Will I fail my 3 hour glucose?

I failed my one hour glucose test although all I had prior was water, so I have to take the three hour test. How did I fail my one hour test? What are the odds of passing my three hour test?


I had GD. It’s only a few months you have to follow a diabetic diet. If you have it, you should have at least one session with a nutritionist who will work with you and your likes & dislikes, and help you plan for meals and snacks. You eat lots of little meals.

Skip fruit juice and sugary sodas entirely. Eat lots of protein, colorful vegetables. whole grains, and foods with lots of fiber. There are a ton of different teas to try. You will become an avid label reader. Cracklin’ Oat Bran sounds healthy but it has TONS of sugar. Nutri-Grain with Almonds & Raisins sounds like a lot of sugar with dried fruit but it’s actually pretty good for you.

You’re fine once you give birth—my husband had Dove bars ready for me! I learned so much (no or only diluted fruit juice, for example) that I didn’t have GD for my second pregnancy. If you do have GD it does make it more likely you might get diabetes later in life.

I failed both but my coworker only failed the one hour and passed the 3 hour. I figured she would pass bc she didn’t have the same symptoms I had. I would get extremely thirsty after lunch especially if I had French fries or something with lots of carbs or sugar. I was starting to wake up 3 times at night to go to the bathroom and I would get super tired after eating something with lots of carbs and sugar.

They give you too much sugar at once that you don’t normally have then test it then say you failed because you didn’t process it to their standards. I wish I didn’t take it while I was pregnant. It just means they need to do a longer one. I almost passed out and wish I just gave up and pushed myself so that was my experience if anyone cares.

I failed my one hour and passed my three hour with my last pregnancy. In fact, I was told I was reactive hypoglycemic after my three hour. But even if you fail the three hour, it’s not the end of the world. You just have to watch what you eat, limit your carb intake and keep an eye on your blood sugars. I had gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy. If you’re dealing with that, you’ll know. Relentless thirst, like not enough water on the planet could satisfy it, swelling more than usual. Just things like that. But you’ll be fine and it usually goes away after you give birth.

I failed the one hour and passed the three hour. Have some crackers or something you can bring with you. I did just find on the one hour but I felt like I was going to pass out by the end of the three hours. The drink is much sweeter and harder to get down :nauseated_face:

It’s pretty common to pass the 3 hour after failing the 1 hour. They don’t generally ask you to fast for the first one, which can skew the results after you also drink the syrup.

I failed the one hour but not the three hour :blush: if you do fail, and are worried about needing to give up the sweets lol. There are a lot of things that you can still have. Promise.

maybe it’s not you failing your test, maybe it’s your islets of langerhans. Not necessarily something you can fix unless you remain consistently under your allowable carbs per day, and even if you do, you may still fail the test.

I failed both 1 hour passed both 3 hour. Both 3 hours made me very sick though. I almost didn’t make it till the end.

I failed the first so bad they didn’t make me take the 3 hour I was on insulin by the end of the day :sweat_smile:

I failed my 1 hour but passed with flying colors my 3 hour one

I have 2 kids and failed my 1 hour both times and passed the 3 hr both times.

I failed the 1 hr and passed the 3 hr both of my pregnancy’s

50/50 chance. I failed my 1 but passed my 3

Why did u drink the dr say no eating or drinking

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I failed both my one hour but passed my three hour. I wouldn’t

I failed all 3 of my one hours and passed all of the 3 hour tests.