Why does my infant leak so much milk when she is eating?

My baby is almost 2 weeks now. EVERY single bottle I’m constantly having to wipe her chin, cheeks, and neck because so much milk is just running out of her mouth. I already have her on premie nipples and try to pace her which helped a bit but not much. She’s gaining weight steadily so I guess it’s not much of an issue but it drives me crazy because I can’t figure out how to stop it lol


Just because we like a certain bottle, doesn’t mean that bottle works out for the baby. We used a bunch of different ones each stage.
Try different nipples…try slow flow nipple…try sitting her a different way. Everybody always wants to lay their baby flat when they feed them, which is so strange to me because I could not eat flat, and that makes a difference for reflux too!


I just keep a recieving blanket under my babies chin when feeding :woman_shrugging:… Make sure you keep under her neck clean so she doesn’t get a yeast infection in the folds. We also use Avent bottles.


When mine were tiny and leaked milk everywhere it was because they were tongue tied. Once they’d had a little op they could feed much better. X


My daughter always made a mess :woman_shrugging:t2: I thought it was normal! I always put a bib on her no matter what

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Maybe it’s the way you are holding her.


My baby did this. I had to switch to a wide nipple, (unlike dr brows nipples)

Could be a tie which is affecting the way she is able to latch on the bottle.


My niece ruined every outfit she wore because she always leaked milk when she ate. She was an incredibly SLOW eater as well!

Bottle may not work for baby. Is latch OK? Make sure it’s sealed. Other that keep a cloth near and just wipe. Baby is growing and that’s what counts

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Tongue Tie… my little one was the same way an still gained weight.


It’s a baby thing lol. Bibs and receiving blankets help.

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Check her tongue. Mine would get the nipple under the tongue with tongue stuck to roof of mouth, and latch on causing majority of milk to leak out. Check to see if that’s happening.

My baby was like this with Dr brown bottles even with premie nipplea we changed bottles

She’s 2 weeks old she’s learning still to suck properly. She could have a tongue tie. Just have bibs and blankies near by

Baby could have tounge tie or lip tie or borh

The flow of the teat can often do this, make sure it’s not a fast flow teat

Get a speech/feeding consult. Severe leaking is a sign of muscle issues in the tongue or cheek

She needs to be burped more

Please try pigeon peristaltic plus bottles, those bottles are designed closest to the human nipple, which means your baby might have a way better grip on those bottles. Sometime the trick is in the bottle, also the pigeon teets are super soft too, so the gagging doesn’t happen very often

Is she a premie? The nipple could be too small for her if she’s not.

The flow of the nipple is probably way too fast. We used a preemie nipple for a long time.

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Try a slower flow nipple. My 4mo is still using a 0 nipple (newborn nipple). Some babies just can’t handle a faster flow.

Could be something medical.

Could be the way you are holding her.

Tongue tie/lip tie.

Show your pediatrician, we were helped tremendously and I learned on my 4th baby that laying head slightly elevated on their side is actually better so the milk pools into their cheek is more beneficial. We learn something new everyday.

Preemie are too easy for her now that may be the problem. She can’t handle the flow now that is stronger. She needs to work harder and suck longer

Maybe she needs Slow flow nipples. The formula may be coming out too fast