Why is sex uncomfortable after having a baby?

:exclamation::exclamation:TMI Warning :exclamation::exclamation:

Question. TMI. I had my daughter 7 months ago and since a couple of weeks before giving birth sex has felt really uncomfortable, like it is too tight or my husband is going too deep when he is not. Now being 7 months PP and now 18 weeks pregnant I’m wondering if this is normal or something I should bring up to my OB. When it comes to toys I am perfectly fine, but when it comes to my husband it is way too uncomfortable. It doesn’t necessarily hurt. If there are any questions I will update anonymously.


This happened to me after my first. But it was extremely painful to the point we literally ended up splitting up… dumb I know… it could just be the changes your body went through but wouldn’t hurt to ask your dr

i couldnt have sex at all when i was pregnant. it hurt too much.its ok.u can still talk to yr ob and see if things r ok.but every pregnancy is difft.i hope this helps.best wishes.


I would definitely discuss it with your ob!

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I would ask your doctor about that. It shouldn’t hurt during sex.

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On the bright side, with 2 kids under 2, you won’t have time for sex and you’ll have time to heal completely. Best of luck. My 2 youngest are 19 months apart. :smiley:


I think this is completely normal. I felt the same exact way! It was extremely uncomfortable. I was wondering if something was wrong but apparently it’s a normal thing. I am 3 months postpartum and everything seems to have gone back to normal.

I currently have the same problem it just is not comfortable anymore and i love my partner but idk why things are like this

Speak to your ob about it for sure, but it happened with my first. After I had him it hurt for months after. The ob couldn’t see anything wrong in my check up so I just gave it time and it finally went away.

Very normal unfortunately!I was told to use lube if i had too!due to hormones we can get more tight and dry down under!

I had the same problem. Since i had my youngest 10 years ago. I’ve been checked they always tell me everything is fine. My boyfriend loves it.

Talk to your doctor.
Your cervix can change after and during pregnancy. But you could have something going on in there.

I wasn’t 100% until about 6 months. Use lube it’s still healing down there plus now if your preggo so soon things will swell again

It takes your body at least one year to heal after having a baby…my daughters are 11 months apart I know exactly what you’re talking about and you need to let yourself heal and it will be better

Maybe he being too rough, wrong position or not enough foreplay. Maybe need to stretch or get a massage first.

Bring that up to your Ob-Gyn because it could have something to do with your pregnancy or your husband isn’t taking his time in the warming you up and stimulating you enough to make sure everything is lubricated before intercourse. He also needs to take it easier during intercourse slow down not go as deep or fast and use lots of lubrication on you and him. However if the problem persists and the feeling is coming from within your body Maybe the position you’re trying isn’t working for you try looking up pregnancy sexual positions try them and figure out which one feels better for you. Definitely bring it up to your Ob-Gyn though.

The same here…8 months pregnant. In my case I think it’s due to UTI :disappointed:

What do you expect things to feel like when you haven’t even given yourself time to heal before getting knocked up again? Swear it’s like so many women who send these questions in, their only priority is sex. That’s pretty gross. The condition and health of your body should be priorities.