Will the internet company help me change my password?

I have a teen stepson that changed the wifi password to one of our networks. Earlier he’s sister asked for that wifi password to finish an exam, and he didn’t give it to her. If I call my internet company, can they change that password and maybe lock it so that he won’t be able to change it again?


It’s not that hard to change it yourself but yes they can if you’re on the account . But he didn’t call them trust me lol

Reset your box there should be a button u hold on the back of the modem… call your provider and tell tell them u accidentally reset cause u didn’t know what u we’re doing.

They will show u how to log into your modem and change it online. U need your IP address.

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Find out the IP address for your router… You can log in and change it yourself then change the password to access your it… If you don’t he’ll always be able to change it… You can call them but you can Google how to change it for your provider… I’m sure that’s what he did…

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Once you have it changed back don’t give him the password


Simple, don’t give him the password anymore. Can’t change it when he’s a minor, not on the contract, and doesn’t know it!


somebody needs to be grounded and no wifi for a month.


He wouldn’t be sleeping inside until he gave up the new password.


1 why not just call your provider and ask? 2 the son needs to be grounded and no WiFi


As the adult of the house, get him to give YOU the password, and then give it to the daughter… And then take his devices as punishment


Take away all his electronics until he gives you the password. But yes you can call your provider and ask them about how to change it back .


Sounds like his dad needs to have a talk with him. Once the password is changed I definitely wouldn’t give it to him. Internet is a privilege as a child not a right. He needs to be respectful to you and his sister.


If your with xfinity just ask your tv what the password is

How bout when you fix the situation HE doesn’t get the password for acting like a self entitled superior BRAT!! I have 6 grown kids and if any one of them tried this Bullshit I’d have their ass!:rage:Lort people, not sure if y’all know this or not but YOU’RE THE PARENT!!! If you don’t teach them respect at home how do you think they’ll turn out???..oh wait, turn on your TV #SpoilerAlert

Don’t let him get on account to change it


If you have xfinity it shows you right on the app what the password is

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I have Xfinity and I can just ask my TV remote what the Wi-Fi password is and it tells me

Depending on the service provider, they can lock certain devices from using the WiFi. Like if you give them the serial number to his phone, he can’t use the WiFi at all. I worked for an internet service provider and a lot of people used that feature when they grounded their kids.

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Unplug the internet. He’ll give up the password

If you’re paying for it you can fix it

I would not give him the new password tho

Take all the boxes cut it all off he is the child an needs to respect boundaries mine did this an i pulled it all mine set it up for his high gaming used it all up that fine i pulled it all out locked it up he had none

They should be able to change it back to factory reset which should be on a sticker on the modem/router. Then change it and dont give it to your son.

Try and call them to see. I have access to my modem and I now know how to change my password and lock out certain devices lol. I like the unplugging of the internet until he gives you the password idea and tell him not to do it again or you will change it yourself and not give it to him.

You don’t even need to get them involved its simple. Go to him and take ALL of his electronics and inform him he is grounded for 2 days for every minute you wait on that password. Then you change the password and have his entitled butt earn it everyday once he’s ungrounded.


You people kill me. Who’s the fing parent. No wonder they grow up and tear down our cities. All of you parents that are against spanking listen up. My kids are 42 and 40. They are both productive members of society. They each got 1 maybe two spankings (not beatings) in their lives! Trust me, spank them one time and they figure out pretty damn quick they don’t want that.

Change it back and don’t give it to him, I would take away all electronics and only let him use the computer for school under your supervision.

Oh boy, be a parent.


Take away his internet privilege.


I’m sorry do you pay for the internet or does the child? Change it back and don’t give the child the password. Simple.

After getting help…block him :no_good_woman:t5:

If the service is in your name they should be able to no problem.

When you get it changed, don’t give it to him

Your internet provider can put a lock on the ability to change passwords. Parental controls. Give them a call. You can actually do it yourself, but sometimes its just easier to call.

Yes, and don’t give him access to it anymore.


Some company’s will help you but if you have your own router then you would need to enter the up address,simple hit the reset button in the back goes back to new

How did he change it? You should be able to change it the same way he did?

O my yea they will help you that happened at my moms one time actually she forgot the password but with frontier it took a few days and they had to come to her house crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: