Why would an infant be hard to wake?

I have a two month old… im kinda scared he was really hard to wake up. He slept from 10-4:30 am when I woke him up… he’s never slept that long and not woke up at least once for food. I moved him I turned him on his side I was loud I was nudging him tickling him and he wasn’t waking up… he was moving but he wouldn’t wake up. I put him in my arms took him downstairs and he woke up and went straight back to sleep . I put him in his swing and he woke up and went straight back to sleep… now I’m back in my room and he’s awake but he still isn’t asking for food… I heard it was bad if you can’t wake up your baby?? Idk if I’m overreacting but it scared me how he was so dead asleep and didn’t ask for food all night and still isn’t


It’s not bad. Your little one is growing and sleep is a part of that process. Some need more sleep than others. Maybe you’re baby is on their way to sleeping through the night and unless there is a failure to thrive then I would be happy about it.


I have a 2 month old. But once they get about that age thier stomach is getting bigger so he’s able so hold more food
So don’t freak out and enjoy the sleep mama. You’ll need it

Was so worried first time my baby slept like that. I think it was his second week. It’s so normal. If he is breathing just let him sleep

Sounds like a growth spurt. I’d let him sleep and just mess with him every so often like lightly run a finger on the bottom of his foot that usually makes them move their toes

As long as he is having wet diapers and pooping then he is probably fine. Check the soft spot on his head, if it’s sunken in he could be dehydrated. Most likely he is just changing up his routine and needs. But you are the momma and if you feel unsettled go ahead and call the doctors office. No shame or harm from getting their opinion :slightly_smiling_face:


Make sure baby is hydrated same happened with my son and he wouldn’t respond he was severely dehydrated and we almost lost him keep his fluids up no matter what


The not eating would slightly concern me. Call the hospital and ask their opinion

My 2-month-old is sleeping 6-7 hours a night also now, it’s normal. By next month they should be sleeping thru the night, even up to 10-12 hours straight.

DO NOT WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!!! They will wake when they are hungry. Let him sleep. Mine were all sleeping from 9pm/6am since 2 weeks old


When my daughter was 6 weeks old she slept 11 hours and she was perfectly fine. Just check temp etc if you are concerned or get him checked if you are really worried. Remember you know your baby best.

My daughter started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks from 8pm to 7:30-8:00 am at first it freaked me out but I learned to enjoy the sleep…so should you…:wink:

He’s fine unless he’s yellow

Never wake a sleeping baby. They wake up for food when they’re hungry. My second was sleeping all night by 3 weeks old. It’s not a bad thing. You’re lucky.

Enjoy it mama sleep patterns are always changing no matter their age. Maybe baby just needs a good sleep or could be growing hence the deep sleep.

Have you tried offering the breast or bottle to him or are you just waiting for signs of him being hungry. Just keep offering him the breast or formula and maybe he’ll eat. Sometimes my son didn’t show signs of hunger like crying and fussing, but if I made a bottle and offered it to him he’d chug the whole thing down.

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Seems normal, 3 out of 4 Of my kids were sleeping from 11 pm until 7 am at 6 weeks old. The last one didn’t sleep at all

Is their any special treatment for your baby that you are suppose to do? I had to feed my baby every 2 hours while I was in the hospital and at home , I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant. My baby wouldn’t wake up when we were in the hospital cause his sugar was really low. He was going into a com…The nurse had to feed him sugar water and then formula. Lack of communication between the hospital staff . I asked the nurse in charge if she new who we were- they didn’t communicate with her- I guess on his feedings. The staff didn’t know they were suppose to monitor his sugar levels.

Do not wake a sleeping baby.

My son slept for hours and hours. I’d put a mirror under his nose to make sure he was still breathing. Enjoy it while it lasts.

If you’re truly worried try the gentle wake method start taking off clothes and let the cooler air hit the skin. I had to do this with some of my kids. They were sound sleepers and didn’t want to wake up for anything.

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Baby is fine. By two months he should be sleeping between 6 - 8 hours. My son would sleep from 9pm to 5am at 6 weeks old. Enjoy your sleep. My daughter never slept through the night until she started to school.

Has your baby recently had vaccines? Any other unusual behavior?

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You should never wake a sleeping baby. He’ll eat when hungry

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At 7 weeks old my son was sleeping from 8pm - 5:30 am with no waking up in between . He is getting enough calories during the day , he may not need to wake up and feed . See how he does during the day and if he is lethargic all day then call the dr

Girl let that child sleep lol im guessing hes gone thru a sleep regression at some point in the last month or so, its normal for them to start sleeping more at this age. His needs are changing.

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My grandma says, that sleep is like food, so i woke up both of mines the first month, after that i started letting them sleep through the night, when they are hungry they will wake up on their own, or wake him up early, but let the baby sleep through the night, its okay

All 6 of my kids slept from day 1
8pm-8am and 2 took naps during the day the others refused. But that was MANY (18-34) years ago when cereal and whole milk was the thing. I was blessed and still am.


As long as he is breathing normal do not wake him babies grow a lot hes just transitioning let him sleep just watch his breathing he will b fine enjoy the down time😍

My 21 year old son used to do that to me too. So I put rice cereal in his formula to help him be fuller. I flicked the bottoms of his feet to wake him up to eat. Speak to your doctor. He may just not be hungry or not feeling well. He may be cutting teeth too

With son it was clock work he never slept through the night, then when I had my daughter different story she was and is still a sleeper (she’s 2 months too) it freaked me out bc at like 6 weeks she had a bottle at almosy 11pm an slept till 7 or 8 and I woke up with my husband’s alarm and realized this and flew up outta bed to check on her and she was just fine. Like my mom told me let her sleep she’ll wake up when she’s hungry. Bc the hospital scared me too with don’t let the baby sleep to long etc but if you babe is healthy and not yellow don’t worry

I loved when my son slept through the night and there were times where he would sleep through 12noon I never woke him up cause he will let you know when he needs something mine sure did and now he is my 9 year old what?!? He is fine…just keep an eye on him or if you feel you need to bring him to the dr. Do that

If this is suddenly out of character, call the doctor and see what they recommend. They may want to check his sugar levels.


Girl hes just sleepy lol, has he had his vaxs recently? He may just be sleeping off aches. They also go through times where they sleep alot, or not at all. If youre worried give your ped a call. As long as hes breathing and still moving hes okay :purple_heart:

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I had to wake my son to feed him because he just never cried unless he pooped. Like literally NEVER. I thought he was broken or something because my daughter cried whenever she wanted something. He also slept like a rock. So sometimes it would take a little more effort to wake him.

Mine slept from 7p-9:30am at that age he still dose from time to time

Let that child sleep,girl! If hes breathing, he’s fine.

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I would let him sleep until, 7 and if your worried take him in, if you have an instinct that something is wrong it’s best to double check

my son is two months old and sleeps from 9pm until about 5am like clockwork

He’s growing mom. They sleep like rocks ones they hit a growth spurt

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My daughter did that as a baby. Scared me to death. She still sleeps a lot. But, if you’re worried ask your Dr.

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If your worried take your baby to the pedi hun

My advice call his pediatrician…

:heart: You are an awesome mommy! Sleep patterns change so many times during infancy for so many reasons; growth spurts, full belly, over stimulation. You check on him as much as you want to make you comfortable. Sound sleeping at night is a good thing. If you still have trouble waking him in the morning and he isn’t feeding in the morning, then definitely take him to the doctor.

My 2.5 month old randomly did that one day too. She now sleeps through the night from 10 pm-5 or 6 am and wakes for a bottle, eats gets changed and goes back to sleep lol. When it first happened she did the same thing and it was weird as my first never did that. She’s still like that and it’s been 3 weeks now. Enjoy it while it lasts cause it could end at any given time and teething too… I’m sure he’s fine mama

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If you are concerned then I would call your doctor. Getting it checked won’t be bad thing. However, sleeping through the night is a good thing.

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Montana sounds like Alias atm but at 4 months

I would let him sleep. Check on him, make sure he’s still breathing and all, but he needs lots of :sleeping: . I’m sure he will let you know when he’s hungry :wink:

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Not many people moan about a baby that sleeps through the night! If he’s breathing and not floppy or distressed let the poor little dude sleep


Babies do that once in a while. He’s growing. It’s ok as long as he’s breathing normally. :heart:

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Let him sleep mama. Both my girls slept all night from the day I had them but that was luck. My 3rd (boy) now is up every two hours :joy::roll_eyes:

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I would call your doctor just to be sure but when my daughter was 2 months she was like that for about a week. Her doctor said it was because they go threw a growth spurt at 2 months and she told me I didn’t need to wake her cause she was gaining weight.

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GIRL I SWEAR TO GOD DONT WORRY ABOUT IT!! I mean, you can ask your pediatrician, but my son is almost a year old and he has slept all through the night since he was about 2 months old. Like from 7 or 8pm up til like 6 to 8am. Just enjoy your sleep momma, and make sure your baby is on its back, like ive always followed that back is best" motto

Let him sleep at 2 months both of mine were sleeping through the night … 8pm-7am my dr said as long as they are growing properly there is no reason to wake them up to eat and for me to enjoy the rest

My youngest slept a lot as a baby once we got his reflux under control. Even now he is three and god help you if you wake him before he is ready. He is a jerk lol. But even now he sleeps sometimes from 9pm to 11 am

It could be his sugar dropping take to Dr for sure

Call 911 immediately.

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My daughter used to do that. Her pedi said it was a growth spurt. You do what you need to ease your mind. If it would make you feel better, take your LO to the pedi, your doing a great job momma

Growing :blush: it’s normal. He was prolly tired

I would take him in just to have him checked

My son would sleep 12 hours from birth if I let him. The doctor said to wake him and feed him after five because he was a preemie then we went to six hours after a few months. If he won’t eat or his breathing if labored, take him in otherwise consider yourself lucky.

If in doubt get him checked out.

You could give him a dream feed

I wish :rofl:, my daughter is almost 11 months old and still doesn’t sleep through very well… (horrible teether :weary:)

Depends on circumstances… if he got his shots already it could be he’s just worn out and his body is recovering! My boy was more lethargic seeming after his shots but he’s fine now! He didn’t sleep a lot but he would sit and stare… way overtired and did not eat a lot either. (He also got to where he would sleep 9+ hours at a time without eating BEFORE the shots! That could be your babies normal!)

Im a first time mom myself (my daughter is now 11 mo) and i believe it was around 2-4 months when she did this for the first time. I was also very worried but my mom told me as long as shes breathing to let her sleep and that she will wake up and let me know when shes hungry. And she did. She has done it a few times since. I know its scary but just relax as long as hes breathing hes fine. Babies just need lots of sleep at that age and so does mama so check on him of course but enjoy it :heart:

I qould take him to the hospitol.

My son at that same age use to sleep from 11pm-11am. I was concerned then too but the dr said a child needs sleep to grow and leave him be. Today he’s 30, 6’3, 295lbs. It’s ok he’ll make up for it soon with moving up to a greater amount of eating :rofl:

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My son slept 7 hours from 2 months on at night.

All 3 of mine were sleeping 7-8 hours straight a night before 6 weeks old. They would eat more during the day. As long as the baby is breathing and doesn’t seem to be in distress…let them sleep.

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First did he have any vaccinations recently? Some kids have reactions that parents don’t realize are reactions. This could be a sign of low oxygen saturation in the blood. As a mother and a pediatric nurse I implore you to go get a portable pulse ox that you can stick on his toe. No healthy child should be below 97. Also count has respiration rates. Just use a timer on your phone and see his chest go up and down. Tell the number to your doctor for 1 minute and see if he is concerned. Also look for retractions such as sucking in around the collar bones or under the ribs in the stomach area. Lethargy can be brought on by low oxygen saturation which can be caused for dozens of reasons. The problem is if you bring him into the pediatrician and he’s awake and his oxygen saturation is fine you’re not going to see the problem. Some kids require support only while sleeping. Your son could be totally fine and just a good hearty sleeper but better to be safe than sorry.


Most mothers would be jumping for joy if their baby slept 6+ hours . Babies don’t starve themselves . He was obviously comfortable and content . Relax !! You’re doing fine .


My new born who was born at 34 weeks is like that… Sleeps like the dead and have to wake her up to eat… The doctors told me to not allow her to go more than 4 hours without being fed… I would say you are blessed… Unless it becomes a problem I would not worry but would say something at the next doctors appointment just to be safe

Just try and feed even if he doesn’t ask . Maybe he was just tired , did he sleep alot during the day ? R u breast feeding ? Go to doctor

My son stopped waking at night to eat at 2 weeks old and slept 12 hours a night straight through. At 2 months there is no reason you cannot let him sleep through the night. Waking to feed is not necessary unless the doc says there is an issue with weight gain and you need to…

My daughter started sleeping through the night at 4 months old. I panicked because my son never did that. I contacted her pediatrician and he said it was fine. He said she would wake up when she wanted to eat.

Umm let him sleep my daughter only woke up once a night when she was brand new, she started sleeping through the night at 1 month old. Enjoy your good fortune, don’t wake your baby, he will let you know when he is hungry.

Hes growing. He will wake when he is hungry. He probably had a great meal before bed and was fine. My kids STILL sleep forever when they are having a little.growth spirt. My kids went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 11am the next day on the weekend. I told my husband to go wake them because it was so late. Then, they were all tired all day and went to bed around 830-9 that night. Its gonna happen for a long time. Random moments where he will just sleep. As long as diapers are still wet and he isn’t dehydrated, let him rest. He is growing.

Mine was sleeping all night by the age of 6 weeks. Nothing to worry about. Enjoy getting some sleep yourself.

Baby please don’t worry it’s good to check on he is not feeling good when you rest and recharge has his body but you need to make sure that he is drinking some type of fluids water juice orange juice something so he does not get dehydrated see if he will eat some bananas or some type of food a little bit your stomach does not feel good and resting does him good just keep an eye on him does he have a high temperature