WIC told me my baby was small...advice?

Hey my wic appointment lady today told me my baby was under weight and length… his doctor never said anything to me… hes 7months 2 days old. Hes 18 pounds and about 28” tall … he was born 6’17 and 21 length.


If the pediatrician isn’t concerned then I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m assuming the lady at the wic office isn’t a doctor?


I never really went but what the wic office said about my kids weight if their pcp isn’t concerned and they are growing like they are supposed to then don’t worry


6#17ounces? Wouldn’t that be 7# 1 ounce?


Talk to your Dr. about it. He may be petite. There’s nothing wrong with that. I went to a Dr appointment and the nurses treated me bad and was very rude. I was crying by the time the Dr came in and he asked what’s wrong. When I told him she was under weight and I had been struggling to get her to eat he said she fine. She’s diagnosed Petite at birth. I didn’t realize that because she was 7lbs and 13 oz. He said I was doing good and he would give them a good talking to. Just talk to your pediatric Dr. Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s fine. Congratulations by the way. :v:

Hmm that seems right to me I was told baby needs to be 3 times their birth weight by age 1…baby seems in the right track…my daughter was born 9lbs and is now 8 months at 18lbs I took her to urgent care they didn’t tell me anything her her being small…

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Weird. My baby was 29.5" and 18lbs at his 6 month appointment. And not once was I told he was underweight. In fact, I’ve always been told he was in the 99th percentile. If you’re pediatrician isn’t saying anything, I’d ignore it.

I wouldn’t worry about what the wic office said. They told me last time they was worried about my son’s weight. They never did say it. Saying he is to big for age. His dr never has said anything.

If his height and weight match up I wouldn’t worry overmuch. Mine was 95 percentile when born, dropped to 2nd then spent the next sixteen years being exactly 50th percentile for height and weight (which should actually be impossible and the computers used to reject it!)


My daughter was a 30 week preemie. She was 4 pounds and 18inches when she came home. Anytime I’d take her anywhere that they didn’t know her medical history that’d tell me the same thing. I learn to inly listen to her pediatrician. He had know her since she was born. She was growing although not at the rate of other kids her age. She’s now 11 and 50 pounds almost 4ft tall and only wearing a size 7in girls. Her Dr is happy as long as she’s growing. However I’m only 4"11 so she has that to look forward to​:rofl::joy:

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Wic always says that about my kids too but the doctor says they are growing right on track. Don’t pay to much mind to it unless your child’s pediatrician is concerned.

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my little one is 2 and is under height but his weight is good for his height . Some babies just genetically small . My peadinutrition and health nurse arnt worried

The WIC lady is full of crap if you look up the average weight and height of a 7 month old baby your child is right on schedule

Screw the WIC docs they know nothing

He’s still within a healthy curve so I wouldn’t be concerned.

Mine was 14lbs at 4 months
What does he eat/ bottles in a day?

My WIC nurse told me that I must be anorexic because of how small I was when I was pregnant. My doctor never mentioned anything about my weight to me. Ignore the WIC lady and just follow what your doctor tells you.


I always took what wic said with a grain of salt. They’re generally not doctors in there closest you’d see is a nutritionist at best. If your pediatrician isn’t concerned then you should be fine mama.


Ignore her. All babies are different. My second daughter was so tiny at 2 years old she was still fitting into 0 to 3 months clothes. She’s 13 now and about 5 feet and weighs 120. When she was born I weighed 160 and the wicked lady told me I was obese and needed to start losing weight even though she was only days old and the wicked lady was probably around 300 lbs so clearly no business judging the weight of someone who just had a freaking baby. If the doctor is concerned then discuss it with them but up until my second was about 6 she stayed under the 5th percentile for her age group, however she was perfectly healthy and happy, just tiny.


I always ignore what WIC tells me because my babies doctor is all I care about health wise. I’m grateful for their services but they aren’t as seasoned as my pediatrician. Who I’m fearing may retire soon.


WIC think they know everything. Some lady told me I was breastfeeding wrong and was trying to make me pull out my boob so she can see. We literally got into an argument about it it. And at 7 months a almost 20 pound baby seems like a nice size. Don’t stress about it.


A friend of mine was told constantly by wic her kids were too small and under weight. She was upset after one visit and made a doctor’s appointment immediately. Her pedestrian told her that her kids are perfect. Showed her the chart, also told her there are no drastic drops or gains; that’s where the concerns would be.


Please remember WIC workers ARE NOT DOCTORS! MOST don’t even have any kind of medical experience/education. They told me my oldest (now 6) was obese because he was 25 lbs at 5 months old, but yet his cousin who was 3 days younger than him and wasnt even 20 lbs by a year was perfect. The average one year old is 20-25 lbs. Yes my son was large. But not obese. They legit tried telling me to lower his milk and food intake repeatedly due to his weight. He was only taking the amount I was told by his PED. Nothing more, nothing less (unless of course he just didn’t want to). His PED said he was perfect for his height. He was very tall as well as very “large” weight wise. He’s now 6 and I am 5’2 and he comes to my shoulders :woozy_face: he’s thinned out now and only weighs 43 lbs vs his 2 yr old brother weighing 37 lbs, and 1 yr old brother weighing 25 lbs. But all in all hes still large for his age. I learned quickly to never let WIC make me feel bad about how my kids are growing so long as peds not concerned. My kids all are tall and chunky from the get go. Once starting walking they tend to slim out but not loose weight just replace it with muscle it seems.

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I wish people would knock that shit off. Healthcare providers included. My kid eats truckloads of food and can barely stay on the curve. She’s just a lean kid. When she was a baby she was like 95 percentile… now she’s the complete opposite. I have changed pediatricians multiple times over stupid comments. The most recent was them wanting to put her on diabetes meds because a side effect is increased appetite… like how much more hungry can she actually be. She eats all damn day :expressionless:

It makes you feel like you aren’t doing enough as a parent. Makes you question your own abilities. But in case someone hasn’t told you lately, you’re doing a great job. If you know you are doing your best then let that be that. Keep pushing sis. This shit is tough but worth it.

just smile and nod , they tend to “overstep” with irrelevant comments. i have preemie babies and we followup with our dr. their concerns do not bother me


WIC are not drs. You’re doing great, mom!


If you are ever concerned about comments like that just get a second opinion. I had a doctor tell me to start putting bacon grease in my kids food because she was too skinny for her liking and she degraded me, made it sound like I was neglecting my kid, and made me cry horribly. We switched pediatricians and her new doctor said she was fine and that was terrible advice. Almost everyone in my family are bean poles. Tall and thin. I did not get those genetics. Always get a second opinion :person_shrugging:

Yea the wic “doctor” made my daughter belly button bleed a few days after it fell off and when I say bleed I mean it scared the crap out of me. I told her right then do not schedule me to see another so called doctor with yall if you need any medical information about her I will bring it from her doctor I will have her doctor print out her hight and weight and bring it with me. They arnt doctors and they know nothing about your child trust your child’s doctor! And if they bring it up again say with all due respect my child sees their doctor regularly and their doctor has told me growth is right on track and if there’s a problem my child’s doctor will inform me.

They are looking at a simple chart. Your doctor is looking at the whole picture. Trust your doctor. And that’s not really that small.


The employees at WIC are not doctors. They’re nutritionists, at best - and usually not even certified nutritionists.

Follow the whatever your pediatrician says - if there are concerns about your child’s growth and/or development, your pediatrician will address them with you.

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Who cares what wic says. Those people aren’t doctors or nurses.


He is fine! The pediatrician looks at your son’s individual growth curve. My daughter was that size and weight at 12 months.

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I was on WIC years ago with my 2nd child. I think they have to choose reasons for qualifying. Come to find out my WIC person was a con artist and asked me for friendship and asked me to store her stuff at my house because she was going to claim a robbery . I refused and worked myself away from her. She found a lady to agree with her plan but the lady ended up going to the police and my WIC lady was stripped of her nursing license. Just ask your doctor about the opinion of your child and be grateful for the program.

Wic stressed me tf out… I had to stop going it got so bad.

I honestly can’t stand the WIC nurses. Can’t speak for everywhere, but the one where I live, they are completely rude ass bitches and a bunch of medical school rejects

Honestly if your dr isn’t worried you shouldn’t be worried :woman_shrugging: my first baby didn’t reach 18 pounds until she was 15 months old and my baby now is 6 months and almost 20 pounds already :woman_shrugging: a healthy baby Dosent only rely on weight! :heart_hands:

Wic has their own rules that you really shouldn’t take to heart only listen to a doctor

I was mom shamed by my wic nurse less then a week after giving birth, because I was supplementing formula because I was not producing enough breast milk. Ignore them.

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That is above the WIC Ladies pay grade, Lol! If you are concerned go to your babies doctor with questions.

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Don’t pay attention to what they say . They aren’t medical professionals.

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2 of mine weren’t 18 pounds until after 12 mos. Your pedi tracks them, as long as they are progressing on thier chart don’t worry about it!

My kids were always “small” at any new appointment where they only had one or 2 dots on the growth chart. Then we’d get a few and it was abundantly clear that they were in fact growing like any other kid🤷‍♀️

I’m 4’11" and my partner is maybe 5’9" so I never expected us to have the tallest of offspring. Both of my girls were born under 5lbs, both considered “low birth weight” and neither ever actually had an issue connected to it, so it was basically just something they stressed me out about for nothing at all

Wic told me my baby was overweight. He was born full term, 20 inches long, just under 8lbs. Our first appt with WIC was when he was 3 months old and he weighed 13-14lbs and was 23 inches. He was eating every 2-3 hrs and having 60oz at a time. He was never full. So I went to his Dr appt we had already scheduled and he said babies are all different and I know my baby and he is just fine and we started adding rice cereal to his bottles to help fill him up. So I brushed wic off and then we went back when he was 6 months and was 22lbs and was 26-27 inches long. He has always matched his height and weight. And WIC told me to put him on a diet and that I don’t need to feed him every time he is hungry. And that right there told me it was just a way to be controlling. He was happy and healthy. And I looked back at my baby photos…I ate like crazy and when I was 2 I was in 18 months clothes and size 2 diapers and wic called cps on my dad and it was found out to be baseless claims. They like to make moms feel bad and have us second guess ourselves.

Ignore them is my advice. They told me my son was overweight but there wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. :roll_eyes:

Don’t ever take WIC too seriously. Listen to actual doctors and pediatricians.

WIC always says that lol, my oldest was always too big others too small

My boy is 7 months and 28 inches and weight 17 lbs his wic appointment is tomorrow. with my daughter WIC always told me she was small then when did gain weight they said she was overweight.

Honestly the ppl at WIC have no fn clue what they are talking about! Just say ok and get the formula. His dr would definitely let u know if underweight

I mean thats about the 50th percentile. So not super low or high. Always listen to the doc. I think they are required to say it.

Some children are just smaller if the doctor is t worried I wouldn’t be.

Only listen to your pediatrician.

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My son is 7 months old and is about 19lbs and 30 in. I think your little guy is just fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Tell her when she gets her medical degree and can call herself doctor - you’ll be following your physicians guidelines


They always say that long as your pediatrician isn’t concerned wouldn’t worry plus some kids are just smaller than others

Wics not the doc take it with a grain of salt i have a 4yr old under weight and and 2 yr old overweight apparently but their ped said the they are fine and not to worrry

I always told them to give me more food to feed them if they think they are under weight… my oldest was 9lbs at birth.

my girl almost 7m is 14lbs 24in. if your ped isn’t concerned tell them to fuck off

Wic is almost always saying babies are small

Just tell the wic lady that your baby is perfect and thriving.

My daughter is 29 mo and 24lbs still wearing 24mo onesies nkr Dr or wic is concerned

I wouldn’t go by what the WIC lady said. Your doctor knows best.

Oh my God​:roll_eyes: they are so uneducated it’s disgusting and your baby couldnt have been 6 pounds 17 ounces. 16 ounces is a pound, that can’t be right :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy: that would mean 7 pounds 1 ounce

My wic person with my youngest daughter who wasn’t even a nurse, mind you, accused me of starving my daughter just because she was small and threatened to call CPS, even after being provided documentation from her actual doctor that she was in good health. I’m 5’1, I’m not going to have huge kids :roll_eyes:

So are you gunna listen to the wic lady or your child’s Doctor???

Wic told me that 31 week old babies would be born dead and not survive, as I’m sitting there holding my very alive 31 week old baby. They think 1% milk is healthy for kids. Wic are absolute morons. Whatever they say do the complete opposite. So just ignore the genius you unfortunately met there

Sounds good to me, and if your doctor has no concerns, she needs to back tf off.