Will a judge allow me to move with my kids?

Consider moving Mom to where you live. Contact an attorney about moving you and your kids to Florida. States are different. The arrangements that were made at the time of divorce would need to be addressed. Do not give up your kids though you may never get them back.

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He sees them twice a month. I’m pretty sure you can arrange to make up for those 48 hours when you get back. Your mother is more important at the moment, try to reason, but let it be known your babies are coming with you and that’s that. If he throws a fit, take it to the court.

I know exactly what you are talking about. Feel free to PM.
I’ve been in your shoes

Why not have your mother move closer to you and get her a nurse there? That way there’s not a big issue.

yes you can be allowed to movve but just bbe prepaired to drive your daughter back twice a month for her visit or be prepaired to pay for her to fly… since youre the one moving its going to bee your responsibility to get your daughhter to hher visitation. hhe doesnt lose his rights just because you want to move…

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Maybe consult with an attorney

Highly doubtful a judge will agree. What you open yourself up to is a judge allowing the father more care of the children so you can see / take care of your mum.

You raised risk issues to the father’s home environment and his counter claim with be risks to the children as you will be in a situation providing more care and attention to your mother than the children. His concern in short will be the childrens needs will be disadvantaged. You can’t claim your mum is going to help; as that condadicts you needing to move to help her.

You making a choice to move, temporary or not, to care for your mother doesn’t mean he loses his time with the kids. That’s ridiculous. You would be irate if he tried to pull the same crap.

You should have thought about him being poop before you slept with him once might be a mistake but 3 times your not a responsible person either you should have made sure that if he was good enough to lay with he was good enough to stay with.

He can be a bad husband/ex and still be a good dad. He seems active in their life and wants to continue to be. I don’t see how it’s fair to remove a father from small children’s lives so that you as an adult can be closer to your mom. I understand that she’s sick and that is unfortunate and I’m sorry, but at this stage in your life…the childrens needs come first. You mentioned that he wants you to give him “my kids”. They are his children as well. You may consider moving your mom to you.

Every state is different however, joint custody means he has a say. You should probably get in touch with an attorney, most likely you will have to allow a judge to make the decision.


Go to court & get a plan so he doesn’t lose time with his kids.

No, It would be up to the kids father to allow the move. I think the only way a judge would allow it is if you had no chance of employment and had to move for financial gain and even then, you would be responsible for airfare for the kids to make designated visitations with their dad. A judge more than likely would tell you to move your mom close to you so you can care for her there.


From a lot of cases I’ve seen even if you are allowed to move (which is a big maybe because the other parent has more rights than your mother/the kids grandparent) you would be solely responsible for paying for them to return for visitation how ever often it is suppose to be. That will include plane tickets or driving for visitations, holidays etc. and then if you miss a visit or visits you could be help in contempt of Court, which could make it easier for him to get custody. Unfortunately although it is a medical emergency it is not your medical emergency and therefore might not be considered a reasonable reason to move the kids away. Just some things to think of.


Depends on the judge. I would consult an attorney if I were you.


I mean, it wouldn’t be unreasonable that you be expected to keep the kids close enough that their father be able to maintain his visitation. Why can’t your mother move in with you?


I say go to court and ask the judge because coming on here isn’t even going to help you. There’s people that will have negative feed back and there’s people that will have positive so my suggestion to you is that just go back to court and talk with your children’s father and work something out that’s the best thing to do best of luck :heart:

I think you will just be responsible for getting them to him or maybe you will have to split the costs. It depends on your state, I guess.

We are only hearing 1 side of the story. Who are we to say he’s unfit! At the end of the day he obviously loves his children as it’s clearly stated that he sees them 2 times a month. I know it’s sad your mothers going blind but who are you to deprive the father of his own children, they aren’t just yours. Some mothers are selfish…kids need both parents & both parents need their children! Move your mother to your house & don’t ruin the small time he has with his children. As for the animals, I’m sure the kids are never put in harms way, don’t find excuses.


I would seek a lawyers advice on this.

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This has nothing to do with childsupport. Childsupport and custody are two different cases and two different court rooms. Non support then family court. Every state has certain laws when it comes to joint custody of the kids. Being this is a slight emergency u can petition the court if there is already a custody case in the fix. Now, if there is a custody case that exists ck with your state law, when I lived in Louisiana the law stated I could only go 75 miles outside of La. I had to send him a certified letter and state it was in the best interest of the children. He had 15 days to argue it out in court if he felt it wasnt in their best interest. You dont need the absent parents permission or the courts permission to move if its in so many miles. Good luck!

Go to court. As long as you can show that the move is also beneficial for the children, most judges will give permission. You might offer to lower child support as a trade. That worked with my ex when I moved out of state. Good luck.

Each state is different, but no matter what, I would hire an attorney to get the best results.


Nope, you need to go to court and ask a judge. If you leave without permission you could have serious issues. We had to do this with my daughter. We could move, but my daughter wanted nothing to do with her mom so we got lucky.

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I’d say they’d let you as long as you are willing to meet him for his 2 visits a month … good luck

Going to be the same answer here. Best interest of the children not the best interest of grandma. :woman_shrugging:


If you have full custody you should have to notify the father but not have to get his permission.he just basically has visitation even though they do word it as joint custody.it would be in your parenting plan if you have to go back to court to be able to move.im in tennessee

I personally had 4children and my judge let me keep mine in Florida and he lived in Kentucky

Can you prove all that in court? Him being unfit? And yes but you may still have to maintain a way for him to see them each month


I had sole custody of mine and had to notify the other parent at least 1 month before moving. He could then petition the court to so the move. With it being joint custody, I would think it would be a lot harder to move out of state.

Seems it would be easier for everyone just to move your mother in with you.


What do your papers say? Mine say I can move wherever I want without permission within 75 miles. Over 75 miles, I have to notify him 60 days before moving and he has 30 days to contest it. Can’t see a judge saying no to you for that though honestly.


It depends on what the court papers say …some fathers have to give cpermission for the children to leave. State.better check .

If he’s fighting it, you’ll probably have to stay put. I would get a lawyer.


Check the child custody paperwork and see if there’s a geographical restrictions. If there is you need to go to court to try to lift it.

My daughter had to get judge and ex. Permission

is your joint 50/50 and he just sees them every other weekend?

You will have to ask him if you can move with the kids if he says no it’s off to court you go.

You sound bitter. He wants to be a part of his kids lives let him be! You didnt make them yourself


You would probably have to ask a judge

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you should be able as he is not fit

You sound like a big piece of poop too :woman_shrugging:t2:. Why not ask a question about a solution for your mother in your current situation? You decided to make it about your ex and say crap about him which nobody cares,Your question sounded more like a bitter ex trying to get back at the ex and win full custody. :woman_facepalming:t2:


YES ITS POSSIBLE, LIVING THIS NOW (different reasoning) I lived in Michigan for 28 years, had 3 kids 2 from a prior relationship and 1 from a marriage. We got divorced and I now live in Tennessee with my son from my marriage while he lives in MI still. My other 2 decided to stay in MI with their father. It goes kind of both ways, if you can prove good reason, better area, school, lifestyle ect and the father being involved he will have to almost agree. But at the end of the day the judge will decide. All I can say is build your case, contact a GREAT lawyer and it’s very possible. Now I am also responsible for half cost/drive of transportation, I visit monthly or more to my other children and lot more added cost but at the end of the day we are all fairly happy and have done this for 4 years.

Don’t be a baby momma terrorist. Those are both of your children so stop saying MY KIDS. He’s paying you child support and that may be why his money is tight. If you NEED to leave the state don’t uproot your children. Go take care of your mother and let him have the kids until you figure out a plan for your mother. In the end your children are most important and I doubt that they want to leave their school, father, and the rest of their family on his side behind. If you really had concerns about him then why do they still go there? A truly concerned parent would have addressed those issues in court. You’re just trying to set the narrative to go along with what you want to do. That’s sad and selfish and a judge will see right through it.


Well if you move to FL they can’t make you move back but having a court order it could get ugly. Your best bet is to move mama in or near you.

Call a bloody lawyer, dont ask people who dont know on facebook these are your babies…

If he sees them when he’s supposed to then you’re probably going to be denied permission to move. If he’s not abusive or into drugs they won’t take away rights. If you’re concerned with their safety around the animals then a judge will make him move out before they will take away rights. Maybe move your mother into your home if you can?

In our state you have to give a minimum 30 day written notice asking to move and he has to agree or the judge would have to agree. What about moving your mother to you? I know it would be a process but if you could move your mother then she wins, you win and your kids win because when you move children you uproot their stability and their friends and their family. Like it or not a father has rights and you agreed to joint custody and if he is actively seeing those children that’s 100% better than most dead beat dads. Good luck.

In Missouri, you have to file a Notice of Relocation after giving dad 30 days notice. There’s certain information in that 30 days notice to dad. I’m sure there’s certain criteria where you live. Talk to a lawyer. Ultimately, it’s up to a judge to decide if it’s in your child’s best interest and if you’re child and your ex can still have a meaningful relationship. If you have a judgment, look and see what it says in there as to relocation.

It would help if the father agrees, otherwise hope for a nice judge that understands

If you have joint custody and he dose see them regularly it might be difficult due to the fact that is is currenly regularly involved, if he wasnt keeping up his end I could maybe see a judge letting you but it will be one hell of a fight and it would also most likly be a lengthy process to get threw.

You may be allowed to move but it would be your responsibility to get them to their father every other weekend plus you may need fathers permission to move


If the custody papers says he gets two weekends a month then no you cannot deviate from that contract, it is binding and you would have to go back to court to alter the agreement and avoid legal issues.

In Oregon with our court case we can’t move more then 60 miles from the other parent unless they agree to it

As long as he’s paying child support regularly, and takes part in your child’s life. Most likely not, I tried to move out of state, and was denied.

I’m sure if you could prove that you have a job lined up there to provide for the kids? I’d ask an atty though

I know a friend of mine got denied to move and had to stay. I doubt they will agree because their father is in their lives and not a deadbeat.

Listen up folks.
Joint Custody rarely if ever, works!!
Quit doing this!
So sorry for your challenge, state laws will dictate.
I know a girl who wanted to take her children out of state, husband refused, finally she gave up and said “okay you, can have them!”
Too funny, he changed his mind in a heartbeat!

I wish my ex lived in a other state but it doesn’t matter cause our kidz r grown but I can dream lol

If you get a decent Judge you might get to go for compassionate reasons; Is the Father up-to-date- and regular on his child support payments? Is there any way you could have your Mother move to your state?

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