Will a hospital force you to breastfeed?

I plan to formula feed and was wondering if you plan to use formula if a lactation specialist will try to force it at the hospital? Ik breastfeeding is suppose to be better but I just cant do it. It makes me cringe personally. I’m OK with other mothers doing it I don’t judge but it makes me cringe. So I’m just curious as to other moms experience with formula feeding from birth?


Fed is fed! Don’t let anyone discourage you if you formula feed :heart: I would just tell the lactation specialist you want to formula feed and your mind is made up


No I did with my first child and they asked me why and i said because itll work best for me and my child and that was that. You’ll wanna take Sudafed to try and dry up your milk or itll be a painful process!

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Be stern & put them in their place! How you feed your baby is up to you. No one else. They will try to push it. I had to deal w this!


At the hospital I gave birth at I planned to breastfeed and my friend who gave birth 3-4 weeks after me planned to formula feed. The offered me an abundance of help and was very supportive ever step of the way and even offered me help when I was home, I still regularly talk with the lactation consultant even though I moved states. When my friend gave birth they offered her the options until she informed them she wanted to formula feed, they helped her find the best formula for her baby as the standard gave her stomach issues and sent her home with a few cans and premade formula


It depends where you live, ive heard stories from moms where they were treated awful bc they chose to formula feed rather than breastfeed.
Ignore them, know its your right to choose and if someone does try to be forceful during your hospital stay you have the right to boot them out.

The hospital I had my son at only sent up the lactation specialist if you informed them you needed advice on breastfeeding.

Both my kids were formula fed. Never had enough milk supply.


Honestly it depends who you get. And it’s guna suck with ur hormones after birth but if u say no to breastfeeding then that’s your choice. Be stern if you need to be. Lots of people are going to force opinions on you for the next while. You’re the mother. You decide.


Fed is best. I breastfed my first for almost 2 years,I breastfeed our 9 month old still. It isn’t for everyone. If they try and force it tell them to leave you alone and you’ve made your decision. They have no right to force it on you.

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Fed is best! Stick to what is most comfortable for you! It’s your choice and your baby!


Depends on the hospital. But you can absolutely refuse to let a lactation consultant in there too. And tell them as soon as they check you in that you’re not going to breastfeed and do not want to hear about breastfeeding while you’re there

You just have to put your foot down. And say im mama i decide how my babies fed. And fed is best. My daughter has been on formula and breast milk for the first 6 months then just formula till she was 2

I did and hAd no issues

just tell the hospital you are only formula feeding and it’s not up for discussion. they can’t force you to breastfeed

Tell them up front when you go in and be stern

Never had a problem with it. You mark it off on the questionnaire when you enter L&D and that’s that. They stock you up with the premade formula newborn bottles - Which are AMAZING cause all you do is put the nipple on, no mixing! Honestly- the biggest pusher of breastfeeding that I’ve encountered is WIC. They ask questions and make sure that you’re aware of the benefits.

Baby number three due in five weeks & I’ve never breastfed any :tipping_hand_woman: Not my style.

I formula fed my first and will formula feed this one when he gets here. The nurses at the hospital I gave birth at were wonderful and didnt try to force me to breastfeed my doctor on the other hand kept trying to force me to do it but I was stern and told him no. Dont let anyone make you feel like a bad mom for formula feeding. It’s your baby and you know what’s best for you and her/him.

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I do breast milk and formula

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Formula fed both my babies.

My hospital forced formula into my baby. When I told them I was nursing and I had SO MUCH milk. I dont think you’ll have a problem with that. If you do I would file a complaint!!!

My daughter was formula fed from birth on cow and gate and is perfectly healthy. I didn’t get any milk in my breasts until she was five days old. I didn’t plan on breast feeding anyway and I’m glad I didn’t as I loved being able to feed my daughter and I know my husband loved being able to feed our daughter too and it was a pleasure to watch.
Fed is best weather it’s bottle or breast. At least with a bottle you can see how much your baby is actually eating.

The nurses at my hospital asked when I went in and checked it off and that was the end of it. But my son was sent to a children’s hospital at 2 days old and they tried to force it. I had to tell them several times I was not breastfeeding.

They don’t force it… They ask you & respect your choice & will still help you if you change your mind… Every momma was NOT meant to breast feed

Just stick to ur guns and dont allowed urself to be bullied about bf… its ur choice

Maybe you can let them know when you get there that you don’t even want to see a lactation specialist. They may be able to make sure she doesn’t even come to your room.

I don’t think they would. It’s be unprofessional if they tried to force it on you.

With my first I formula fed when I wanted to nurse due to issues latching and I needed guidance. But the lactation specialist was a complete dumbass and didn’t try to help me with anything.

With my second he latched perfectly and the lactation consultants were awesome. They still check up on us and see if I have any questions.

They shouldn’t try to push anything on you

I was scweeked out by breastfeeding until I started doing it. Good luck momma!

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FED is best and that’s that… I did both with both children bc my milk took FOREVER to come in… They just want a fed baby…

What’s best is your baby being fed and a happy mother. Don’t stress it mama :heart:

I tried to breastfeed my first but after two weeks we were both miserable because I wasn’t producing enough. My daughter I couldn’t because I had to go back on my lithium right after birth and it’s toxic through breast milk. The lactation consultant showed up even after we said we were formula feeding and tried to convince me I didn’t need my mental health medication and tried to force me to breastfeed. My husband told her, almost not so nicely, to get out. The rest of the hospital staff were completely supportive.

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Fed is always best! I’m a FTM who’s breastfeeding, just wanted to say, when I was pregnant I cringed at the thought of breast feeding and I was only planning to breastfeed In the hospital then we would formula feed, I fell In love with breastfeeding though so I chose to continue and now my daughter is two months old and EBF . Just be stern and don’t let anybody force you into doing anything you don’t want too. You do what’s best for you and your babe and do things as you see fit. Breastfeeding isn’t for every mom and that’s okay! no body should be shamed. A fed baby is a happy baby!


I formula fed once i was home. I only breastfed at the hospital because of colustrum. It gives thwm antibodies that are good for the baby. But do what you think is best.

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My hospital treated formula like it was satan or something. She made me feel like complete shit. I had them take my girl for an hour in the nursery so I could sleep a tiny bit and the made me sign a waiver saying it was ok to give my child formula :roll_eyes: I called my mother in law (she’s a nurse) in tears she reassured me everything will be fine and to tell that nurse to go fuck herself. Baby needs to eat.

I was taken from my mom at birth and ultimately was formula fed. I’m just fine :crazy_face::joy:

They just asked me if I was formula feeding or breast feeding and left it at that. When I said formula feeding they brought a bunch of the little premade bottles of formula to my room

Formula fed all 3 of mine. Wasn’t until my last that anyone really tried to push breastfeeding. I just told them it’s not my thing and that was that

I never made milk and therefore only could bottle feed. Nurses will respect your decision. Babies need more than milk to thrive. Love, comfort, hugs, and soothing voices are all part of healthy baby. A fed baby is all that is wanted.

They really pushed breast feeding with mine. With my youngest they would not let me have bottles for him even when I was bleeding.

Just tell them when you go in you are formula feeding you don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding and that’s your choice ! End of story

You can tell the nurses that you will not be breastfeeding and that you don’t want to see lactation services. If you don’t want someone in your room, they are kept out.


They push! Every kid I’ve had they have pushed this or that. Just stand your ground or maybe keep an open mind at the very least. My mother snd sister were against breastfeeding. With my first I tried for 3 months and dried up. Second baby breastfed til almost 1. This baby I’m shooting 6 to 8 months maybe. I just don’t want to anymore lol but will for awhile cuz its beneficial for the baby and you honestly.

Have you triedor thought about pumping? Then baby still gets your milk but you dont have to bf


I did with my son just another liquid to feed em

They just asked how I planned on feeding my first born I just bottle feeding they asked if I was going to pump or formula feed I said formula they just ok that’s perfectly fine did the same with my second born said formula feeding again they said that’s perfectly fine and they supported me with both my babies

the nurses I had for my first kept bottle feeding my son I was outraged I feel you stand ur ground you are the mother you don’t have to justify your decision to feed your child how you please everyone hates on formula like its unnatural but in my eyes its unnatural to question someone’s reasoning in regards to the way they choose to feed a hungry child back before formula children who couldn’t feed for what ever reason lost their lives and mothers who couldn’t produce milk had their babies starve feed that baby however you please happy bellies are the goal regardless of what fills them

I formula fed. When we went to the hospital for a tour, I told our intake nurse that we were formula feeding and I did NOT want to be bothered about breast feeding. She put it in our file and we had no problems. Our hospital was a breastfeeding hospital, EVERY nurse was a lactation consultant. Just make it clear, and hopefully you’ll have no problems. Good luck! Fed is best and it’s completely up to you! Don’t let anyone shame you, it’s your body and your choice!

Stand your ground! It’s your choice as a mother and depending on the LC they may be rude and say bs like “breast is best” but there is NOTHING more important than simply feeding your baby. I’ll bet the fact that you cringe at the idea is your body’s way of telling you that you may have difficulties with breastfeeding related PPD. Listen to your body.

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Alot of them could be pushy, in my experience the nurses and consultants were ok, it was groups like WIC that were really pushy and made me feel like I was in the wrong. And i tried to breastfeed, and was unsuccessful.

My milk never came in despite pumping, lactation cookies, lactation teas etc. My daughter was formula fed and happy and healthy. If you choose to bottle feed then hold your ground if someone pushes

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If they try to encourage breastfeeding just smile and say no thank you it’s not for me. You may pack a few bottles and some formula to take with you. I know some hospitals that really encourage breastfeeding don’t keep formula.

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They will try to encourage breast feeding or pumping normally, but if you make it clear you’ve thought it through and won’t tolerate any other options most hospitals will supply you with the formula to last your hospital stay☺️

My hospital didn’t give me any problem with my choice to formula feed. They didn’t send a lactation specialist to talk to me or try to sway my decision in any way. Every hospital is different though.

They will try to get you to breast feed but just tell them no I want to formula feed n keep telling them its just a couple days dealing with them :slight_smile:

I used formula for both kids . Told them I refuse to breastfeed and they didnt bother me after

No. My hospital never pushed with my niece or nephew. The mother said she was going to do formula and left it be.

They kept asking me at the hospital and I just got a little rude told them no I don’t want to drop the shit and they did lol

I formula fed , I didn’t get very clear advise for my midwife or any Heath professional on what I needed to do or bring as I knew I didn’t want to breast feed which is very frustrating as Breastfeeding was constantly pushed my way .
Take some pre-made formula and a few small bottles with you just in case your hospital doesn’t provide them :slightly_smiling_face: x

When I was pregnant with my first I was the same way! I was NOT going to breastfeed. Then when I had her and they wanted me to try it, I was like wellll I guess I’ll try it. It’s not like what you think, and it’s amazing how it does help you and baby bond. I’m now pregnant with my second and still have the same feeling of being uncomfortable about it but I’m going to try it again.


Personally i HATED breastfeeding. Stand your ground and dont let the “breast is best” bullshit make you feel bad. If the nurses want to talk about it ask them to recommend a place to get donor milk (you ovbiously dont have to get it but it will shut them up).

I was struggling with getting my son to latch and it was sooo painful. I asked the nurse if I could use formula and she completely refused. Not all hospitals or even staff are the same and if you already have it written on your birth plan that you choose to formula feed they’ll most likely give it to you.

If you want to benefit from breast milk ask about using a pump, pros for you too, my 1st daughter spent some time in scbu and was too poorly to feed so they recommended i expressed it to help her along, I then tried unsuccessfully to breast feed my 2nd girl (mainly because every time she latched on she fell asleep lol) but decided to pump for around 10 - 12 weeks after they were born and gave a mixture of breast milk then topped up with formula, best of both worlds as they got the goodness of the milk and also helped my body get back in shape too, it does require a bit more planning and work and literally felt like I was milking a cow sometimes but was glad I did it, theres no wrong or right way, you do what’s right and works for you and your baby, congratulations

There is no difference in breast feeding and bottle feeding. Tbh aside from antibodies and a few other things i believe bottle formula fed is best as they get vonstant neutrients because unless you are extremely strict about your diet and know your getting proper vitamins and stuff the baby isnt getting much. So fo what you feel is best. Dont let them bully you. Stand your ground as the babys momma and protect it the way you believe it should be


Nothing is wrong with formula fed is best

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They tried every way in the world with me. If you really can’t or don’t want to be firm. And just so you know they provide formula the entire time the baby is there

The hospital I had my boys at were not pushy at all. But I have heard many woman were pressured. I would just stand your ground and be firm.

Please breast feed for 6 wks you have special stuff in your natural milk to protect your baby, god did his job, now it’s your turn.


Had a really pushy one at my hospital. I told her to stop it. Plus I wasn’t going have someone tell me how to feed my child without an actual medical degree. She was that bad. She kept coming in my room after each shift change. It got so bad the medical director had to remove her.
If you don’t want too, stand up for yourself.

I would put your foot down about using formula, but ask to see a lacation consultant about best ways to dry up your milk. Bcuz its still gonna come in and itll be painful.

I cringed at the thought of it they threw my first baby on n the boob minutes after delivery after a while I came around to it don’t give up on the idea I still cringe at it but the bonding is amazing… I refused the consultant with my 2nd baby and I’m breastfeeding him you have full rights to ur health care and baby’s speak up for urself

They don’t care either way and u won’t even see a lactation specialist if u aren’t breastfeeding

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I think it helps to tell them why you want to formula feed. As a postpartum nurse I would never force a momma but we wonder why? Formula costs money, overfills babies stomach, you have to clean bottles and get up to heat up formula in the middle of the night. Boobs are free, always warm and make the perfect amount of perfect food.


Talk to your dr. about this beforehand. Have you done your labor and delivery walk thru yet? You should be able to get more info here and ask how they normally handle this. Every hospital is different. Good luck Momma

We formula fed both boys. There was zero judgement from the hospital.
And they were born at 2 different hospitals, years apart and in different cities.
Pediatrician didn’t care either as long as they were growing and thriving


I don’t produce much and i know that. But for my 2nd baby they reallly forced. I finally got crazy

No judgment here. I didnt like it either. Personally my hospital did push breast but they didnt make me feel shitty about it. Just kept offering time and time again.

they don’t care, they will even give you free formula while you are there for your baby. they may ask you to try but you don’t have to

The nurses are supposed to support mama in any decision she makes even tho some might try and pressure you. They will still provide formula and make sure the baby is drinking right


I had no intentions of breastfeeding at all. The thought made me uncomfortable. All the way til I gave birth I thought I wouldn’t breastfeed. But as the mother you do have special nutrients at birth for the baby, I did try just for my baby, and I was surprised at how natural and special it seemed. But then I couldn’t produce enough so went to formula. Nothing at all wrong with formula. Baby still gets what he/she needs maybe with alittle extra gas with the formula
Oh and the hospital I went to was not pushy at all, did give the benefits to breastfeeding but that’s about it, I choose to try for the baby but if didn’t I’m sure they would have been fine with that.


Breast milk will always be superior because of the immune boosting compounds and the fact that its specifically formulated for your babies body. That’s the truth but if you dont even want to try I’d recommend atleast getting organic formula, the other ones are riddled with GMOs and things that destroy healthy gut bacteria. Breastfeeding also has been proven to increase IQ…its better for your baby all around long term. Maybe you can try to just remain open minded about it? You might feel differently when your baby is laying on your chest after its born


I have 5 children and never breast fed any. They are all healthy and strong. They each started eating small amounts of table food @ 6 months and whole milk @ 1 yr.

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Just an option, but lots of moms decide to nurse the couple days in the hospital because colostrum is like liquid gold to babies, it has so many health benefits. But obviously your kid your choice :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it depends on the hospital and sometimes the personal belief of your nurses and such. But fed is best so do what you feel comfortable with and don’t let anyone make you feel different.


It’s great! Bottle fed first 2, nursed 3rd. It’s all good. Have fun!

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When I had my second son my first had just turned 11 mo. I was breastfeeding both of them and some bitch nurse tried to tell me to stop breastfeeding my other son cus I supposedly wouldn’t make enough milk haha she was wrong I told that bitch off. I was pumping 20oz of milk every 2 hours with breastfeeding in between. My body made milk while I was. Pregnant which is rare it usually dries up. So I told her dont come in my room and requested a diff nurse.

Breast milk is so amazing for your infant’s gut health and immune system and a million other things. If you’re truly put off by breastfeeding I would at least look into pumping so your baby can still receive the benefits of breast milk without nursing

You can also look into donor milk!


They ask me every time I gave birth if I was breastfeeding or formula and asked if I wanted to see a lactation consultant

They tried to force me with my first child even though I kept saying I want to formula feed from the start.

With my second they didn’t even question it. It’s your choice. Don’t let ANYONE force you into something you don’t want to do/ aren’t comfortable with


Nope they will give u the premade bottles

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My body would not produce much at all even while pumping the most I got was 70mm in a day which is nothing. I had a few nurses give me a very hard time to the point I was bawling my eyes out for being shamed, telling me my nipples were flat etc… it wasn’t till I lost my shit on them at 3 in the morning and demanded they get my baby a bottle to fed him. He went 2 days and all I could give him was 20 drops every three hours. He was starving and it was because they were trying to force me and force milk that I wasn’t producing. I tried my hardest and felt like a piece of shit. But then I had 1 nurse and she told me what do you think we have to give most babies in NICU “formula” and went on to tell me never be ashamed and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for having to formula feed, because a fed baby is a happy baby. I continued to try as I got home but my doctor recommended medication and that’s where I drew the line. I didn’t feel it was right to take medication to have to feed my baby and god knows what it would cause or could cause. My boy is formula fed and he’s growing and developing perfectly, he will be walking soon and will be turning 8 month next Saturday… bottomline don’t let anyone shame you into doing anything. As long as your baby is being fed that’s all that matters!!

I formula fed from birth and had no problems. My children were all happy healthy and extremely great eaters! I never breast fed not once.

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I breastfed my daughter, and the nurses i had still gave me afew bottles of formula. Honestly i think they just worry about baby getting fed. If you have formula or ask for it they will give it. They cant make you try to breastfeed.

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Depends, my first baby the lactation specialist was awful. Just told me how me how we’ll never bond right if I feed formula and didn’t teach me how to hold her or get her to latch or anything… just about “bonding time” and then she hand expressed colostrum and left the room. (I had intended to breastfeed, but was unable to after a month and a half… probably partially because I had no idea what I was doing.)

With my second baby the lactation specialist just wanted him fed.

They will tell you all about the benefits of breast feeding. But they wont force you to. I’m sure they will ask you multiple times if you’re sure you dont want to do it. Colostrum is SUPER important for baby. If you’re able to hand it for the first few days I would. It is extremely important for babies brain and immune system. But after that you can feed them whatever you want. BUT no one is gonna give you any shit whatever you decide. FED IS BEST! :sparkling_heart:

It depends on the hospital.
A lot of hospitals will really push it.

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Try nursing when the time comes … it’s worth a try. I felt the same way at one time in my life but after having my son I live breastfeeding.


I was pressured into it when I had my first 2. It’s not an amazing experience if it’s forced. I’m with you I cringe to think about It. Just stand your ground it is a person choice!

Fed is best! Don’t let anyone tell you any different!
This coming from a mother who breastfed both of her kids, but still used formula for one of them. (Dried up with my son at about 3-4months old, had no choice.) :wink:


I’ve never had issues

Why not pump and bottle feed?


They won’t force you they’ll ask if you want help getting comfortable but then they will have bottles ready