Would it be off to name my baby after the stillborn I had?

Maybe a middle name but not the first name

No, name him whatever you like, I think it’s a sweet thing to do personally

Possibly a middle name
But even baby needs a different name
But on saying that
At the end of they day , no matter what people recommend
This is your baby and only you can make that choice

You could utilize it as a middle name to honor him. I wouldn’t reuse the first name. IMO there is a baby with that name already.

Using family names is common in many cultures I see nothing wrong with it. My brothers name is the same as my dads name and my uncle have the same name as their dad

No of course not people name there children after late loved ones all the time :heart:

Its your choice ultimately but thats a lot of weight for an innocent little one to carry on his shoulders for the rest of their life. Im sure you dont want your kid to ever feel like he’s the back up child, the do over etc?

Maybe a middle name or a similar but not identical?


Name your baby whatever you want🥰

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Personally I wouldn’t. Your baby needs to have his identity. Not be a replacement for the baby lost. With that said it’s personal choice. If that’s what you want to do do it. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt named their first son Jr then after he passed they named another son the same exact name.

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MAYBE a middle name but definitely not the first name

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So in the Jewish religion we name after the dead. If you aren’t Jewish maybe use it as a middle name

That’s a beautiful tribute to your son in heaven. I say do it

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Maybe you could do it as a middle name instead? Honoring the baby you lost but still giving your son a separate identity of his own.

Either way it’s you’re choice.

I’m so so sorry for your loss and congratulations on your new pregnancy.

I lost my baby girl at 17weeks and if I have another girl she’ll have that name.

I wouldn’t - because it would always remind me of my other child that didn’t make it.

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You could use your stillborn 1st name as a middle name or give then the same middle name as I did.

Do asa middle name or take part of first name and create a different name.

I used his name as a middle name for my next son.

I have used my late daughter’s middle name in her sisters’ names. I think it would be far too triggering to use the same first names. Even the middle name is difficult at times for me

One of my cousins lost her first baby. She went on to have 2 more boys and named 1 of them the same name as her angel baby. I’ve always wondered if it was a common practice, but not something I would be comfortable with. Maybe as a middle name. In the end, it’s your child. Your choice.

It’s completely up to you but I lost our baby boy last year, I am having a boy again now and personally no, I would not call him the same name as his brother. That’s his name, you’d not name two siblings the same if they were both alive. We are, however, having his first name as our new baby’s middle name.

We lost our first born age 4 weeks, following heart. We named him after my brother, who died at 10 days old. So for me I’d say no

I think you should do whatever your heart tells you to do because some souls come back at better timing or when they’re actually ready and that very well may be why you have the feeling to do it. Don’t listen to everyone on here. It’s up to you and what you feel you should do. Someone’s always gonna think somethings weird. It’s not up to them and their opinions do not matter. Although I do understand everyone here’s reasoning, they make complete sense, but ultimately it is your choice.

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I am so sorry for your loss and congratulations on bringing this wonderful little life into the world. As far as your question goes, I don’t think I would use the name. That name is special and already belongs to little soul in heaven. Give your new baby a fresh new start with a brand new name that is his very own. That way he doesn’t grow up feeling like he has shoes to fill that aren’t his.

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I think if you gave him a number with the name would be OK. First baby, now gone was I. This baby could be II. Kind of like a Sr. and Jr.only with I, II, III, IV and so on. Just my thoughts. Congratulations on the little one! Best wishes to you and your family with whatever decision you feel is right for you.

I named one of my children after a still l born that my mom had before she had me!

I’m sorry for your loss. I would give your second son a different name.

Not the same first name. I’d use it as a middle name x

i’m named after my still born aunt from my dad

Yes it is wrong you have a child with that name

I would use it for a middle name not as a first name

Yes, leave the Sweet angel Special to his own name😇

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I also had a stillborn and then 4 years later had a son and I asked this question to myself and realized absolutely not. I wouldn’t do it if my first son was here. He’s his own person still whether living or not and therefore I would not have his name for any other Child. That was just me however. I feel like if that’s how you want to cope. Heal. Etc then do what feels right. I just couldn’t fathom calling my baby my stillborn baby’s name and it not being really him

Honestly I don’t think so. We even thought about naming our 10w old our stillborn daughters name but we didn’t. And the name of our stillborn is NOT a name that sounds good as a middle name. I feel like it’s like naming them after any beloved family members.

I think it’s personal preference. I didn’t feel right naming my daughter after the daughter we lost. I just felt they were both their own persons and deserved their own identity, I also didn’t want my daughter to ever grow up thinking she was a “replacement” for her sister but that’s my personal feelings. We thought about maybe as a middle name but chose not to.

I did not do this I felt like she’s in heaven and she’s gotta have her own name I did give my first daughter who passed a very old family name as her middle name and gave that to my next and last daughter as well

I had a stillborn in 1997. Adriana Michele. In 2000 I had another daughter. I named her Savannah Adriana Michelle. She knows she’s named after an angel.

You can do whatever you want. Use a variation or a nickname or use the name you love.

No , I lost a infant & named my son years apart after him , he just inherited his brother’s name !

If that’s what YOU wanna do, DO IT :white_heart:

Yes you can it’s your baby do what makes you feel good.

I don’t think it would be weird. People get named after dads, grandpas,brothers all the time.

I wouldn’t do that give him a name of his own but use it as a middle name it will be more special

Not not at all. You name that baby what you want. If you feel that, that’s what you wanna do do it girl.

To me, I could never name the same first name, however I did give my last daughter the same middle name as one of my still born twins middle names.

Yes imo it would be weird he will grow up feeling like a replacement. I would give him his own 1st name and honor his brother with the middle name.

You do whatever your heart tells you. Who cares what others think. :heart:

No, they are two separate people. Maybe as a middle name would be good.

if that’s what you want to do then it’s fine…nothing wrong with it.

I think that’s entirely yours and your partners choice x no one else’s opinion matters xx

I wouldn’t. Each child have their own identity.

I think it’s ok, I don’t see why not.

Yes. But its up to you. Other people dont have to know.

Your baby Your choice

I personally wouldn’t give them the same first name. But maybe name the baby after the first baby, with a middle name.

Sound kind of like your replacing the one who died to me. But you have to make that decision.

I gave my 4th boy the same middle name as my stillborn to honor him. I would never name another one of my kids the same first name as my stillborn son because that would be like I was trying to replace him which I would never do.

Honey, name him what you want too!!!

A middle name would honor your other child. I wouldnt personally name them the same thats like having 2 kids with the same name. Regardless of earthside or not.

would it cause confusion with the Soc sec admin and IRS?

Do whatever makes you happy don’t listen to anyone else