Why is my son all of a sudden having accidents?

I’m concerned about my son. He’s 5, (6 in July) and suddenly can’t stay dry at night. He was doing really well. Sleeping in undies, staying dry most of the time, occasional accident but nothing uncommon for the age. Well I’m now 31 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and we’re starting a home remodel so things are a little crazy, but we’re trying our best to keep things as normal as possible for him. But the past month he can’t stay dry at night. We’ve put him in good nights because of it, I’ve tried limiting his fluids intake at night and always make him go potty before bed, but still he wets every night. He’s fine during the day. In fact he has the iron bladder as my family says. He can go hours holding it during the day. My husband thinks it’s normal for kids his age but I’m not sure. Anyone been through this? I don’t know if its just the stress of the baby coming and the construction at home or is this something I should be calling his Doctor about… Any advice?


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It could be normal
If your husband was the same. If you can ask his mom. I would also ask your doctor in case there’s something specific he can check for (I have girls so I really can’t say ) hugs

More day time potty breaks might help but definitely talk to his dr and see if they are concerned about it and ask them for ideas

First thing first have him checked for a UTI. And then if that’s clear have a simple chat with him about how he feels. And listen to what he has to say or how he feels. Make sure you validate his feelings and come up with a solution to whatever is bothering him. It could be something as simple as the stress of the changes happening.

It’s normal with all the stress happening. But also make sure it’s nothing medical.

It’s more than likely just due to all the changes honestly

Don’t let him hold it during the day. That might be the case. Get him to go or try to go more often. And see if that helps.

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Some kids wet until they are almost teenage years. I have been told by a Doctor that kids may have emotional problems and can’t wake up.

It might be all of the changes. I’m an adult and change still stresses me tf out.