Why is my son hard to wake in the morning?

Help!! So my son is almost 11 months old and I’ve been struggling so much trying to wake up before he does in the morning … normally he will wake up between 7-8am … don’t get me wrong a little extra sleep is great, however I feel like I have no down time at all when I wake up with him … when my son is awake he is just go go go non stop and it’s hard ro get him to sit still even for a minute … I work from home and make my own hours so during his naps during the day I am working … most of the time he will only nap for 15-20 minutes at a time so I really don’t have any extra time … Ideally I would like to be up at 5am so I have 2-3 hours in the morning to relax and get a few things accomplished … I’ve tried setting multiple alarms and I always manage to wake up just enough to turn off the alarm and fall back asleep … I’ve tried everything I can think of to get up but it just fails every time … does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thanks


I’ve just made it a morning routine to get up when my LO does, give her a cup of milk, get her changed and dressed, then hand her the tablet while I do her hair. After that I let her finish what she’s doing on the tablet and use that time to become human and reboot myself for the day before leaving the bedroom to start everything.

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Yeah get the alarmy app like someone else said
That is the most loved/hated app of my life

I am not nor have i ever been a morning person. So i very much understand. Although when it comes down to it once that alarm wakes you, you have to choose to get up over laying there.

Set the coffee pot on a timer to go off when you want to wake up. The smell of coffee works for me every time!! Good luck mom and welcome to motherhood :grin:

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I’m not a morning person, no matter what I’ve tried I just can’t do it. I always stuck to bedtimes. That way I had that couple hours in the evening to wind down.

Set your alarm across the room. That way you have to physically get up and move around to turn it off.

I know you said you don’t drink coffee, but start? It will wake you up and force your brain to start in the mornings👍 im not much of a coffee drinker either but i till understand the benefit that one cup can have in the morning👍