Why Does My Wife Wear Thongs to Work But Not at Home?

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"Me and my wife have been together for 20 years and I love her more than anything other then our kids. When we are home spending time together sometimes she will wear thongs but after awhile she will take them off because she says they are uncomfortable and most the time she wear regular panties. My question is I notice that sometimes she will wear thongs to work for 8 hours and I’m just wondering if I should be worried about it. How she can wear them for 8 hours at work but after a hour or so at home she changes them."

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"Thongs ARE uncomfortable. At least to me. So many womens clothes are uncomfortable. I do know a lot of my female coworkers wear thongs to work but not at home (we are abunch of young women who work in health care we have no problem with tmi conversations/personal stuff). Honestly they could feel better to work in while she works. What job does she do. When we are out and about and working we sweat alot, everywhere. Even our butt cracks. Regular underwear can just help build that moisture and it’s uncomfortable. Also we have this urge to try and look a little more “done up” or nicer when in public and that includes in ways that arnt actually noticeable to others. I might wear my nicer set of bra and underwear or change my eye shadow color to go shopping but at home your lucky if i even have a bra on under my oversized mens tshirt that probably has a hole or two."

"What is she wearing to work? Maybe she doesn’t want regular underwear lines on dresses and pants ."

"Uh, cuz they are uncomfortable as shit, and she probably feels like she can be comfortable at home. Maybe she don’t want panty lines showing thru at work?"

"She doesn’t want a panty line at work and thongs can be uncomfortable and no one wants to wear them if they don’t have to."

"Sounds like she just wants to be comfortable at home. Thongs work best with certain pants. I wouldn’t think into it too much"

"No you shouldn’t be concerned. I’d wear them to work so I don’t have panty lines in my clothes, but when I’m home I want to be comfortable. You are reading too much into this."

"It could be because she doesn’t want pantie lines and when she’s home she just wants to be comfortable"

"She wears them to work probably because of the pants she wears and doesn’t want a line to show- not to be sexy. It’s not comfortable, and after a long day of string between your cheeks, you want to get comfy. Buy her something sexy and comfy if you expect her to be a VS model in your home.."

"The same exact reasons why woman wear bras to support the sisters but yet as soon as I’m home that’s the first thing to come off."

"She probably wears them to work so no one can see a panty line on her ass. I wouldn’t worry about this too much."

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Many women wear more comfortable attire at home , underwear included. I am sure you have suspected this as the simple rational yourself already. And so perhaps the real question here is : “You have put a lit of thought into this , enough to reach out and seek others opinion. Why is that ? Is there some other, as yet unspoken reason, that has prompted you to dwell over this?”