Why has my BF supply suddenly dried up?

I've been exclusively breastfeeding for almost 2 months making plenty of milk up until yesterday now im making almost nothing at all like I've pumped for at least 3 hours today I got not even a full 2oz.. any advice on how to get my supply back? I'm not ready to stop breastfeeding yet.

I would look on Pinterest… there’s lots of food and smoothie recipes that are supposed to help with producing milk

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why has my BF supply suddenly dried up?

they normally say drink tea with milk in it like alot of tea with milk, coz if I just drink a glass of water im full ready to feed a hungry country

Walmart has lactation cookies I ate one bag and felt like it helped. Also there’s recipes to making homemade ones.

Because if you’re exclusively breastfeeding your body is on your baby’s time and makes as much milk as they drink. You have enough milk you just won’t necessarily pump the same amount.

Drink lots of coffee

Body armor, and oatmeal


Body armor drinks, anything with oatmeal, BEER just one can of beer will help tremendously, the hops in it is good for milk production. There’s also stuff you can buy to help, like lactation cookies, other stuff, you’ll have to Google it. But, yea… stay hydrated too, eat enough you gotta eat like you’re pregnant again, and you should see supply grow. Have him breast feed too more often if you can.

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6 weeks is about the time your milk starts regulating. 0.5-2oz combined is considered a normal pump output. My best advice is don’t go by what you pump. It’s only a machine and nowhere near as effective as your baby at extracting milk. Rule of thumb is as long as baby is wetting at least six diapers per day, they are getting plenty to eat. Just make sure you’re staying hydrated. I always had to have water and Gatorade on hand or I’d get dehydrated.


Ok first if you are pumping and nursing what you pump is not what your child is getting nursing. It is less when you pump. Water , body armor. Power pump.

Please don’t pump for 3 hours

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Are you taking anything with Fenugreek in it? It can dry up your supply.
Take brewer’s yeast tablets instead. Pump every 2 hours for about 20 minutes each time. Eat some oatmeal cream pies and drink lots of water and body armor drinks. Oat milk will also help.

No need to panic! Your supply regulates itself at 6-8 weeks. Before that over production is very Normal. Your body has just adjusted to what your baby consumes. Supply and demand. . Assuming your baby is gaining well and having adequate wet/dirty diapers - all is well!!!

You don’t need to pump so much (unless you’re doing it for feeds). Your body responds to your baby being on the breast and produces what the baby needs. Check their nose is free from the breast and their chin sticking in so they get fed properly and don’t compare yourself to formula. Look at a picture of your baby and drink lots. I found pumping first thing in the morning was the best time if you do need to pump.

I had to drink water constantly when I pumped at work. Kept a giant cup on my desk and drank every time I looked at it. By lunch I could fill 2 bottles.

Your supply is probably regulated by this point. I could barely pump anything after 3 months PP, but my son breastfed until he was 2.5yo. I just stopped pumping and let him feed on demand. He wouldn’t take bottles anyways.

Baby spinch I ate it raw and dank tons of water, Gatorade and body armors.

Body Armor, beer, lots of water, coconut water, eat more protein based foods. Keep power pumping. Skin to skin with baby. And lastly a hot shower just in case the ducts are clogged.

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I am currently dealing with this! I power pumped, increased my water and Gatorade, and a post natal vitamin! All this has helped get my supply back up!

Stop pumping, you don’t need to. Your body will produce what the baby needs.

If baby is gaining weight and seems satisfied then you are producing enough.
Make sure you are eating well, drink plenty water and rest as much as possible
I found once I was recovered and up as normal my supply dried up . I had to top up with formula because mine were hungry babies.
If you want to continue bf then always put baby to the breast …it stimulates more milk…but no harm in topping up if its required and gets baby used to bottles if its ever needed

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My son gets plenty of milk but I am not pumping much at all anymore and that’s ok. You don’t need to pump if baby can breastfeed on demand. Babies are much more effective at getting milk out than a pump.

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Power pumping would be worth a try but making sure you’re healthy and drinking enough water and eating breastmilk good foods like oatmeal and things like that should help your supply.
Also, I have no idea about this one personally but I’ve heard from family that their supply dried up when they got pregnant again. So might wanna test too just in case??

My son got all the milk he wanted… He didn’t even lose weight when in hospital. Couldn’t pump more than 20ml at a time. Pumps don’t stimulate the breast the same as a baby does.

Sounds crazy, but is there any chance you’re pregnant again? My supply dipped when I got pregnant.

Drink lots of water, Gatorade, use prenatal vitamins, and lactation tea or cookies

What Lindsay Lee said! Also, eating oatmeal every morning will help and drink lots of water.

You will pump less than baby is taking. 2 months is around when I leveled out & stopped over production. Is baby being satisfied? If so don’t worry so much. If baby can’t seem to extract enough milk take a pregnancy test. That was a tell tale symptom that her baby brother was in the way. Note I had no periods between babies.

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Stay hydrated. Make sure you eat. Feed on demand. Try pumping the opposite breast while baby nurses.

Stay hydrated. Latch baby as much as possible. Power pump. The more milk that comes out, will trigger your body to make more.

I’m not sure if you started your period back but my supply disappeared when it first came and did it monthly. I prepared my body in advance and that helped too. Best of luck. I know it’s hard but you’re doing an amazing job.