Why does my period come early on the pill?

is there any mommys thats on the pill who periods had come before its time im suppossed to start the 29 may and im getting my period now so im very confussed hope there is moms that had the same problem


I have the mirena and mine is all wacky sorry I can’t be of more help


That’s happened to me. Depends what pill you’re on. If you’re on one that has the same amount of hormone every day, if you don’t take it close to the same time every day, it’ll trigger it :roll_eyes:.

I’m on the pill and my periods are still unpredictable. Sometimes I skip one, sometimes it’s late, sometimes it’s early. Sigh.

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I always put mine on the the kitchen window sill.the first thing in the am. I took my pill.make it a habit.

I get mine at random times if I dont take it the same time everyday. If your on the mini pill you have to take it the same time every day.

I have mirena and don’t get a period :hugs: