Wives tales for predicting gender?

Any momma’s have any old wives tales for predicting gender?


For me my son gave me every midwife tale lol. hardly any morning sickness, mood swings werent that bad, i craved only salty food

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I googled the Chinese gender prediction chart an it’s been right with myself an all my friends

The ring and hair trick worked for me. Never changes the results and always right. Check YouTube for it. I have 3 kids and it was right every time I do it!

If carrying high like a basketball it’s suppose to be girl. Lower and sideways like a football it’s suppose to be boy

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Carry high its a girl carry low its a boy (is what i was always told)
Or put baking soda in a cup pee in it and if it fizzes its a girl if not its a boy

I did the one where you tie a ring on a string and hold it over your belly and if it swings back and forth it’s a boy, if it starts going around in a circle it’s a girl! And it was correct! I had a boy :blue_heart:

If the baby sits higher it’s a boy and if it’s a girl they sit low.

The swinging pendant worked for both my girls. Use a strand of your hair and a charm or ring that means a lot to you