Why is my period so heavy?

Help please!
I’m 4 months pp. I just got my first period since I’ve had my baby and it’s crazy ridiculous. I’m currently soaking through S+ tampons in a hour. It started yesterday and hasn’t gotten better.

What are some ways to help with this? Should I call my doctor? Can I take something to make it not so heavy?


My periods became like this after I had my children. I don’t think it’s uncommon

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That’s how mine was I had to wear a tampon and a pad within 2 hours but if your going through a pad on less than an hour call dr can be a hemorrhage rule of thumb less than an hour in a maxi pad


Buy Ultra sized tampons.
They’re bigger than S+ and holds more

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Same with me. And they are still heavy AF a year later. Ugh. I couldn’t even stand up without a gush lol


Water !
Aspirin !
Rest !
In that order
Your body is re setting
If it gets worse call gyno

Ibuprofen slows it down temporarily, and follow up if it lasts more than 2 days this heavy.

Happened to me and found out the dr didn’t remove some of the placenta. Call for sure.


Just happened to me last month the next month was way calmer

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Definitely call the doctor. Typically the rule of thumb is if you are soaking through one tampon or pad an hour you should be evaluated


Normal unfortunately… Super tampons and overnight pad at the same time… Meh.

Not normal your going thru too many pads. Go to the er tonight!

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Since my last pregnancy over 5 years ago every period I soak through ultra tampons every hour and my period is only 3 days long

Doctor immediately I had a post partum hemorrhage at 21 days almost died 3 bags of blood


This is NOT normal. Please see your doctor or obygyn ASAP.

Ibuprofen thins it and helps it slow down

Ever since I had my son, I’ve been much heavier. He’s now 19 months old and it seems to slowly be getting better.