Why is my 15 month old refusing to nap?

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She/He doesnt want to? :thinking:

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Both my kids stopped napping around 12 months. They slept from 9pm till 10am+ tho.

My son never took naps :woman_shrugging:t3: so she could be one of those children where she doesn’t need that nap n just needs an decent bedtime at night.

Mine oldest stopped at 13 1/2 months when her sister came

Too old to nap at 15 months old

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Umm… that’s whats toddlers do. They fight you on everything unless it’s their idea. Kiddo might not need a nap anymore or maybe you need to adjust the sleeping schedule. Without more info on how much and when your kiddo is sleeping people can’t give you much advice. It could be sleeping to much, it might not be getting enough sleep which actually makes them fight you harder, might be teething, it might be anything really

Because they don’t want to

Kids are different… all three of mine had different times they stopped napping with 2 it was before 15 months and with my youngest she loves naps. She’s 3. If you think the child needs a nap I would try getting them to calm down after lunch and just relax. Sometimes that can make them go to sleep… :grin: hope this helps

Not tired, afraid to miss something, doesn’t want it :woman_shrugging:

Life is too exciting to sleep!

Because they no longer want to or feel the need to?

Kids do get to the age where naps no longer/or/very rarely, happen.

All my kids stopped napping at a year… that meant I sleep all night. No complaints from this momma :sweat_smile:

You’re 15 month old is too old to nap😆

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Don’t feel bad … mine doesn’t sleep at night :rofl:

My first stopped napping around that age. He would protest nap time every day, so finally we just dropped naps completely. My second is 16 months and still takes 1 nap a day with no end in sight. If he doesn’t nap, he’s way too grumpy and doesn’t sleep well. All children are different though and have different needs. If you decide to drop the nap completely, just move bedtime a little earlier.

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My oldest three children took naps up until I’d say a year old and then they stopped. They absolutely refused to sleep during the day. They’re now 18 18 and soon to be 16 and they’re all healthy. My 6-year-old stopped taking naps at 11 months old. And before anybody says anything we spoke to her pediatrician and there was nothing wrong with her we even upon the suggestion of her pediatrician started putting her to bed at 10:00 at night and waking her up earlier and that did nothing. So after a few months of doing this the pediatrician said put her back on the schedule you had her she was sleeping from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. and no naps during the day and she was fine. We did implement quiet time for about an hour where she would lay in her bed or on the couch and look at her little books that she had but other than that. To this day she still sleeps between 11:00 and 12 hours at night.

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My best advice the way I got my daughter to be a good Napper is me and her would go to my bed and I would lay down with her and we would nap together

Try doing quite time either before or after lunch. Lay down with them. Play soft quite relaxing music too. Even if they don’t sleep at least they have rested.

My 1 year old - goes to bed at 7:30/8 then wakes between 5/7 but I have noticed it depends on his day nap on his wake time. If it’s a small nap then he will wake closer to 7. An if it’s a long nap he wakes up talking around 5am. An sometimes he has a quick power nap at 4pm but I think it must be his total hours of naps that depends on how long he sleeps

Because the child is 15 months old… they will make up for it at 15 years old, I’m sure. Lol


Baby lullabies on YouTube with the fan on low while I snuggle my 16 month old :rofl: Sometimes it can take up to 40 mins but she eventually loses the fight. All babies are different