Will bad credit ruin my chances of getting a job?

Hello! Not exactly a mom question, but I’m getting my first “real” job soon (for TSA.) I was told that a credit check would be included in the background check. Due to the pandemic and losing my job and obviously trying to raise a family, I’ve been using my credit cards and am behind on payments due to unemployment. Will it affect me getting accepted for the job? I’ve been trying to get a job for years and don’t want something like this affecting it…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Will bad credit ruin my chances of getting a job?

How bad is your credit? I’ve gone through similar checks to work in nuclear, and they’re probably just doing that check to see if you were in a desperate enough position to take a bribe or be motivated to steal… probably more used as an additional determining factor rather than a main one.


I don’t have good credit and i have no problem finding a job. But it might depend on the employer also.


Depends on the type of job. I have horrible credit and I applied at one where they ran a credit check and I never got the job, however most places don’t require a credit check so if this one doesn’t pan out, there’s always something else


Like others have stated depends on the job. It’s possible not to get hire due to low credit scores, I know a lot of people sadly that are well qualified for jobs, aced interviews but never got the jobs simply cause of poor credit scores

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If you Google it, it will tell you what would disqualify you for the job with your credit.


Is no one reading it’s for TSA? Transportation Security Administration? Yes, it will affect employment considerations, but maybe show you had a history of good credit before the pandemic hit, and these are extenuating circumstances and temporary.


For a basic Tsa job or probably won’t effect it too much but depends on how bad it is. Government jobs do generally have good credit requirements though, especially higher level ones that require security clearances

For tsa yes , your credit score matters .

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I worked at Logan Airport after 9/11. They are doing an I-9 background check including a soft credit check. Unless you stole/hurt someone, have a felony, or declared bankruptcy you’re hired. Only you are keeping you from your future. You’ll miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. Best of luck. Kill it girl.


Call the cards and agree on a payment plan that will work for you or defer your payments. If your already so far along that credit cards are in collections, what ever you do, DO NOT PAY THEM IN FULL! Once their in collections they’ll pretty much take anything to settle because some money is better than no money. You can say all your can afford is $25 to settle it and they’ll try to get more but if you say that’s alll they can get or your just can’t pay them they will take it and close the account.

Again this is only if your already in collections. The best thing for your credit is to leave your credit line open and make on time payments. Good luck!

Since when does credit matter for you to be able to have a job?
That’s crazy.
I guess it depends on the job.


Depends on how bad it is. Any company who looks at your credit won’t accept you if you fall below a certain range.
I’d get hold of creditors and work out payments, on writing. You can always try and show them when you interview. Not all companies take them though.

Iv never heard of this so following but my opinion it shouldn’t matter your there to work not rent a place to stay


Having been the person who did those checks for companies, unlikely. They do take recent economic turns in to consideration. What they are looking for is things that show you have like a gambling habit that would make you bribe-able.


I got a credit check for a hospital once. My credit was not great at the time, so you should be fine.

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Bad credit WILL prevent you for working for the government- which tsa is a part of. TSA applications are intense.

No it just shows character and good faith in keepinga job really
I would never not hure someone with bad credit, shit happens but to turn it around proves alot

It can for some jobs

personal experience. in Missouri (2002) and spoke with an attorney to see if it was a valid reason…
Yes. You can be denied employment due to a bad credit rating. Some companies can view you as a liability factor.
It depends on the job, the kind of company, and what you, personally, would be allowed to access.

If your in debt you won’t quit or do anything to jeopardize your job so it may be a plus. A lot of people are trying to climb out of debt right now. For the same reason. So companies hVe to take that unit consideration

I wouldn’t even talk about it. Just apply be happy and professional and deal with what comes. Don’t stress yourself into not getting a job bevaose your in debt that’s why your getting the job. Hugs. You got this

If you’re looking to get a government clearance, bad credit can definitely hinder you from getting a position that needs one.