Why is my period so heavy?

Ladies, have any of you suffered from extremely heavy periods after the birth of your second baby? I gave birth almost 6 weeks ago by c section, the last 9 days I’ve had a period where I’m soaking through an ultra tampon which is the highest absorbency (yes I’ve already seen my ob this week and he has cleared me for tampons) and also the maxi pad I’m wearing alongside it. I mentioned it to my ob who didnt seem to phased about it but its currently making my life difficult. I’m soaking through and having to change both every hour with no signs of slowing. Im anaemic onto so I’m starting to worry about my blood levels as the last 2 days I’ve felt too weak to do much. I’ve got another appointment with my ob this Monday and will mention that I literally cannot go on like this. I’ve kept myself inside the last 9 days because it’s so heavy I’m scared about soaking through my clothing, especially if I sit for a while I get up and it’s like a full in gush (Sorry for the TMI, mqy be relevant though). Is this normal do you think?

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This happened to me as well. It was normal nothing was wrong and nothing could be done. It takes awhile for your body to get back to normal.

Take OTC iron. It helps a lot! Did you have issues with Fibroids?
Let the doctor know your level of discomfort and ask for a thorough examination of the situation. It could be ok… at 6 weeks it sounds heavy to me.

Go to urgent care if you have weakness you shouldn’t be soaking through in an hour

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I was told if I was soaking through and extra strength pad in an hour or less to go to the emergency room. I was told this for both my vaginal and C-section birth by 3 different doctors and the nurse advice line.

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Mine is still like this and I had my second baby 8 months ago!

I had this for a whole year after my 1st. I finally got mean and said look if you dont know whats wrong tell me id rather be told idk than im fine