Why does my husband get mad so easily?

I feel like i need to vent…

My husband has been getting mad for the stupidest reasons… Things that I would think arent going to be an issue at all. Things that I’ve done any other day and there was no problem but every so often it’ll set him off. :unamused::weary: its kind of mentally exhausting to be honest… I just wish it’ll stop. It happens especially when we are doing really good in our relationship.


I think they all get like that sometimes, everyone has bad days, maybe there are stressors he’s dealing with you aren’t aware of. Mine gets like that sometimes and I put him right back in his place after so many times of his crabby ass! If something is bothering him, he needs to deal with it and quit taking it out on everyone. I’m not always a delight to live with so in my relationship, it goes both ways but it never gets super bad.

I’m not quite understanding. What makes him so mad? How is he when he’s mad? I understand you want to vent but your post is so vague lol. I wish you all the best. Hope it works out.

So stand up for yourself? Tell him you’re not taking his shit. And mean it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Give it to God. He’ll make it ok

If it’s something that has just started happening he might have something going on. Perhaps his under pressure from work or stressed by something or just needs a bit of help and doesn’t want to or know how to ask for help.