With COVID happening, who did you let around your baby when they were born?

I’m due to have my baby in 6 weeks and am just wondering what other moms have decided to do to take precaution about covid19/coronavirus. I’m not sure how long I should wait to let others that don’t live in my home hold the baby… such as grandparents and other family. Just looking for advice and opinions


I honestly would probably be a huge pain in the ass and require that anyone who wanted to visit to either quarantine for 2 weeks or get the COVID test or antibody test. But I’m the mom who wouldn’t let people around my babies unless they got the whooping cough vaccine or were already up to date on it.

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I’m following because I’m due August 4th and I have the same questions!

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Infants and children have a statistically higher chance of being struck by lightning than dying of Covid. I work in a daycare center in the infant room and we have not closed at all through any of this and have had zero cases in my room of 8 infants. Let your family enjoy your baby.


I have a 11 week old… We not long moved house/ town so we live away from most family now. But we went down an visited them a few times.
we were very cautious with those washing their hands before holding him. No one touch his face. Even had just my mum hold at my mums an those just seen him rather then touch him…
One of my sisters were sick so we didn’t go to her house (So stayed away from those were sick)

Another thing is - going to shops really paid attention to those that coughed or looked sick an walked away from them. Made sure he was covered with the hood of pram just to stop randoms coming up wanting to look at him (didn’t want people breathing all over him)
Also… touching things while I was out made sure I kept sanitizer if my hands especially before picking him up.

I waited til he had his first lot of needles to start going out more (8 weeks) Cos I just felt before that age u should be cautious of a lot an not just corona

So we basically allowed our parents, an siblings.

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I’m due in a couple weeks, my SO and I decided just close family. They must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. No kissing on baby, possibly going to ask them to wear a mask. And if someone is sick it’s a no-go.

my kods are 13 10 9 and they still are only around immediate family and their closest friends. its very very small circle. i would keep it to immediate family and not all at once

Close Family and close friends

So if you’re going to be within 6 feet of someone for over 15 minutes, wear a mask. The longer you’re around someone the higher your statistical chances are of being exposed. That being said, my friend is exercising caution by not letting anyone around her 1 month old still other than the people in her home

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My daughter just had my first grandbaby 2 weeks ago she let siblings/ grandparents all have to wash hands and wear face mask when actually holding her…

My friend had a baby in late May and she was told no one but mom and dad for 6 weeks. Than continue to limit to family and close friends only.

No one. My son was born right as everything kicked off and he hasn’t met anyone that doesn’t live on my property.


No one. Just immediate family.

We are due in Sept and we have decided that if people truly love us and want what’s best for our family they will understand that we are no allowing visitors.

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No one, except immediate family.

I just had a baby in May. We went out when she was 4 days old, I wrapped her in a moby wrap on me. We have carried on normal lives just like we did with our first. We have been out and about, been around people and family. We have always said to wash hands, but that’s just a give me with infants. But you do what you feel is right for your baby.

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My niece was born 3/21. We just met her.

I’m due in 8 weeks. We will be requiring masks and hands washed by all, no sick individuals as of right now, but if COVID continues to surge again, that may change.

Anyone that sees the baby should wash their hands a wear a mask (obviously the mask is for people outside the home). This isn’t a time to be lenient. I made sure my close family were up to date on shots, and if they didn’t agree to that, they couldn’t see the baby till she had her first set of shots. They chose to get shots. Any family member that wants to see your baby will agree to whatever guidelines you set. I made sure anytime someone held my baby they washed their hands and did not kiss her hands or around her mouth. You can still cuddle a baby perfectly fine without kissing on them. Some think I was strict but hey, my baby didn’t get sick and I’m ok with the rules I set. This was before covid. I would’ve made them wear a mask if I had my baby during this pandemic.

I would suggest immediate family only and only after you know washing their hands! (Although I made sure people washed their hands before holding my littles before COVID-19) but definitely ensure that they do that and no one else besides immediate family until they are at least 8 weeks old(other than the pediatrician)


I had the honor of being there when my first grandchild was born in May. When we got home, no one was allowed to visit for the first week and after that it was immediate family and a few really close friends. Upon entering I took their temp, gave them a mask and pointed them to a sink to scrub in and then sanitize! I’m very protective, but if they wanted to meet our new addition they had to comply with Grandma’s demand!!


I’m due in 8 weeks, and I’m going to only let people come see him in small amounts, and they HAVE to wash hands up to elbows just like the hospital makes people, and then I’m going to have them put sanitizer on too. And they will need to wear a mask as well.


I allowed my grandmother and grandfather, we had our son in March, but the reason for my grandparents is because she is doing chemo, so they have kept theirselves isolated

Im a grandparent and i would have died if i hadnt have got to hold my grandaughter which is a week old but a month before she was borned i let know one but them come over and i didnt leave my home so when the baby got out they brought her stright to nanny i wash my hands really good and i kissed her foot and i didnt get to close up in the face but that was my own choice but im extremely close to my children and there spouse


When we first had our baby in March I didn’t let no one come visit him until he was two months and that it was only his grandparents but now that it’s getting worse we went back to nobody coming to the house


My personal advise wait as much as possible. I am sure your family will understand that the baby’s health take priority over everything else. Good luck and be safe.


Unless you are self quarantining during pregnancy, I would say it’s safe for people who have been around you during pregnancy would be safe.

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My sister in law has let us see the baby but no holding bad of course social distancing but we don’t go in their house we meet out for a little while.

Your baby won’t have its own immune system for a bit. Talk to the pediatrician that way you get a medical opinion to back up what the plan is.

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Too risky. I’d create a Facebook group with family and friends and upload pictures and videos but babies have no immune systems when born and need to be protected by any means necessary.

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Mine was born just before lockdown so managed to get grandoarents & my sister in to meet him at 2 days old…but I’ve not allowed anyone near him (or anyone else in my family) for 6 months. Grandparents were over for a social distanced visit in the garden last week though & we’re making arrangements to get them over again soon but continuing to keep them at a distance.

My baby is 7 weeks old and no one has held her other than our immediate household (me, her dad, her sister)


Maybe ask everyone to wear a mask to protect the baby

Right now I wouldn’t let anyone around the baby. I know it is hard for family but they should understand

I would absolutely wait. They should understand. There’s always FaceTime!

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Long, long time. Keep your distance and the baby’s too!

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Just had my baby a week.ago.its only been my husband and me

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I would not take the risk.

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I wouldnt take a risk. Should be you and whomever lives in the home

dad, and any older siblings.

Absolutely noone but me and his dad and I asked for nurses to only touch him if necessary…I even got discharged at 36 hours because I didnt want to risk it… His grandma only sees him through messenger( she works with the public)… He’s only been out for dotors appt and fresh air in the back yard… He was born March 25,2020

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I was very picky about who held my son. Even before this virus…I had them wash there hands use hand sanitizer,they weren’t even allowed to kiss him on his close only. You know the baby hat,his gloves the blanket. His dad would come home from work and clean up before he was allowed to hold him… so I don’t know but I would be very picky… Send them pics…

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The only people that saw my girl were her papa because I don’t drive and had to birth my baby a hour away cause my hospital shut down, and doctor appts but the only times we had to be. Shes just starting meeting family a little ago, the only reason I gave in is because my town has still never had a positive case&everything’s opening, we all quarantined before and I went back to no one seeing her for 2 weeks after initial to make sure she didn’t get sick. Everyone must clean hands and we put her blanket as a barrier, don’t breath directly on her& she won’t really let anyone touch her other than me and her dad anyways because she got used to just us and that’s all she really knows. Shes just over 3 months old but only sees direct family really& cautiously

I let my family come see my newest baby that was born in March. I wouldn’t keep my mom away unless she was sick.

My daughter is 8 weeks and we don’t allow literally anyone around. My parents come see her in the driveway once a week from a distance and wearing masks… But we live in one of the highest rising area with cases. Not taking any chances I don’t care what anyone says. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m currently in the hospital now with my husband and my newborn daughter. My parents are in town and they have self quarantined before coming here. They’re both retired medical so they know what they’re doing and are sanitary. That’s about the only 3 people allowed to be near my daughter. Not to mention John and I were tested before my surgery.

Im from oklahoma and we had our new one in May, it was strictly household for 2 weeks, then we reached out to grand parent and uncle. The slowly went to the other side of family. He has not been in public and it was strictly with mask and hand washing that they got to come into contact. Not just for baby’s health but mine as well, as you don’t want to put yourself at risk during recovery.

Only his dad and siblings. It took little over 8 weeks before I brought my son around my parents. He’s now 3 months.

I just had my son last week. We are in Indiana, and cases here have been decreasing from what I understand (I haven’t fact checked, just heard from others). We let immediate family (our parents and siblings) visit, but only in groups of 3 or less and made everyone wash hands, sanitize, and wear masks before holding him. And only if they have had no symptoms and have not been around others who have had symptoms or tested positive.

My inlaws live in Florida and are planning to come up this upcoming week, but had symptoms and have been in direct contact with people who tested positive. We told them they had to be tested and if they were positive then it would be a no go for now. Sucks because it’s their first grandchild, but it is what it is.

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I have my first grandchild due Sept 1st …been waiting forever to be a grammie. We live in a small town but the hospital is only letting dads in …which I understand but really had always thought I’d be in the waiting room . We have only had 5 cases where they live and none even ended up in the hospital but I do work in healthcare and so does the mom . For me I’m waiting to see what else happens in the meantime .as much as I wanna be there the minute I can I will not go near her if there is any chance om her getting sick. Also not just covid19 you have yo worry about other sickness and diseases from people and kids who have not been immunized

My daughter kept her at home most of the time always made sure everyone which was just her husband herself and grandmom wash their hands! Then when she started taking her food shopping she kept the stroller covered up and got what she needed and was done! Best wishes to you!!

Nobody came for her first month of being home. After that, only grandmaws from both sides were allowed

Please don’t think that you owe it to anyone to be around your baby who doesn’t live in your home.

I didn’t have my daughter during Covid and I still didn’t let anyone see her for 2 months!

C-section happening on the 24th here and I’m wondering the same thing!

We don’t let anyone in the house don’t live there. And it’s staying that way until this virus is over.

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I know it might be a total inconvenience, but if they wish to see the baby they need to be tested first just for a peace of mind. And it really wouldn’t be an inconvenience to them if they really want to see yall. I’m sure it sounds a bit absurd but it’s for the health and safety of your precious cargo. Good luck mama with your new arrival. Enjoy your time with baby they only stay little for a short time.

Florida here with April baby. He is now 2 months old and we are just now allowing grandma and grandpa and a few aunts and uncles over. Strict masks on the whole time and hand washing and hand sanitizer

Any one i did with my others with out this bs virus.

Here is some good recommendations from the Mayo Clinic

Newborn during Covid-19

My daughter in law and son had twins in March. The only people who have been around the baby are immediate family. And since I work in a high risk job we waited till mid June to go visit. Washed hands before holding babies and no kissing them.
Use your mommy instincts
If the people don’t wear masks out and are exposed to a lot of people I would say wait.


My cousins son just turned 12 weeks and just met his great grandparents for the first time only after they were tested negative for the virus. She hasn’t let anyone else see him that hasnt been quarantined and tested.

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Just immediate family for me. Bubs 5 weeks, so waiting until at least vaccinations to venture much more.

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Its gonna he hard to tell who has allergies sinus issues a cold covid or flu a really bad headache can cause puking … all i can say is be safe but they habe to build an immune system eventually… and ni one can say i wont catch or spread covid honestlyand keep it.

I’m having my babe in 24 days.
We bought disposable masks for the close family that we will be letting see her. They must wash when they arrive too. We are a high risk home as it is being my husband has a heart condition.

I’m also having a c section so I’ll most likely have people wait til I’m comfortable with myself before coming to see baby. (Minus grandma who’s watching our 6 year old and will be here when we get home)

I had a baby May 2nd I’ve let close family and friends hold her. Cautious about washing hands etc before holding her. She’s been fine. Obviously no one that is sick. My doctor approved visits actually to close family and friends just said make sure they wash their hands prior to holding and if possible, outdoor visits are best.

Don’t let anyone hold your baby until you are comfortable with the risks. At the end of the day, you will be the one in the hospital with your baby if he gets sick. So, you decide if whomever holding your child is worth the risk of a sick baby.

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I was nervous with my baby when this all started he was 2 months I can’t imagine the anxiety with a newborn newborn but kids are made to adapt just take precautions just like you always would. Let their immune system build up over time it will youll notice around 18 months when there all over other kids ect they start getting sick i flip out the dr goes mom is a common cold come down theyll get sick a hand full of times a year. Still always worried n now this whole covid its nerve racking but there here to live life just be smart about it.

I delivered on June 13th.
Ive only let my sisters, my parents, in-laws, and my 1 best friend meet her. All other visitors can wait, or look at my social media for pics and updates!

My niece was born recently and none of us have visited her. We would all feel awful if we gave it to them. But you have to do what’s best for your family and what you’re comfortable with

I’m due in 10 days, no outside visitors for us. Luckily we live with my mother in law so see will see the baby but hand washing for sure each time.

My SIL is pregnant now. She’s got some time left, but covid isn’t going anywhere. So I’m sure we’ll all be in the same boat in a couple months. That being said, we’re a huge tight knit family. My nieces on my wife’s side are no different than my own sisters kids, we love them like their our own. Now we do pass the entire families kids around and just generally everyone helps raise them so it’s prly a lil diff. But she will let the entire immediate family who wants to be around the baby, be around the baby. She is one of 5 (my wife included) and all the siblings are married with kids. None of the kids have bn out in public since school closed in April. So they’re all baby crazy and will hold the baby too. The adults will all be just as interested as the kids but a lot of us are working so we’ve discussed hand sanitizing (duh :joy:) and maybe even masks, depending on her comfort level. I feel like I also need to say, the #s are super low in our county. We’re in Indiana and the overall #s prly aren’t great but our county is doing well, and I think that has an impact on her decision. Also the family is great and I love them so much but they’re also quite overbearing and she prly realizes she needs to pick her battles. I’ve seen them all back down on shit I would NEVER back down on after pressure from their mom/other siblings so idk. I know it’s a terrifying time and everyone is gna handle it different but we’re a huge, close family and we didn’t even stop seeing the elderly, there’s no way they’re all gna stay away from a new baby

Immediate family only

I personally wouldn’t let anyone see the baby because of this… but the choice is yours to make

My daughter is almost 3 months old. At first we have only had immediate family (3 year old son, my parents, & our brothers) around her. She just got her first round of vaccines then we started letting others see her (cousins, aunts and friends) we just make sure they aren’t sick and have washed hands. She even had her first trip to Wal-Mart.

Everyone is diff. . I’m already gonna have a bunch of family/ friends here while I deliver… (My sister, sister in law, mother in law, one of my friends to take pics… All my kids and prob another friend if she can make it in time ext ext… )
So he will instantly be exposed to a bunch of people as is…

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If your scared just have ur immediate family come visit. Tell them to take their shoes off when they come over and wash hands with antibacterial soap and if ur really edgy have them wear a mask. But hand washing really good and no kissing the baby will be okay if no one is sick. When I had my daughter at the end of February a week later I had all my family visit and she is fine. But I had everyone wash their hands and no one came if they were sick

Nobody really. I had him in April and we still have alot of family and friends who haven’t met him. If they have its been from over 6ft away

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We had ZERO visitors for at least six weeks when my son was born June of 2019…no covid then. I just wanted to enjoy my family… learn how to me a mom of my new baby and my bonus boys! Soak up the time we got to be just a family of 5 and truly enjoyed not having to share him! My husband has paternity leave and I want it to be family time! I’m different than most. But I will do it the same way when I have my baby in December!

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No one besides her grandma and grandpa and her dad and me, everyone else had to wait till 1st shot

May baby was born march 26 of this year. Now she about three months. And hubby came home from work about three days ago. When covid symptoms when he was being tested the nurse has not seen or hurd of very many babies catching it

No one. :man_shrugging: My son was a preemie and trust me you don’t want to see your baby sick specially so early. People can wait. You can always do calls and many many pictures.

My baby will be 6 weeks in a few days and only her aunt had seen her because she has many health problems and is isolated and she didn’t hold her and it was by distance. She also had a mask on. Our pediatrician has advised 3 months. She gets her shots in a couple days. After the three months, it will be very few people and they will get their temperature taken, masks on and will have to scrub. We are also thinking about asking anyone to get tested that wants to come and see her.

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I know, a young lady, who just gave birth 7-weeks ago. Her and her baby are fine and they have a lot of visitors at home. She just expects us all to use Common Sense…therefore, if anyone is sick - we just don’t go.

Let no one, harsh but if your baby gets sick, you will not be allowed in the hospital. A new born passed away in my County about 2 weeks ago due to Covid. It’s not worth risking your baby’s life. Do a live stream invitation & whom ever wants to see your baby will make the time to go live to meet him/her.

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When my grandson was born on April 4th our entire family stayed away. We zoomed so we all could see him and make my son and daughter in law feel special and not alone. No one held him until he was 1 month old. Each at a different day and time.

NOBODY !!! This shouldn’t even be a question. They can FT you and the baby. Parent up!!!

Sorry, but I’d say no one. It’s to risky. You don’t know who they’ve been around.

I’m gunna be having my baby in about 4 weeks and both my husband and I agreed that we’re gunna wait at least 2 months after she’s born and after she gets her shots and even then we’re gunna be asking family members to quarantine themselves 2 weeks before they come up to visit. Also that the family members be up to date with their shots.


Baby’s life is the most important thing. On this crazy situation is better only the people who live with the baby to hold baby. Every one else should stay on their house for at least 6 weeks. It is dangerous for the mother too for 6 weeks . Sent them pictures of baby often and that’s enough . If they love you and your baby they should stay away unless you need someone’s help and that should be only one