Would I be in the wrong if I didn't announce my pregnancy to my friend?

Would I be wrong if I didn’t announce my pregnancy to my friend? We don’t talk everyday or see each other much except family gatherings or kids birthday parties. (Her in laws are my boyfriends godparents)


But did that person help make that baby? If nah, then no explanation needed. You carrying that kid and as long as the other person who helped make that baby knows then it’s between you 2 on who you tell and don’t.

You guys aren’t even friends. What you’re describing is just an acquaintance but that’s all she is. I guarantee if boyfriend and you break up she would never talk to you again. No you don’t have to announce it to her it’s actually none of her business


You call her “friend”. Why wouldn’t you want to share your joyful news?

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I only announced my second pregnancy to family. I didnt post anything on social media because it’s not really any one else’s business :slight_smile: people are so focused on sharing their personal lives with everyone… keep this special news to yourself and your family.


No. It’s your pregnancy to announce to whoever you wish and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for that.

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Nope. My next pregnancy I plan on keeping between me and the dad and not being around any family until after the baby is born.

You don’t have to announce your pregnancy to anybody you don’t want to.

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