WIC told me they want my daughter off of formula at 1: Advice?

Ok, so please don’t judge or bash, but WIC told me they want my daughter completely off of formula and switched to whole milk by the time she turns 1. Well it just so happens she’s turning 1 in 17 days and that just doesn’t seem like enough time for her little belly to adjust. So my question is…any ideas/guides on the quickest and gentlest on the tummy way to phase out the formula? I am pretty well aware the complete transition ain’t happening within 17 days, and I know to mix milk in with the formula and increase milk/decrease formula…but like…im doing 3oz milk added to 5oz mixed formula for a total of 8oz right now. How long should I wait between increases and how much should I increase? First time mom and clearly clueless so any tips are appreciated.


I would say add 1 oz milk and 1 less of formula every 3rd day while monitoring her diapers for lactose intolerance (diarrhea, rashes etc)


I did the whole transition over a week and he was fine, just add an ounce every other day. If she’s been drinking 3oz of cows milk in each bottle she should be fine to transition fully.


I just switched it out. Had no problems with any of my kids not liking it.


I also switched it out and my son was fine and did great…


I didn’t mix anything. Just went straight to regular milk.


With my son I did half milk and half formula for a few days. Then I put more milk and less formula for the next few days. Honestly I transitioned him in about a week or so. But you don’t have to listen to wic if you don’t want to. Yeah they might not give you anymore formula so not sure if that’s an issue for you.

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Ive been alternating, formula and cow’s milk

Their body’s are made for it. I wouldn’t be too worried. Just look out for lactose intolerance

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Switched right over as well. No issues for my little man.

I didn’t mix anything either, went also straight to cows milk however I believe that what made the transition easier was the fact that he was having cows milk on his cereals anyway…

I just mixed some formula with milk for about a week, then the 2nd week straight milk. No problems

Should be able to transition in 17 days no problem…my son only took a week

Y’all I was sitting here thinking ‘dang I was supposed to mix it?’ :joy::joy::joy: I gave my daughter milk a little here and there starting at 11 months and threw the formula out at 12 months. She did great!


I just switched out my son did perfectly fine.

I just gave my daughter milk one day & she loved it.

I switched right over !

Try your baby on like 2-3 oz straight if he tolerates then just stop formula. Some get a lil iffy cause it’s not as sweet but at a year should not be having milk like a meal. So maybe at nap n bed.

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I didn’t mix it I just went straight to milk had no issues

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I started at 11 months per drs and just gave milk instead. They were fine.

Coconut or almond milk might be a little better than cows milk.

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You can do have milk and half formula until you get to the end of the can

I didnt mix, she actually took a sip of my milk one night and refused her formula after that. She was 2 weeks from turning one. My daughter was one Nutramigen and it smelled horrible. Probably the reason she refused it

My son quit drinking formula around 12 months. I just put whole milk in a bottle and warmed it up for a few seconds just to knock the chill off and he never really knew the difference. But you can alternate if its easier.

Mine happened in less than 17 days. Dr recommended to put formula with a little whole milk. Then everyday gradually add more milk to where it is more milk than formula. It worked perfect with all 3 of mine

I gave mine 1 bottle of half milk, half formula just to see if she would take it… and she switched right over at 11 months. It was easy for us.

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I switched right over as well and my little guy did great, he didn’t like the formula/milk mixture at all but he took milk without a problem.


I just switched and my daughter did fine. My son didn’t like the texture of whole milk at first and I had to mix his half and half and slowly increase the amount of milk but even then it took less than a week to get him adjusted to whole milk.
No one ever brought up that you have to mix it and I never even considered it until my son didn’t automatically take it like my daughter did.

I just mixed formula n milk one day then straight milk the next. Easy peasy. 17days is more than enough time.

We didnt switch…well we did to toddle transition Walmart generic version were at 14 months still on 3 8 oz bottles a day. My older daughter stayed on formula till 18 months for bowel issues.

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Increase the amount of milk every 3-4days . Is what my pediatrician said to do . But mine had a protein sensitivity and we had to switch to a different formula and try it then start the transition. And he did fine .

There’s no right answer except whatever your kid is going to tolerate. :woman_shrugging:t3: Been trying to switch my little guy for the last month, finally got to half the bottle, he got strep throat, and now we are back at square one. My other two kids did not need to be slowly switched like this (ounce by ounce) they just took the new milk, heated.


I know what you mean theyre trying to make me wean her off a bottle and she literally just turnes 7 months

It takes about 4 weeks the first week with every bottle you should use 2 ounces of milk the rest formula and then every week after that you increase the milk by 2 ounces and decrease the formula by 2 ounces

I transitioned my son into toddler formula for morning and night for awhile. … and did milk during the afternoon

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I honestly just gave my son straight milk when I had ran out of formula with WIC. He has had no issues whatsoever


I gave mine whole milk for a couple months and completely switched her to 2% and she did wonderfully on both

It depends on your child. Mine completely transitioned from the bottle to a sippy cup in one sitting. If you’re worried, start doing 50/50 and see how she does. 17 days is more than enough time IMO.

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It says on the formula how to transition one bottle of milk the first day 2 bottles the second and so on until it is only milk… Do not mix milk and formula please.

My daughter juss transitioned fully. We would do 2oz of formula and 4-6oz of whole milk. She liked it so for about a week we kept it at tht until we said ok no more formula, whole milk exclusively (we warm it up a bit) she did get constipated for a few days and cried but you also have to balance their meals/snacks out so they can poop better. Oh & btw the poo only smells worse. But good luck! This is juss something we tried.

We did by making their bottles in levels, if you make a 6oz bottle do 1oz milk 5 formula for 2 days then 2oz milk 4 formula and repeat until you just do 6 oz milk, it work for us and also we used organic milk the price may a bit more for it in the beginning but once they get used to it, they usually do well with any brand of milk. We use Horizon milk

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This is what I did and had no issues…of an 8oz bottle I’d do 1oz of whole milk and the rest formula…do that for a couple days and increase to 2oz for a couple days etc…my 2nd daughter couldn’t have whole milk cuz it had too much fat and it upset her stomach so we had wic switch it to 2% which was much better

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You really don’t need to do all of that. The formula is a mill based powder. So may have some adjustments with gas and poop but should be fine to just give the milk. Also pediasure if you want more of the supplement. Experienced kids of 4 all under 10. Youngest 17 months with weight issues

We just switched. No issues. We also tossed the bottle and gave only sippy cups. We disnt transition slowly and they did great. Each kid is different. But 17 days is more then enough time IMO.


My daughter turns 1 in 4 days & I’ve already been introducing whole milk before WIC or her doctor said anything (her 12mo check up is on her birthday & will discuss it then). I just use 2oz less formula. So she drinks 6oz bottles, so I do 4oz water, 2 scoops of formula & then the other 2oz is whole milk. I’ve only done it 3-4 times now & it doesn’t seem to bother her any. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I just switched, they didn’t seem to mind or have an issues.

WIC is only about numbers. If baby was one day shy of a year and you told them you gave her whole milk they look at you crazy. At a year and one day you still get looked at crazy if you still give them formula.


I started with a mix of half each. Every few days added an ounce of milk.

I tried to hurry it and it hurt her belly. So I waited longer in between the increasing milk.

I just switched all three of my kids and they r all just fine

I never decreased. I just switched. I mixed milk and formula with my daughter cause I thought the same thing and she puked it everywhere. They dont need to adjust. There fine.

We did just milk. We didn’t do the mixibg with formula. My kid did well. No issues. Your kid should be doing solids too. Once we started solids kid hated formula. Didn’t want a bottle. Just milk in her sippy.

You only need a week or two at most to fully transition. We started with 1/4 almond milk to 3/4 breastmilk than decreased an ounce every 2-3 days till she was transitioned. I still breastfeed at almost 14 months, but she gets almond milk also.

Bye formula had to for my beother he was a year and a half befor he was off formula and with my sister we had to do half and half for a bet but she has helth issues

Mom tip. Don’t listen to wic. She needs to come off formula slowly not cold turkey. And she doesn’t even need whole milk if she eats cheese, yogurt, etc.


WIC gives frustrating advise. Ask your Dr not them


Why does WIC want you to have your child off formula at a year? My oldest was formula fed and on WIC and he had his last bottle at 13 months. I would just slowly introduce regular milk and see if they tolerate it. If you don’t have the money to buy formula yourself and need WIC for it, get all you can and that way you have until it runs out to transition to milk. That way you don’t have to have your child off formula in 17 days especially if they are not ready to. Good luck!

I had my first 2 off the bottle and on milk just before a year old. My last one, nope. Totally different. She has to have her bottle at night and first thing in the morning. She’s 13 months. She will drink milk, water and juice all day out of a cup since about 6 mos just like my other 2. WIC cuts you off so like some others said, I switched to toddler formula. It’s cheaper and lasts a bit longer and basically the same thing. She’s a healthy eater so I hope the more she enjoys food she will get over the bottle. My other 2 were easy to get off of it but this one in my puddin and screams for that bottle at night. You do what you feel comfortable doing, and what works best for you, don’t worry about WIC guidelines.

I’ve never heard of mixing formula with milk. I feel like that would give them more of a tummy ache than just giving whole milk. Sounds gross anyway. Just switch completely and baby will be fine. There’s dairy in formula so unless you’ve been getting soy formula your baby most likely isn’t allergic to it.

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my daughter is breastfed and on whole milk and has been on whole milk since 11 months. no problems

Now watch how she reacts
My son could not drink whole milk but could eat Mac and cheese or ice cream.so he had to do lactose milk.now as a adult he can drink anything

I just gave 100% milk and my kids did well.

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I had mine switched within 2 weeks, if even that long so 17 days is more then ample time to make the switch. Every other day I just decreased the amount of formula and added more milk.

… What did your doctor say?

I’ve heard you’re not suppose to mix formula and milk🤔 but when my oldest was 11 months, we just handed him a cup of almond milk and boom. It’s that easy. We still let him have formula for bed time until he was 1.


I personally did it in one ounce increments. So for 8 ounce bottles it would’ve started with 7 ounces formula to 1 ounce milk. And every 4 days to a week I would increase it by a single ounce if the bowel movements stayed consistent. My kids’ stomachs were very sensitive though.

U can just switch , no need to transition


I just took my sons bottle away and gave him a sippy cup of vitamin d milk.


I say almond milk rather then regular milk. It’s a bit more expensive but healthier. Try a small cup and a good flavor like vanilla and see if she likes it.

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Just buy your own formula till you feel the baby is ready

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goat’s milk! :slight_smile: I stopped BF at 6 month with both of my (massive) babies for different reasons, and they were on goat milk until they could handle (lactose free) cow milk. they thrived on it.

I had a son that was alergic to formula and i could not nurse so used deluted whole milk with karo syrup at young age he did ok. You will know what to do when time