and after a long time of us trying to help correct this behavior, we found out she had an oral fixation. She HAD to put stuff in her mouth to calm down or feel normal. Her grandma ended up sending her with a teething necklace (they even make some stylish ones for moms so it doesnt look like its made for a baby) it helped, but she would still place things in her mouth. We would just redirect her by reminding her she had a necklace to chew on.

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Could be lacking something in diet? Are they on a daily vitamin? I use to chew on my hair, and paper. I have a salt deficiency also it may have something to do with anxiety

Have them chew gum. Its a bad habit. Habits are hard to break. Gum helps.

Google PICA my little boys both have it theyre autistic…everythin and I do mean everythin goes In their mouths…pregnant women get pica too, eatin coal, chalk etc…it can b caused by an iron or zinc deficiency

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Could be a sensory disorder.

An iron deficiency makes you crave inedible things

My guess would be PICA…definitely ask your child’s doctor…

Get the child a chewie look them up online. Tell them to chew on that instead, it will hold you over til you get to the doc

Coupd be pica, deficiency, oral fixation as everyone mentioned. Gum is a good idea, they also make necklaces for older kids with rubber teether type things on them to chew on

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Sensory issue, anxiety, etc etc etc there are so many things that could be causing this. My son is 10.5yrs and still does this. Please don’t get angry at them for it, it’s not anything bad. I recently ordered my son a chew necklace which is in the shape of a piece of LEGO so no body thinks it’s a chew toy. Instead of him chewing things or his clothes he can chew on this. Just looks like a lego necklace to other children. No different then biting your nails or the end of an eraser, adults even do that! These can be found on Etsy or amazon! Good luck and don’t stress mama!

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I have ADHD and anxiety and if I don’t have gum in my mouth, I am clenching my jaw, so I literally go through two HUGE bags of gumballs a month.


That sounds a lot like pica, which is a condition where people put non food items in their mouth and try to eat it

My son is 6 and still does this. We just found out he has sensory issues. And focus issues. He goes to the doctor soon. I’m going to check for anxiety

Sounds like anxiety, you can get chewies on bracelets and necklaces for this specifically. Google is your friend

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My 3 year old does this. I just thought it was normal? He chews up every toy he has gotten so far.

11 yr. Old,really !!!


Pica, also get another dr until you see the primary

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Is your child eating the objects or just chewing? It’s PICA if eating them and that could be a vitamin deficiency or stress but if it’s chewing then look into sensory disorders. Ark therapeutic and Therapyshoppe have many options for chewers - there is chewlery you can wear, pencil toppers and scarves.

If the child isn’t eating the objects and is just chewing on them, the child does not have PICA. My 3 year old has an iron deficiency and she eats dirt, paper and cardboard. Sounds like an anxiety type of thing to me.

Iron. Trying to eat non food items is a symptom of pica. Which is usually caused by anemia.

Sounds sensory related. Get a chewy or or gum silicone straws are a huge lifesaver for us too, water bottles with chew straws are great too. That’s if they are eating what ever they put in their mouth. If actually ingesting PICA. My 4 yr is a chewer but not totally crazy . So I keep gum on had and make sure she gets lots of crunchy foods thru the day.

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Is kiddo actually trying to eat? Or just chewing? I had problems with my teeth and chewing pen caps, pencils, any kind of firm plastic, helped relieve pressure from my molars and tight teeth.

I used to chew on pencils and my nails and ect. until I was almost an adult
It was from anxiety and I would so it subconsciously (like I’d stop when it was brought to my attention)
Once I learned how to manage my anxiety I stopped

You need to see a real Dr. He is probably lacking something in his diet. It’s not your fault, it happens.

Ask them why they’re doing it maybe?

Is it chewing or eating? Im going to guess anxiety.

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