Why does my toddler have bad breath?

My 11 mo old’s breath smells horrible. I brush her teeth twice a day and always brush her tongue. Is this normal???


Does she use a pacifier?

Formula breath it’s the worst

Maybe she sleeps with her mouth open that can cause bad breath. Is it only when she wakes up in the morning or through out the whole day?

Advise not to let them go to bed with a bottle. Brush there teeth then sleep

Has she put something up her nose


Our sons breath was pretty stinky for a while around that age too even though we brushed his teeth regularly. It eventually went away, so I’m thinking maybe it was the bacteria in his mouth getting used to eating solid food regularly🤷🏻‍♀️

make sure she isnt dehydrated, up her water intake.

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Make sure its her breath. My son had put a tpy up his nose and i thought his breathe was horrid. Turned out his sinuses were compacted behind the toy.

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Check and see if there is something up her nose.

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Not normal I would say. Never had that happen to any of my 4 :woman_shrugging:t2:. Go to docs

I think it’s just a build up of spit if they use a pacifier I’m only noticing it when my daughter has her pacifier and thereafter and she’s the same age

I’d check up her nose. I have a 2 year old and I never smell her breath stinky ever which I’m not saying it’s not possible but I haven’t experience bad breath with my toddler

Definitely I’d say grt checked at the Dr to be sure because a baby’s breath should not be so foul. If it’s really that bad, then there might be an infection somewhere you can’t see.

My niece had some kickin’ breath when she was about 2 or so. Lasted for about a month. Finally, after trying everything we could think of, my sister took her to the doctor where he discovered she had stuck a piece of foam from her high chair (this was over 15 years ago) up her nose far enough that we couldn’t see it without special tools. He removed the foam and her breath was instantly better. I suggest calling your pediatrician just to be sure.


Sinus or ear infection. If those are ruled out then fresh parsley can be givin.


Also check nose and make sure she didn’t stick something up there.

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Definitely take him to the doctor and let him/her know. Could be a stomach issue, or even tonsillitis?

Some times use chlorhexidine or store Walmart any other store pharmacy has called there breath kinda high oral rinse last many hours 5to24 hours truly works a dr.came up with it cause his daughter had same issue!great stuff !make you feel more at ease!

No, take her to the doctor

Talk to her doctor about

Omg. Doctor!!!

Could be a sinus or ear infection.

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My son’s breath made us gag. We did allergy testing, multiple rounds of antibiotics for sinus infections, different doctors looking up his nose… The ENT recommended removing his adenoids. At his pre-op physical they looked up his nose one more time and found that he had, in fact, shoved a chunk of a sponge up his nose and it was attached to the inside of his nose and rotting.


Could be many things. At 11 months for either of my children they never had bad smelling breath. I’d strongly suggest speaking to your doctor asap.

You can tell when my kids are getting poorly! Their breath gets smelly! Xx

Halitosis comes from tonsil stones. You can look up tonsil stones on youtube and see where they are located. They are the source of bad breath.

Definitely take her in. Not normal.

Allergies r sinus drainage was causing my toddlers troll breath

My sister’s daughter had this problem , turned out she had something in her air way (nose hole ) she had put a piece of stuffing up there , it caused her breath to stink soooo bad , please check that out!!!

my son just turned 5…Ive been asking the doctor and dentist about this for nearly 2 years…I get kinda blown off like its normal blah blah. My sons breathe smells HORRID when he wakes up, even if its only like a 10 minute nap. He gets his teeth brushed, mouth wash, normal cleanings at dentist etc etc…doctor and dentist arent phased by it but it bugs me so ba

She might have a sinus or ear infection? My kids’ breath is rank when the are sick. I’d go to the dr.

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Yeah, that doesn’t sound right. You should have it checked out.

My two-and-a-half-year-old had bad breath he has no cavities and we brush he just had tubes put in cuz he had multiple ear infections he hasn’t had stinky breath since he got his tubes and so maybe looking at the ears may be a good idea

It’s pro ally something to do with her stomach. Check with your doctor