Why Won’t My Boyfriend Delete His Exes?

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"Boyfriend of 3 years is still friends with exgirlfriends on facebook. Why hasn’t he deleted them?"

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"Are they still friends?"

"They could still be friends. Don’t be jealous. Sounds very immature."

"Why would people on the internet know? Ask him."

"He’s the only one that can give you an answer"

"They could still have very good friendships, at the end of the day he is with you and loves you and is entitled to female friends ex or not… think about your own relationship…"

"Because some people are mature enough to be friends with their exes. A relationship can amicably end without hate."

"I’m still friends with some of my exes on various social media accounts and there is absolutely nothing going on between us at all … I think you may be overrating … Unless you see that he is talking to them in an inappropriate manner than I would just leave it alone"

"He’ll do it now while you’re pregnant, he’ll do it when babies here, and there after. If he loved you he wouldn’t be looking else where surely, it’s time to leave, you’re only setting yourself up for more heartbreak and tears over what? A man who can’t keep it in his trousers? No!! You deserve better."

"They could still be friends with zero sexual or romantic interest."

"Everybody has a past, if he’s still with you no signs of cheating then you have nothing to worry about. People do stay friends with their ex’s ,"

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