Will my son ever adjust to being away from me?

I’m feeling a little defeated right now. I just put my son back in daycare and this time it’s an in home with a really really sweet lady that has a great set up. When I drop him off he has an absolute melt down and won’t let go of my clothes, obviously it makes me so sad. He’s two, and he’s always so happy. Today his teacher told me he doesn’t calm down for quite awhile after I leave. He’s not napping for her, and if she doesn’t stay right with him he starts crying. I only pay her $325 a month… the going rate for daycare around here is $750-950 so I know this is a steal. He’s been here now for two weeks and he hasn’t gotten any better at drop off. Part of me just wants to pull him out and figure something else out because I feel that I’m not paying her enough to have to deal with my child crying all day and not napping, and the other part of me feels sad that my son isn’t happy while I’m working. Do you guys think he’ll adjust?


Two weeks isn’t that long. I’ve give it another two for him to adjust to a schedule. 2 is a hard age ( They can’t express their emotions well) maybe try one of his favorite toys at home and see if he can bring it to daycare? Good luck I would definitely give him more time to adjust.

How old is your son? I’m a daycare owner and it’s normal especially if he’s never been in daycare before

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I’d give him a couple more weeks. It’s a huge transition and 2 is a really clingy age. Personally I’d offer her a little more money.

Make him a build a bear with your voice saying “mommy loves you”, “I’ll be back”, “I hope you’re having fun today” etc. You can make more than 1 button. Dress it to resemble you & put cotton balls saturated in your perfume inside it. That’s his special daycare bear. He gets it when you drop him off & leaves it when you pick him up. It’ll help him cope.

Read “kissing hand”. Best children’s book ever! Kiss his hand every morning when you take him.

Let him carry a pic of you or something that smells like you (a stuffed toy) i watch my great grandson he cries after his momma. A picture usually works pretty good

Separation anxiety is brutal. It’s normal tho. It even comes back at age 4.

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Take him home and love him… they don’t stay little very long…

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He will adjust. 2 is one of the big separation anxiety stages/ages, but he will adjust. Unless she says she can’t handle it or you need to pay more be patient and give it time. Pulling him now won’t do him (or you) any real favors and will likely make his clingy dependency worse.

He will be fine. You just gotta put them down with a hug and kiss and walk away. It’s gonna break your heart every time but if he’s happy when you get there to pick him up then i wouldn’t worry. I also wouldn’t offer more money. If she asks for more I’d pay more but I wouldn’t offer. It’s typical behavior for a kid that age and it’ll get better. She should be use to this stage anyways. I can’t imagine paying more because the kid cries