Would I be wrong to purchase things for the child I babysit?

Today, I started my first babysitting job for a two year old sweet heart. I’m loving every minute of it. Only problem is she was dropped off with only three diapers for the day and dressed in clothes that don’t fit her. The dad mentioned that money was tight. Would it be wrong of me to step in by purchasing diapers and a few outfits for her? How would you go about a situation like this? I’m also worried that he won’t pay me weekly… TYIA.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would I be wrong to purchase things for the child I babysit?

I’d start off maybe buying a pack of diapers for your house and see if you can get a few outfits secondhand. You mention you are worried about him paying you weekly. If he doesn’t, will you still watch the child? If not, then you don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff right away and then be stuck with it if it doesn’t work out.


I would certainly recommend keeping extra diapers and wipes to keep the potential of diaper rash to a minimum. Same with clothes for during your watch as ill fitting clothes could cause skin irritation. As for buying clothes, maybe shop at a resale shop or yard sales. If you are doing this to support yourself, it’s probably not in your best interest to be spending a lot of money on the baby.


Buying extras and keeping things at your place is definitely optional but you may need to ask the family to supply more. I think it’s best to ask for an entire box/sleeve of diapers and you will let them know when you are out and same with wipes. As for payment, I’d suggest ensuring they pay at the start of each week for your services. This ensure payment


Your a good hearted person! Their are stores for used clothes where you can save on the buck their are places who donate clothes just tell the parents you had them laying around everyone needs help once in a great while no judgement


Awww, I used to babysit a little girl and money was tight for her mama…I bought her stuff all the time. Some toys, and food she liked. I don’t know about it being ‘right’ or not but the mom never complained and the little girl loved it.


I would talk with the parents before doin so, like if your wanting to buy things to send home with her.
But it doesn’t hurt to get diapers/pulls, wipes, snacks and toys for your house for while she’s there.
Honestly it probably wouldn’t hurt to send some stuff home but you don’t want to find your self financially supporting the child by getting in a cycle of providing the basic things she needs that should be provided by her parents. We would like to think your kindness wouldn’t be taken advantage of but from experience that can very well happen.
Give the dad/parent a list of things he needs to bring for her:like a pack of diapers and wipes,change of clothes that fit and are weather appropriate etc.Anything you will need to take care of her basic needs.
Maybe do some research for your area of resources the parent can use to help them out while they are in a tough spot. They may also be able to possibly apply for childcare assistance if they meet the requirements.
in my opinion you can possibly help them and the child out in the long run by helping them find the proper
resources. Buying stuff the child needs will only help them short term.


I would make sure that you tell them that you need enough supplies to take care of the baby including diapers and clothing. If you start buying things they’re going to expect it and I certainly will wait until after your first paycheck to make sure you get paid

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Every daycare I’ve worked at has always had extra diapers, wipes and used clothes just in case.

I feel if he don’t have money for diapers he sure ain’t got money to pay you. But also you’re doing it for the 2 year old baby.

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I would go to thrift stores and buy a few outfits to keep at your house. I would buy a box of diapers and wipes to keep at my house but I wouldn’t let parents know but I would let them know that you need more than 3 diapers for the day so the baby doesn’t get rashes and can be changed regularly. I would tell them you sympathize with money being tight but that this is also how you get paid and you would be losing out on money if you have to supply diapers and wipes. Look into resources in your area to help them get clothes, diapers ect. I don’t know if they qualify for child community care for daycare but maybe see/help them apply? That way you are assured payment and they have a copay. You can always buy the baby “gifts”. But be careful unfortunately some people take advantage of the kindness of others too. It’s sad to say that but it’s true. I am a big softy and I hate to see kiddos go without. But you also have to make a living so they still need to supply the babies necessities.

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Hun any love you show in anyway I. Sure would not go unnoticed i don’t believe anyone in a person’s life by mistake God may be using you to bless this family don’t worry bout the money just do what you think is best love is where the real blessings at God bless

Well simple buy some for there and just say hey do u mind if I buy him a couple outfits? I found some one sale,sometimes a helping hand is all someone needs without begging

I would do it and maybe keep it at ur house? So u have extras while ur babysitting. I think it’s sweet of you


Having extra stuff at ur home is always nice to have and to be able to do…but in my experience when I was younger and seeing and hearing stories; I would be careful of letting the parents know that you have items at your home because some would try and take advantage…they may stop bringing you diapers or wipes knowing you have some there and would expect it all the time…it is always nice to be able to help someone out if you are able just don’t let them take advantage

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See if there are any diaper banks around. Give the dad the info if you find any. Try online marketplace to get clothes rather than buy new.

Buy a bunch of stuff at value village or wherever, used clothes, tell the mom a friend gave them to you from her kid.

if you don’t use all the diapers save one for extra but don’t say anything. I hope they at least sent an extra set of clothes. If not ask for extra set in case something happens. Believe me when i say things always happens. As for as buying things once they know your doing that they will not bring what they do. The next question is Why are you baby sitting?

Buy the diapers and wipes. Maybe an extra outfit if you don’t have one. A little at a time otherwise. You probably aren’t even sure they will keep bringing the child if you’re worried that you might not get paid. Good will/rummage sales. So many places to find good used clothing, toys and whatever you need.

Ask around maybe friends have some stuff for you to keep at your place?