Why does my toddler gag themselves in the car?

Does anyone else’s toddler gag themselves in the car? To the point of throwing up?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why does my toddler gag themselves in the car?

My daughter used to do this, no idea why
She grew out of it thankfully

Gag how? Like with the seat belt? With food? With crying so hard they gag? Or like purposely making themselves gag?

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Car sickness my son had it

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Two of my kids did it for any type of anxiety. Ever since they were little. My 8 year old still will, but my older one grew out of it thankfully.

If you are referring to them putting their hands in the throat the doctor told me it was a phase

Omg I would definitely love an answer for this! My daughter used to fake cough (because she thought it was funny). Whenever she fake coughed in the car though it led to throwing up. So anytime she began fake coughing in the car I had to remind her to "stop otherwise you’ll throw up which she hated.

We always drive to go places so she isn’t the type to get car sick unless its been a 14 hr drive. We had to drive 16 hrs to a destination a couples times for vacation SO i know her limit in a car. Thankfully she doesn’t do this anymore. Apart of me wonders if she did it because the fake coughing would get her concerned attention like “oh are you alright.”

One of my babies did it for attention, one was because she had reflux REALLY bad, and another because he found it funny (they were all checked by Drs)

Have u thought maybe they get car sick and can’t tell u cuz it’s a toddler or have u never heard of motion sickness? I think the answer is clear.

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They could have motion sickness.

My son would purposely make himself throw up, shoving his fingers in his mouth. He mainly did it in the car because he wanted my attention. His pediatrician said that for whatever reason some kids like the feeling of it? I know it sounds weird. But also said he’s doing it to get attention in the first place and is waiting for a reaction out of parent. He eventually grew out of it but it wasn’t a fun stage at all

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Sounds like it could potentially be travel sickness.

My daughter was always sick when in the car, she ended up needing travel sickness medication for journeys, even if it was just a small journey

My second child used to do this. It was really weird, but as soon as it started, it ended. We just got very stern with her when she did it.

My daughter started this but it ended quick, I’m very stern with her and will not tolerate fake coughing or gagging because that shouldn’t be faked at all due to choking. She just wanted attention and to be out of her car seat

Car sickness my toddler also went thru this stage