Why is my son all of a sudden putting things in his mouth?

Our son is 19mo, he definitely KNOWS what should or shouldn’t go in his mouth. But lately he will put something in his mouth, knows it’s wrong so he looks at us, then runs away laughing. It obv scares me and I have to chase him and get it. Is this a normal thing of toddlers? For example he has a sticker book…and he will put the stickers in his mouth and think it’s funny. I think it’s bc we obviously react to it so maybe he’s correlating that action with getting our attention?? What the heck LOL I thought we were over this stage


He is still in the oral stage at this age, normal. But your calling attention to it is reinforcing it.

Checking your limits for terrible 2 :woozy_face:

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Absolutely normal. At this age the tongue can feel better than the finger tips and the kids are starting to feel different textures. Do not chase when a child has something in their mouth. Also a good idea if you have a child to have a “de-choker”. We always had one in diaper bag! They also have more of an oral need in the mouth it goes. Get a book on normal child development by ages as a lot more is going on and you can help them IF you know what the brain is trying to do at each stage of development. BTW you wont be over the IN THE MOUTH stage for a while. Many kids do it till 4 or older. You will enter the picky eater stage soon and that too is normal and is actually inborn to save lives so the kids wont eat poisonous things and instead only a few KNOWN things.

Perfectly normal. And could last years. Four and six and they still chew on everything.

Dont over react if it won’t hurt him it will stop faster

Yes very normal that’s why you need eyes in the back of your head x

He’s learning his world. They do that at various stages. Plus, he’s almost 2. His molars are probably starting to bother him. It’s normal. :sparkling_heart:

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