Why does my child randomly throw up?

Have any other mommy’s has this issue? My son is 2 1/2 and all his life, every month or two, he throws up a tiny tiny bit at night. He was actually sleeping with me tonight and he appeared to have gagged on something first (he’s not congested or anything) but he does it all the time. Throws up a “handful” and goes back to sleep. When he has a stomach bug, he throws up a lot and is upset of course. Any ideas?


Could be acid reflux.

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Sounds like a reflux issue. Take him to the doctor. Needs meds


Acid reflux perhaps…that’s what it skounds like to me…ask your doc abouedication…it works great

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Has he been checked for acid reflux .

Reflux. My tubie had really bad reflux. We put a little ACV in his feeds and it straightened out for the most part.

Sleep apnea… If his tonsils are enlarged, they may be closing his airway and gagging him.

Only thing I can think of is acid reflux

My guy had the reflux whe. A baby but as a toddler he has a sensitive gag reflex so he throws up easily, not just when sick.

I went through that with my oldest for almost five years. She’d vomit in her sleep and sometimes it would last about 24 hours, occasionally with a fever. But it happened every month like clockwork. Never figured out why and she eventually grew out of it.

My daughter does 5is too, she’s three

Go talk to a Peds doctor.

Ok wait I’m confused you every month or two then you said all the time

Acid reflux! Been there done that

Maybe try a wedge to elevate his head a little?
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