Will doctor take you off work for diastasis recti?

Any other mamas out there have Diastasis Recti( Abdominal separation)??

Will the doctor take you off work for it? I am almost 32 weeks and my belly hurts so bad! The job I do is pretty physical, lifting, constantly bending over… I know there are some exercises to help strengthen your core, but if you do it wrong it could make it worse. This can also cause you to get a hernia easier.

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I think I have it too & I’m 30wks. I see my OB tomorrow & am gonna ask

I have it with my second and was not off of work because of it. However I do physical therapy twice a week and it has helped so much!

I’m 32 weeks and suffering from this. The only thing I was advised to do is wear a brace to help support my belly and it helps alot. Without it I wouldn’t make it through the day :persevere:

I have it from both my pregnancies. Ive tried to work on it but its hard. Hope you figure something out. I do know avoiding squats after pregnancy. It can damage your pelvic floor and muscles

Natalie Hodson does an awesome program. She is a personal trainor. She does post partum as well as gestational programs.

My daughter does. And from what the dr says unless he goes in and sutures it, it will never go back on its own.