Why is my daughter still having accidents?

My daughter just turned 3 and we’ve been potty training her for 7 days now. And 5 out of 7 of those days she had one accident a day then today being the 7th day of training she’s had 2 accidents. She typically tells us when she’s gotta go to the bathroom she’s just in undies and pants idk what to think are we missing something why is she still having accidents?


You’ve been potty training for THREE days and expect perfection? Give her time, you started late and are expecting her to catch up in a week.


She’s 3! Good grief she’s only been potty training for 7 days. Of course she’s going to have accidents. She probably having the accidents when she’s playing or watching tv etc more than likely. You as the parent should be taking her to the bathroom every 45 mins to a hour and make her sit on the potty and be consistent. She doesn’t know a full bladder from an empty one yet she’s still learning.


Because… she’s 3. She’s only ever known one way, now you’re changing that so she has to get used to it.
She’ll get there.


Sounds like she’s actually doing great for only 1 week. Just keep doing what you are doing and she will have less and less accidents.


It’s only been 7 days. It’s completely normal. Potty training takes time. Kids even regress.


Because it’s only been a week. That’s why.


First of all she is just a child you think case you snap your fingers she should be trained . . It takes time and patience which you have none. . Buy pull ups stop being so hard on her . It takes routine and time


She is learning, don’t rush her as you will end up getting a battle you don’t want. Be patient with her and don’t get upset when she has those accidents as it will most def happen over and over. Enjoy your little one as they are, before you know it they will be adults :heart:


Give her time. It’s only been a week. Just be consistent and patient with her. She’ll catch on and get used to it.


You can literally expect months and months of this. My daughter started potty training at 18 months by 2 she was fully trained during the day and all night by 2 and half. You should of started sooner if you wanted a perfect outcome😳


Maybe because she is only three years old and you have only been doing it for seven days.i personally think she is doing great


She is still in training, work with her mama. As long as she is trying keep up the work with her, she will get it. Everybody’s child does not work the same way.


Completely normal! Give her time (and support and encouragement):heart:


Shes 3 it’ll happen my youngest is 5 and has accidents more when awake bc she says I gotta pee at the most inconvenient times where there is no bathroom


Potty training is a process , it doesn’t just happen over night , it can be like this for awhile, there’s nothing wrong. There will be good day s no accidents , then other day with several accidents, no child I know is completely potty trained in a week , and I had 4 , and several nieces and nephew


I’m so glad so many of you wrote the book of potty training. How ever will we get through these days without you. :roll_eyes:

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You’re missing the fact she is a toddler and they have attention spans of a goldfish :neutral_face: accidents are normal!! You just started potty training.


Your daughter is doing an amazing job let her know that for starters. It can be quite daunting at times and sometimes children get carried away wanting to play etc. But rest assured every child is different some take weeks, months even years to be fully toilet trained. All 3 of my children were all different all started at 1.5yrs old. One was toilet trained by 2yrs old had the occasional accident. Another was 3yrs old with the occasional accident but never like having accidents so she took it upon herself to change and made sure she went bathroom each time and my eldest was 4yrs old fully trained no accidents. Just keep praising her for going to the bathroom and remind her it’s ok to have accidents now and again but keep trying your best to use the toilet


Wow 7 days…it can take couple weeks.slow down mom…


It’s been a week, chill. She’ll get better


Don’t rush her, you should of started a year ago. The fact that you think she can be potty trained in a week is insane, and your probably stressing over it and she can sense it. Take her time.

Look it’s only been a week… give her a break. She’s a small child who has no idea what she is doing. My son is four on friday and still has accidents here and there, we’ve been potty training since february. We can’t expect them to understand it all, nor can we expect them to know when they need to go everytime. Give her a break.

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We got our grandson one of those floor standing potties with a lid that play a tune when they tinkle he would just go and sit on it on his own he loved it and was clean in no time …

That’s normal, be consistent and always have a spare of everything untill she is 100% but even then always have back ups as children’s bladder is smaller and if you are some where that has no toilets they may have an accident!!

She is a week in and doing incredibly well for the first week. Accidents are going to happen from time to time, more so in the early days. Continue to encourage her. She is doing excellent!

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If you literally have only been turning her for a week I feel like this is probably pretty normal. It takes some kids a long time.

It doesn’t just happen because you want it to. They don’t even have full control of their poop until between 3-5 depending on development.
It’s frustrating and messy and annoying at times. Keep going eventually it will level out.
You can keep a journal of when she goes like the times of day and see where your missing your que. maybe right after snack or before you go out and when you get there.
You gotta. Calm down 3 isn’t ten and some kids still have accidents at 10 if they are too busy.

Because she’s 3 and she’s still learning. I’m a grown ass adult and will piss myself if I wait to long and get a chill.

She is doing great :+1: my 3 year old is showing no interest at all with the potty


My daughter had accidents for for a year after I started potty training her. She’s only three. Just remind her often and take her often. And be patient!!!

Give her a chance i think she doing brilliant for 1 week my son is 3 and im in the 3rd week and he still having accidents its not an issue going from peeing and pooping in a nappy as and when needed to suddenly having to remember not to is a big change just go with it and dont take accidents as a fault good luck she will get there x

Give her time she might not be ready
It’s only been a week
My lady is 2 she’s out of nappies
A few mts now
She will get there in the end

Mine were all trained by 2 but I started before 1 with them… as soon as they started following me to the bathroom :rofl:


my daughter is only pee potty trained and still has poop accidents after 2.5 months.
It can take a while, esp depending on personality factors, etc.
3 days is too short to think there won’t be accidents

Did it’s only been 7 days. I say she is rocking it right now. She will get there.

Umm because it’s been 7 days :woman_facepalming:!! Kids need lots of repetition and consistency to form new routines. You should be praising her and congratulating her on the good job she’s doing.

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3? Girls usually pitty train younger than 3 and super fast.
My son was fully potty trained at 2 1/2 and my daughter at 20 mos.

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It can take months to potty train…jeeezzz

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It takes time to get it right. The world us brand new to her she’s only 3… give it time and practice practice practice

Because she’s still learning……?
Not every child is going to transition in one day

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She is doing pretty well actually

Came to comment. Are you asking this for real? After a week? Really?. She could be dry in a month’s time then start having little accidents it takes time

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She still new to this be patient

Obviously this is your 1st child.

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Damn give her a little bit of time. She’s going to have accidents that’s part of it.

You need to ask her if she needs to go about every 30 mins. Stay on top of it.

It’s been a week…. And she’s 3….

This is very normal. My daughter was a freak and once she decided she was doing it, no accidents. She’s the exception to the rule though, my other kid and all my cousin’s/friends kids didn’t do like that.


She will when she is ready

Are you serieus. This can take several weeks for a Child Some Months to have no accidents.

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Sometimes it takes a while for a little one to recognize the signal to go. They get distracted easily and forget that when the signal to go is there they can’t just let loose. Have patience, offer positive reinforcements, make a big deal of every success and be sympathetic when there is an accident. Your little one is doing very well for her first week, keep going mom!

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Come on give her a break!! She just turned 3… She is still learning and she’s little…

For God’s SAKE she’s only a baby . Ask your mum how old you were when you stopped crapping your nappy . 7 days is NOTHING

It takes more time. She will get there…be proud of her .

R u offering A m# m each time she goes on potty

This is totally normal. Give her plenty of time

Because she’s not quite ready.

Smh … she is only 3 years old with 1 week of training . Should i say more ? Ffs

Uh, because she’s still learning

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Maybe because it’s only been a week :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Because she isn’t ready yet

She is 3 years old. That’s your answer.

She’s fucking 3. Mystery solved wtf lmfao gtfo

First of all you can’t rely on her to tell you need to ask her if she needs to go every hour
She still in training kids sometimes don’t realize until the last minute

She’s been in diapers for almost 3 years. You’ve been potty training for a week. Give her a little time. She not only has to train herself to recognize the signs, she has to train herself to hold it until she can get to the potty. Hang in there. Consistency is key and she’ll learn. Just not in a week.


Oh my goodness. You should expect accidents for a long time. She sounds very bright, but her bladder may not have caught up with her brain. Do not make a big deal out of accidents, it will happen with less frequency as she matures. Let her grow into this next stage without the drama of asking her “Why?”, she won’t have an answer, so change her and reassure her that she will get the hang of this. Patience momma…

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Are you serious right now? Did you not read this before posting?

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Ummm because she is 3 and it’d literally been a freakin week!!! This sort of thing dos NOT happen overnight


You are missing…that you are ONLY 7 days in to potty training … a 3 year old!!
Time, patience, routine, consistency, encouragement.
Months and months of this.
Expect periods of regressions.


It’s been 7 days. My gosh. Let her learn, it’s a repetitive thing and you don’t just get it after a week when your that little. Give her some time.

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My 4yr old didn’t start potty training until a few months before her birthday, she still has accidents sometimes while she is sleeping but she is doing Great while awake. Please be patient with your lil one, encouragement really goes a long way. :heart:

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It took patient and practice with my toddler last year. Literally took about a few weeks and his a boy encourage him make him sit on the toilet so he gets comfortable make it exciting and give them a treat when they do great

Potty training takes a long time and there will be periods of regression. Plus, it’s been like a week.

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She is 3!!! Some kids pick it up right away…some can take years. When I was potty training my daughter I would’ve been ecstatic if she only had a couple accidents a day!!! My daughter was having accidents until she was about 5…it was a long 2 years for us, so sorry it’s been a whole week for you :roll_eyes:

She will shine when it’s her time never put pressure on them accidents will happen especially since you have only been potty training for a week . I give her props for having 2 accidents out of the 7 days . She’s still learning take her to the bathroom with you when you use the restroom that worked well with my oldest when I was potty training her .

She’s doing good momma!!! Don’t listen to any stories of miracle babies potty training in a week or a few days! She and you are doing good! Keep it up! Accidents will happen for a while. Potty training is a task! Good luck! Much love!

Took my kid a solid few months before he was completely potty trained. He got the idea of it within a week but mastering is different. I think he was 2.5 years old.

Every child is different. Her bladder may not be completely ready yet. Give her a time seven days is not very long to be in training. If you scold or pressure her she may regress completely. That happened to me with my first child. When I had more children I let them train on their own and they did very well

It has only been 1 week. In can take months for a child that young to be like 95% potty trained. And even at times, they might have the occasional accident.

That’s pretty typical an occasional accident for the first month of potty training isn’t unheard of keep up the good work you’re doing great :+1:

because she’s only 3 and you’ve only been potty training for a week? sounds like your expectations are not age appropriate for your child’s age.

My kid has been potty training for 8 months. He’s 99% but He still has accidents here and there especially when distracted. They will have accidents for a long time. Be patient.

It’s been 7 days… She is 3… Give her time… Do not make a big deal about it … it took me months to get my kids toilet trained… Oh and I should have just put them to the actual toilet not the stupid potty

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My daughter is 5 and has an accident a least 1 week. She forgets to go potty because shes haveing to much fun. It happens. And youve been only trying a week. Like it takes way longer then that. Girl are different than boys.

Accidents are normal and common for a while during/after potty training. She’s 3, cut her some slack, she’s still learning. Just keep working with her, don’t make the accidents a big deal or punish her for it, just keep reiterating that she needs to let you know or she needs to stop for a moment and go to to the potty.

She may not be mature enough. My son wasn’t. I talked to him and we gave it another six months. No problem!
Now sister had a short uretha, she had problems until she was eight years old.
Pick your battles!

It’s only been a week. Pay attention to when the accidents are happening. That way you can remind her to go during those times. Reminding her to go to the bathroom or asking at specific intervals will reduce the accidents. I asked every 15 minutes, then every 30 minutes, then every 45 minutes……and I asked more during play or other things that are distracting.

And even if she gets there soon or not… Going on holidays or ant change in routine can upset them… Expect accidents

It’s only been a week, kids often have accidents even after they’re trained. You seem to be expecting a lot for a just newly training 3 year old

My 4 older kids were fast at it but takes time my last one is 10 and her bladder was growing slower than her she had use good night pants till she was 9 she fine now all caught up I never got mad I always told her it’s ok accidents happen so whatever u do don’t make ur child feel bad ab it

she’s only 3 and literally just started potty training. what a dumb question

She’s still learning she will get there give her time

Give that baby time she’ll get it don’t stress her out

As others have said… Because she just turned three, and it’s been seven days.

Lawd kids ain’t allowed to be kids…expecting perfection right out the vajay

First kid apparently. Child is 3 and she’s supposed to be potty trained after 7 days? Guuuuurl :roll_eyes:

Because you can’t expect miracles to happen in a week give her time she will learn but be pstient

It’s only been a week and she never had to stop and think to pee 7days ago… My 3 year old is still having random accidents at least once a week a month in

Lollll :joy: she’s three and it’s only been a week accidents are going to sometimes happen so saddle up :joy:

Because she’s 3 and it’s only been a week? Lol potty training is a process it doesn’t happen over night