Would I be wrong to schedule a c-section?

My due date is in June, am I ridiculous for thinking about planning a C-section? I am very traumatized after my first birth, and the almost 50hrs it was. I just want different this time. I obviously hate the idea of surgery recovery, but I tore so bad in vaginal birth with my first that it felt like surgery recovery. I 100% know its going to be so hard either way. This is definitely my last baby, I’m just extremely undecided.


I had an emergency c section and it was absolutely fine. You know your own body so do what you think is best for you.

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Honestly I’ve had 3 c sections.
Recovery wasn’t too bad. My 2 planned c sections were a breeze with recovery, and it was an overall relaxing experience.

Loved my c sections. There is no right or wrong way to bring life into this world; no matter what peoples personal opinions are.

Do what is going to be best for you


Honestly I’ve had 4 sections, 1 was kind of an emergency(was scheduled but I went into labour, wasn’t majorly rushed) and 3 scheduled and although the surgery sucks I loved how relaxed it all was.

I had a vaginal, c section and then vbac. I don’t recommend a c section. It was a rough recovery and hard for me to do anything I could barely nurse the baby and I couldn’t get him out of his bassinet myself because of the pain. If you choose a c section just make sure you have 24/7 help available incase you need it. Good luck momma!


If you are absolutely 100% positive this is going to be your last baby then I’d not only schedule a C-section but make sure you’re scheduled for a tubal while they are already in there so that you do not have to endure a second surgery or continue to worry about birth control


Do what you feel is right for you. Be sure to speak about your options with your OB.


I had a 4th degree tear with my 2nd child and had my 3rd 14 months later and was absolutely fine, with my 4th had to have an emergency section and I honestly found the recovery of the emergency section harder than the 4th degree tear, I’m pregnant with my 5th and have been told repeatedly that planned section recovery is no where near as bad as an emergency so the choice is mine as to if I want a vbac or a section. I’m really undecided at the moment but I know what ever I decide will be best for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Your baby, your body, your birth. Do what you want to do. I had 2 c-sections by choice and would choose it again.

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You can absolutely ask your obgyn about a c section and if you’re 100% you’re done with kids you can ask them to tie your tubes. 3x C-section mom here. They asked my on my last pregnancy if I wanted this option. (I didn’t but when I’m sure done I probably will)

Recovery with a scheduled c section is a lot easier. You also feel more rested because you didn’t go through hours of labor. I was induced with my first. I scheduled my 3rd pregnancy all the appointments and c section date it was the smoothist pregnancy and birth knowing it was all planned.

Do doctors even give you that option? I always thought they called the shots.

I’ve had 5 c-sections. It’s okay. I have a high pain tolerance, I’ve been told. When it’s scheduled, it’s really smooth sailing.

Talk with your ob about this

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I planned on having a C-section with my second. I had an episiotomy and still ended up with a level four tear and ripped to my rectum with my first, he was 9 pounds. It took three doctors over an hour to stitch me up! Although my second had his own plan and I went into labor the day before my scheduled C-section and ended up having him naturally, thankfully he was a bit smaller and everything was fine! But I was traumatized and scared to death delivering my second, so no, you have good reason to plan for a C-section assuming your OBGYN is in agreement.

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I don’t think you can just ask for a c section. But I’d talk with your OB about your concerns.


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I’m pregnant and due in September. Due to traumatic births with my two daughters I have elected for a c-section and my dr 100% supports it and even was asking me if I thought about one . My Obgyn office is an elective office so I can ask for one regardless if they felt I needed it or not . But we on same page due to previous ones. I’m so nervous due to healing stage though I won’t lie .

Momma, do what you feel is best for your body and peace of mind! I personally would not blame you one bit for having a scheduled c-section. My first ended as an emergency C-section because my son could not pass due to basically me not having birthing hips - between the trying to push him out to being given no time to breathe of having to be put under for the emergency cut open, I was very much traumatized and was told if I were to ever have another, it would have to be scheduled and that’s exactly what I did with my second.

I’ve never had a planned c section, but I did have an emergency one… if given the choice to do that again or another 54 hour labor, I’d do the 54 hours again and again

I had three sections And although they were all relatively safe. A c- section is major surgery with real risk and complications, I would never pick it if it wasn’t a medical necessity for me.

Do doctors actually allow moms to schedule c-sections with no medical reasons? I’ve had 3 births, 3 different doctors at 2 different hospitals. I wasn’t allowed to have a C-section unless it was necessary. Even with my second which it should’ve been a C-section Dr wouldn’t do it because the father said no.

Anyway if you have the choice go for it. I know people say C-section recovery is so bad. I had a different experience. My emergency C-section was my easiest. That was with very little medication in the hospital & none after I got home. I couldn’t accept it when my ex was around & he refused to let me fill prescriptions. I imagine c-sections with medication would be very easy & painless.