Will my sons cough go away?

So my son, who is almost 9 months old, was sick back when he was almost 6 months old. Ever since then he has had a cough. Has anyone else been through this? Do they grow out of the cough eventually?! I feel so bad for my little guy but he’s always happy!! Picture of my happy guy!


Have you gotten humidifier for him? And also a tea spoon of raw honey each day is amazing for coughing. Good luck mama


Use a cool mist in his room it helps. Don’t humidifier because it puts out a warm mist and will make him cough more. Ask any doctor they will tell you that it’s easier to breathe in cool air and to use a cool mist you can get one at Walmart.

is he on antibiotics? helped so much when my baby was sick. next day was much better

I had Covid in the middle of august, I still have a cough. Some days are better then others, but I can’t shake it

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Maybe he has allergies. Had he been to a dr

Umm…why haven’t you taken him to the dr?? No a three month cough isn’t normal at all. They don’t “grow out of a cough”

I sometimes wonder why parents ask stupid questions (even though no question is stupid, yes sometimes they are)…if your on 3 months of a cough. TAKE YOUR KID TO A DOCTOR. Don’t ask some Facebook group. Holy shit, this generation is doomed :expressionless:

Take babe to the doctor, a 3 month cough isnt normal and should be checked out.

Try Zarbees cough syrup for infants

You don’t “grow out of a cough.”. See a doctor ffs.