Why is being a stay at home mom hard?

Can you give me your opinions on why you think being a stay-at-home mum is hard? Especially with a young breastfed baby who wakes a minimum of two times a night.

You get no breaks! It’s tough sometimes

So I’ve had both experiences with being a “SAHM” and then also working. Working was hard because you’d come home after a long day and still have to be Mommy! But let me just say that being a SAHM came with its own level of exhaustion! You don’t have other grownups to talk to. You are Mom, the cook, the maid, the referee when the kids fight a million times a day, the chauffeur, the scheduler, the grocery shopper, the baths and bedtimes. And with a baby, they need constant care. Literally everything falls onto you. People expect because you’re a SAHM that you have all the time and energy in the world to do everything for everyone. So your work truly is never done. There is NO clocking out. No sick days. Minimum breaks. You feel guilty if you do take any time for yourself.
It is rewarding and I loved the time I got with the kids. But it is emotionally and mentally exhausting. Either way nobody should be shamed for doing what is best for their family.