Worried about infections after a miscarriage: Advice?

Me and my oh had unprotected sex four days after the miscarriage. I didn’t get any aftercare after it was confirmed by the doc. It was five weeks. We are grieving, and it just kind of happened… Most of the bleeding had gone back to spotting before sex but started again afterward. No one warned me about infection, but I’m now terrified as I’ve been told about infections from a friend. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I feel awful, so please don’t judge, people grieve differently. We don’t plan on doing it again until a few weeks as we’re now worried.


Let’s ask the facebook scientists before we talk to a doctor.


I got pregnant 2 weeks after my 8 week miscarriage( 6th miscarriage and about to give birth with my next csection in 7 days … If you have an infection or worry about one go to the hospital or a dr better safe then sorry …

Is this for real?? You really should be seeing a doctor not asking Facebook.


See a doctor, you cant keep being cheap with your health. If you used a condom I doubt this would even be a worry at this point


You need to go get rechecked. It isn’t the smartest thing to just go unchecked. Sepsis kills and can come on very quickly. I’m not sure what kind of crap your friend is going on about infection. I’ve had two losses. Both times it was recommended not to be sexually active till all the bleeding stopped to prevent damage and because your body is more susceptible to STDs and whatnot. But the only way you’re going to get an infection is if your partner has other partners and/or you both don’t practice good hygiene. So if you’re concerned then something is definitely wrong with the choices you’re making. You’re not just going to get an infection from the act itself. Also kind of concerning you’re bleeding after the bleeding had slowed. I would definitely go back in. Better to have a bill than to be dead.


Are you having signs of infection? Pain, temp? Or is it your thoughts that are the problem.
If you have signs of an infection, put your device down and go see a doctor.
If its just your thoughts and fears, still put the device down and go for a walk, relax, and pamper yourself. You are doing fine.
Sorry for your loss :pensive:


I would definitely go see my doc if I were you.

If you feel fine just go about your life.
Before FB we knew nothing about all of this stuff and nobody I knew died.

Its baffling how ignorant some of you can be she had a miscarriage take off your Facebook armor and have a fucking heart shes worried about herself, hell when I was pregnant and thought my water had broken the first thing I did was ask the mom Facebook group I was in because healthcare is expensive and a unnecessary trip sometimes isnt in the bill so like a rational person asking people who have experienced the same things can settle the nerves and answer some questions

You should see a doctor. Also, you can’t control what others think but you can stop telling fb all of your business…ijs​:woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5:


I work at a gynecologist office. I would make a follow-up appointment with them to make sure all is well. So very sorry for your loss :pray:


How ugly you guys are. She just asking for some advice I’m sure she’ll go to the Dr shame on you hater


One: I am DEEPLY sorry for your loss, miscarriages are never easy… EVER. Two: I’m glad you found comfort in each other to find some human touch, it’s so important when you’re feeling pain. Thirdly: I’ve never heard of an infection post miscarriage but I’m no gynecologist. despite how insensitive some of these comments are… they do have some truth to it. Seek medical advice and please reach out if any therapy for your emotions are needed. Again- my heart goes out to you. I was told at my first ultrasound my baby was going to die, I had weeks of emotional heartbreak waiting for him to pass. These things are NEVER easy.

I did it sooner than four days and didn’t get an infection. Unless you have symptoms, I wouldn’t worry about it.


First off why wouldn’t you get aftercare? Your reproductive health is important and sometimes requires extra care. Secondly, I’m no dr but it very well could be your cervix was manipulated causing bleeding again however it’s best to make an appt with your OBGYN


I thought, as women, we are supposed to be supportive of our sisters. Alot of these are real asshole comments. We all do things that aren’t the wisest if choices at the time. This young lady just lost a baby and ya"ll who are judging and being witches should be ashamed of yourself. When I had sex before recommended, I was seeking closeness and comfort not sex. I was devastated I needed in that moment, to feel validated and not blamed for losing our baby. Ya"ll are some mean, judgemental people. Hope you never make an unwise decision and seek advice afterwards.


Keep an eye on your temp, bleeding, and any changes in your vaginal discharge. If you start having bad abdominal pain (aside from the normal miscarriage cramps), a temp that’s above 99, and a change in the smell and color of your discharge/bleeding, definitely be seen. I had endometritis that turned into sepsis after giving birth to my 2nd child and it’s nothing to play around with. The abdominal pain was unbearable, I had chills, a temp of almost 104, and felt like I was close to death. It’s highly recommended to not have sex after birth, a d&c, or miscarriage. However, that doesn’t mean that you will for sure get an infection. Just keep a close eye on things for the next week or two!!

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Excuse my language, I got very upset at some of the comments

You should have after care. Bloodwork will confirm if your body took care of it. If your blood work comes back with the pregnancy hormone still above a specific level you would need a DNC.
Sorry for your loss. My angel a baby would be 4 yrs old

Wow a lot of you women absolutely disgust me. Hiding behind computer and phone screens being evil to someone who is clearly grieving and very obviously messed up over the fact she lost a child. I didn’t know you bobble headed evil c u n t s , were so perfect? Like you never made a mistake you’re absolutely perfect? A lot of you didn’t get shown enough love growing up and it shows 110%. Disgusting evil t r a s h , females.


Call your doctor an ask when sex is unlikely to cause infection.

As a certify FB Doctor you be alright recommend you to make an appt to your real doctor.

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Talk to an ob gyne doc

Journeys of a ‘woman’? Instead some of y’all are making this journeys of a troll. Those of you just there to insult or demean a fellow woman asking for some simple advice after a loss and afraid to be judged…please don’t even categorize yourself in the human race let alone a woman.
As for whoever is manning the group, why are these useless knuckle draggers even allowed to continue to post after they have obviously shown no compassion and have just shown how completely moronic they are?
Those that have posted idiotic comments and you know who you are, you will probably post on this comment, go show someone love, empathy and compassion…I’m sure noone in your life has ever experienced that from you.


Sorry for your loss but just see a doctor to be sure everything is ok.

Wouldn’t hurt to go to the doctor and get an antibiotic if needed. I doubt if you would need it though. From working in women’s health many years and having had a miscarriage myself I think that at 5 weeks you were probably okay anyway. I won’t get too graphic but at 5 weeks your system wouldn’t have too much trouble evacuating everything without medical help.

I’m so sorry for your loss :cry:

Go visit your doctor. You deserve aftercare and peace of mind. I’m so sorry for your loss. Don’t ever think badly of yourself for needing comfort and love. Don’t listen to the nasty comments on here. Hugs to you :purple_heart:

I will be praying for you and your family I hope you are okay

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And don’t let these people bring you down some of them are saying some mean things but you’re better than that and God will protect you

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Best way to know is to see your doctor to rule it out and if you do to get on it early! To make sure, use a condom in future till you are in the safe zone. Prayers for your loss and you will be blessed when the time is right, keep positive.

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Sorry for your loss. I would talk to a doctor to get the right answer. I don’t know myself.

I’m sorry for your loss,if your worried about an infection go see your doctor

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I had a misscarriage and went to after care and they basically didnt do shit i also went everytime i was bleeding to the er onky thing they do is test your blood to see if yourbhcg level dropped and mine did all the way down to 11 they told me your body expells it naturally and that it does !

If you start running temp, have an increase or change in your vaginal secretions; or unexplainable pain …go to DR

I have no experience with this but I would say if you are worried call your doc. Dont feel bad for having sex after a miscarriage you can still grieve and be intimate with your partner!


Just watch for normal signs of infections

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There’s not really any helpful advise your gonna get in here for an infection. Go to Dr.

Just go to the doctor baby. Everything is gone be alright baby. And I am truly sorry for your lost. My prayers are with you sweetheart


just watch for fever or bad smells down there… worst case just schedule an appointment with your dr for peace of mind… theres no real timeline on when it’s “okay” to be intimate with your partner again… as long as your dr didnt explicitly say not to, then that’s between the 2 of you.

Why would you think there would be an infection? Odd you grieved like “ that” Though :flushed: you must have been SO upset :roll_eyes:


Your sex life is your own business…

Just watch for signs of infection, smelly or discoloured discharge, pain, fever etc

A miscarriage at 5 weeks is essentially a period, so there is no risk of infection. That would be like being worried about having sex on your period. I had a D&C after my miscarriage and even then there were no infection precautions.

Just watch for signs on infection. Fever, chills, abnormal smells or discharge, unusual pain–things of that sort!
Seriously, no normal mama would judge you. Like you said, everyone grieves differently and that shit fucking hurts mentally and emotionally. I’m sorry for your loss, darling! Stay strong :kissing_heart:

Unless odd oder or pain, you’re probably ok. Go to your doctor for an exam if your very anxious. There’s nothing wrong with sex after a miscarriage if u feel ok physically

Just go to doc and I get it I convinced my now 3 year old 3 weeks after loosing a pregnancy but definitely go to doc and make sure you are ok

I miscarried at 13 weeks last month. We weren’t warned about infection and I wasn’t given any medication after the ER confirmed the miscarriage. We had unprotected sex 6 days after and my cervix was still at 1cm… (my husband checked) sorry tmi but he is trained and I wouldn’t recommend checking… I was worried so I gave my doctor a call. They told me just to watch for unusual signs like fever, pain or any other normal signs of infection… I did get a yeast infection the day after unprotected sex… I gave the doc a call and she was able to call in a diflucan (1 pill to treat the infection) it was as simple as that… so yes we had unprotected sex too soon and yes I got an infection but all turned out fine and I am 100% ok. So try not to worry too much.
Sorry for your loss, I know how much sorrow it brings. :broken_heart:

I had a miscarriage 10 years ago. I stopped bleeding after maybe a week and we banged. I didn’t get an infection I just got pregnant again lol


So sorry for your loss I know how heartbreaking it is :heart:
As the rest have said just watch for the signs, I never got any infections after mine and come to find out after my miscarriage I was still pregnant (unknowingly I was pregnant with twins)

Grieve anyway you feel is what is best and I’m happy you have a partner that is obviously loving and you guys still have that passion while going through such a rough time

My husband and I miscarried at 5 weeks and didn’t wait. We didn’t know we needed to wait. We ended up getting pregnant again without starting a new cycle. Since you were at 5 weeks your cervix was closed right after, no placenta to expell. Many women miscarry this early just thinking it’s a period, you did nothing wrong.


Go to the doctor if you’re worried it’s better to go and have it not be anything then not and end up in a world of pain. Also, so sorry for your loss

So sorry for your loss sweetheart xx

Just go see a doctor and make sure you good

If you have abnormal discharge or a fever then go to the doc. I’ve lost so many and never had an issue with infection.

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Facebook doesn’t have a medical degree. The only honest answer is going to be from your doctor :woman_facepalming:


I’m surprised you only bled for a few days. I bled heavily for 3 weeks.
I would only be concerned if you start having discharge that isn’t normal, a bad smell, or pain. It’s not super common, but definitely possible.

Nothing to worry about! Sorry for your loss… but unless you start seeing signs of an infection- I wouldn’t worry. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry you had a miscarriage. That’s such a difficult thing to experience. Unfortunately many people miscarry and don’t even realize they were ever pregnant because it was so early on. I wouldn’t worry about an infection. Keep yourself clean like you would normally and unprotected sex is just fine if you don’t mind getting pregnant again. I am a labor and deliver nurse so I would just tell you to continue caring for your lady parts like any other day and continue to grieve in your own way whatever that may be. :heartpulse:


You can ask advice from strangers on Facebook or talk to your doctor, which ever you think is best


That’s how I got pregnant- I would speak to your doctor about it and make a plan to monitor it. Don’t beat yourself up, it happens.


I would always speak to a professional with anything that has to do with health. Unfortunately Facebook doctor degrees aren’t the best. So sorry for your loss

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You need to call your doctor.
Your HCG level should be <1.
If you’re bleeding again please please please call your OB. We’ve heard it all and they shouldn’t judge you.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Similar story to me. I was 7 weeks when I miscarried and received no information from doctor’s. We had sex a few days later and bleeding got a little heavier, but no infection. We conceived our rainbow baby 7 days after my miscarriage. Here’s hoping for your rainbow baby :rainbow:

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First, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Big hugs to you both. It’s a hard thing to deal with.
Every women is different and bodies react differently. Best thing for you to do is to see your doctor and have them do an exam.

Just go to the doctor and do what he tells you.

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Not that you asked but I think that’s a perfectly normal response during grief. You’re grieving together as well. I just wanted to add that I would not be feeling guilt because you and your partner had sex after a miscarriage. I dont think that’s wrong at all as far as morally. Watch for typical signs of infection as everyone else said, and fever. If you can, go ahead and get checked out theyll probably give you a broad spectrum anti biotic just to cover whatever bases. I’m sorry for your loss :black_heart: Be careful in future and take care of yourself.


Call your local emergency room nurse? :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: