Would it be off to name my baby after the stillborn I had?

So i had a stillborn boy in 2014, 3 girls later im finally blessed with another boy. Would it be weird if i named this baby after my stillborn? Like same first name.


I wouldn’t name my current baby the name of the child I lost. I feel the child that you lost that is their identity and their name… And should be honored. I had a stillborn of a little girl and I miss her dearly.


That actually used to be very, very common back in the day when babies and young children died often. It’s up to you and no one else. My first born daughter passed away, and her middle name is also the middle name of my oldest daughter.


Absolutely not. They are not the same children. I’d hate to live with my dead siblings name :persevere: a middle name is different, though. That could work! But definitely not as a first name.


I had a stillborn and another son afterwards. I didn’t name my younger son after him because I wanted him to have his own identity. A middle name would be nice though.


Yes, they are different people. If you want to honour your stillborn child I would use it as a middle name.


My first name, is my sisters middle name, she passed away at birth, I adore sharing this with her, but I would absolutely hate it if my first name was the same.
It would kinda feel like you are trying to replace what you are missing rather than remembering them.
Just my opinion though


I am a child born after my parents lost a baby and from the perspective of a child ……. I would have been okay with a middle name of the baby , but not the first name . I would have felt I was being born to replace the child lost , and not celebrated for my own uniqueness. A name is something that suits a child. I had multiple names or combinations picked out for my own son and waited until he arrived to see what suited his face and personality in the first few moments of life .
But that’s just me .


Though I do see it as a beautiful gesture. My only worry as a mom would be later on if the baby grows up feeling like he’s in a way replacing his brother who passed away.


This is not something I’ve ever experienced so my opinion doesn’t mean much… but i don’t think I could do that. Your other son even if only here for a short time was a different person. In my mind id always want to be able to think of them separately. Though using it as a middle name or maybe a name similar I personally could do. Btw I am so happy for you :heart:


Please understand this is no judgment from me but I personally wouldn’t. I would however use the babies first name as a middle in remembrance.


I think you should not name your children the same names, if he had lived, you would not name your other son the name-it’s nothing wrong, but in your heart is already one “John” you don’t want another one, they should both have an equal space :heart: with name too, also every name carries some meaning, he deserves his own :slight_smile: however, I don’t think it is wrong if that is what you decide :slight_smile:


I would do the name as a middle name not the first name. And explain to the child when they’re older about their big brother and how you gave them his first name as their middle name and you’re so blessed, grateful, joyful, and honored to be his mama.


You do you ,I lost my first child at 13 hours old ,when her sibling was born 2 years later I used the same middle name because it’s my middle name ,your may do what helps you cope and God bless you little momma .


Mmm I wouldn’t personally I would just use it as a middle name if anything cuz they are different children this baby is not his replacement but a new gift which deserves his own name but that’s just me of course you do you


I mean, I wouldn’t. I would honor the baby I lost.
Maybe a middle name, but not the same first name.

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I couldn’t do it… i just know the baby I lost from that name. I can’t imagine saying his name everyday to my other son all day long…Maybe the middle name? :blue_heart:


I used the initials with our rainbow baby

I think this is a beautiful idea however, let me give you a different perspective. This is something that used to be very common years ago. I am someone who is tracing their family tree and has come across it too many times in recent years. When the names are the same it makes it very hard to differentiate the babies as different people on census records down the road. So often dates are recorded wrong or one baby gets left off the tree because it is believed that they are the same person. Just giving you something to think about.

Could you use the first name as your babies middle name?

Make it his middle name! But I’d give him his own unique name.


A middle name I think personally, your other son was his own person… but let your son keep his name being heard as a middle xx


Personally I wouldn’t. That baby would have to carry the name for his life and eventually would learn it was his brothers name first. I think that’s just asking for unnecessary heartache.


Absolutely not. Your 1st son was his own person and deserves his own name. If I was your 2nd boy I’d feel like I was just there as a replacement


It used to be very normal to do this. Naming in remembrance of lost siblings.

So I wanted to name my last daughter Rowen. It’s the name I picked out for my last baby whom I lost early on at 10weeks. My husband quickly vetoed it. He said that is their name. And even if in honor of that that would be putting to much pressure or maybe even resentment on that child. He said that it would be a constant reminder of the one he to lost. Which is fair honestly. I had just really like the name. And took it as I didn’t get to use the name i wanted too. But he took it as that was their name. That is who we remember. So as sweet as it may be maybe talk to other family members who will be involved in this child’s life because yes we are the moms but we arnt the only people who lost a baby that day.


In the Jewish religion we name our babies after a deceased person that had a special meaning to us. We believe it carries their soul throughout another lifetime. So yes, for me it would be a special reason to carry on the name.
When we name a baby there is always a view of their future attached to the name, an expectation of what we hope for them, the love associated for their lifetime ahead.
If this name brings a special heartfelt love and deep feelings keep the name alive with this next child.


I honoured by lost little boys name by using it as my rainbow baby’s middle name x


We lost our boy at 14 weeks pregnant last year and now I’m pregnant with another boy. Our first boys name was Truett. So this babies middle name will be true :blue_heart:


My mom was named after her stillborn sister

I lost a baby boy and had a son not alot after that. I gave him his brother’s name as a middle name in honor of him. In my opinion it’s the same as a living child I would not use the same name but everyone is different.


My son is named after my dead father and my other son named after my dead brother. Name your baby what you want. Don’t bother with what anyone else thinks about it

Personally I think its weird. I would maybe put it as his middle name not his first name. That’s just me though.


I would. First or last. If you love it better for the first name than the middle then absolutely. Some say it will always remind that person of there sibling. But as they get older they may actually love the idea of remembering there sibling. They will be different in there own way, no matter how you do their name. Everyone is different and are unique. I would do it. It will always make me happy to know that I will always have a son or daughter that I can honor. Honestly if I would of known my grandpa wouldn’t lived when my son was born I so would of named him after him. Sadly he passed few years ago after my son was born. And he never got to meet my son.

I’m named after my grandmother’s brother that passed from SIDS. She liked it as a tribute to him. Up to the person.

I have a sister-in-law who was named after her sister who died before she (my sister-in-law) was born.

I had a stillborn son at 23 week then got pregnant 4 months later I named my stillborn Aaron and my son’s name is Arion.

I would say give it as a middle name to honour his sibling, but also allow them each to have their own identity


I lost a baby in 2008. Her name is now my fourth childs middle name!

No - that would be inappropriate. Your son will not appreciate having his dead brother’s name. So sorry for your terrible loss :pleading_face:

Middle name maybe. First name no that’s the name of your stillborn baby.

I personally wouldn’t. Someone suggested the name of the baby I lost when I later got pregnant with my next baby and it was an immediate no for me. They are 2 different kids and if that child was here you would not have 2 kids with the same name. That’s the way I looked at it anyway. If it’s something you want though, brings you comfort etc. then do it. We all deal differently.

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That is way too much for a child to carry. I was an angel baby and had enough guilt growing up always hearing about how mom was one and done until he died. I can’t imagine how awful it would be if we shared a name!


That’s a catch 22. If you had a name you loved picked out and still love that name then use it but, that being said be prepared for those who will say your replacing your dead son . But we do name kids after those we deeply loved and miss to honour them. I think you need to follow your own heart

Congratulations. I would absolutely not have a issue with naming my child under these circumstances. You loved the name then and you love it now. My son is named after his 2 grand parents who weren’t here when he was born. I think its a lovely idea.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My comment to using the same name as happened years ago is that it makes genealogy very difficult.

Please please please do not do this to your child. They will forever feel like they were a less than replacement and that they are not viewed as their own person. They will grow up feeling like they need to be someone they are not and therefore will never ever feel good enough. Love this baby for the individual person they will be.

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Young one, I know it hurts from before - and understand why you might want to do it. But don’t -let the other one rest in peace - naming your son now - can/will bring up thoughts in yourself- of “what could’ve and only if” trust n believe me, young one-:heart::v:t4:

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My great grandparents did this with my grandpa. He said it was weird to see when they went to cemetery to visit him. But otherwise he never said one way or the other that he cared

That’s something entirely up to you,personally I would never do it, but honestly it’s very off and weird miscarriage I would, but I would definitely give the baby his name as a middle name

My daughter lost my grandson westin at 20 weeks in oct…shevhas told me when she does have her rainbow baby n its a girl she wan ts to name her WestLynn

I would maybe use it as their middle name? X

My mum wanted me named after my sister who had died she was adviced against it so the dr who delivered me named me middle name after my sister and I am so glad.my baby son was still born but if Id had another boy he would have had a differnt name they are two special babies it would be ok to give your new baby his older brothers name as a second name. I wish you lots of happiness with you new baby and you can tell him about his big brother when hes ready x

My older brother was a stillborn and only my middle name changed from his ive always liked that we shared a name

I don’t think so this baby will forever carry that memory

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Do it, in honor of the baby. Just do a different middle name so they each have their individuality. 🩵 I named my son after his Dad because I always likes the name even before we were together but I didn’t want the junior thing or for him to feel pressured to be like his father so I gave him his own middle name so that he had his own identity as well.

What an honor to give it as his middle name. Blessing to you both.

So I had two daughters who were still born one in 2017 who we named Oaklynn and then one in 2022 that we named Emersyn and my rainbow baby I had in June 2023 is named Emerlynn


I have a friend who’s baby boy passed away and then two kids later had another son and gave him the same middle name as the one who passed… Don’t give the baby the same first name… You would only be honoring the baby who passed and wouldn’t be celebrating this new baby… Give the first name as a middle name.

Every child deserves their own name. Honor him in another way. My neighbors planted a tree.

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I have my stillborn sibling’s middle name and I think it’s a great to honor a sibling!!

I wouldn’t like to be called by my dead brother.
I’m a different person.

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Your choice. I’m so sorry

I understand naming a child after their father but not the brother it would feel like you’re replacing him ,if he was still here what would you call this bub now. By the way congratulations on the new bub I hope work it out, do what you feel is right

Both of my daughters have my middle name as thir middle name. Alyssa was born still in 2018 sadie was born in 2020

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It would take the identity away from the children and also would make the baby feel like u loved his stillborn brother more than him as a middle name would be perfect but as aa first name i wouldnt

Speaking from experience, please dint do that. They are separate babies. If anything, use the baby’s first name as the new baby’s middle name.

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No my sister named her second son the same name as her first born who lived for just 2 days.xx

Please don’t do that. Maybe use it as a middle name to honor his brother? His brother existed, even if not for very long, ane I think every child deserves their own name… your son may feel he’s a ‘replacement’ and I know you don’t want that. I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly :heart:

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I feel like that’s a hard one. Personally, thankfully, I’ve never been in that position myself. I’m seeing everyone’s responses and feel as if they’re perfectly valid, however if I was deadset on a name and that was taken away from me, I’m not sure how I’d act given another chance tbh.

Your baby your choice, and when I asked an elder that question years ago I was told if you can live with it do it, if it makes you feel bad then don’t

They’re your babies,do what feels right :heart:

Use it for a middle name not first name


Yeah definitely everyone name children after love ones that are still here or past away.

They are your babies. Name them what you want to. Nothing wrong with it.

If it makes you happy and whole then yes!!! There is nothing wrong with it

my daughter passed away less than a month old, i would not reuse the name for anything or anyone. but like everyone’s saying, it is ultimately your choice. i just wouldn’t. nobody can compare to the d3ad one, and nobody can compare to the future one.

My dad did it. My older brother JR died and a few years later when my next brother was born he was JR

I wouldn’t, no. Not even the middle name. Your baby deserves a name that doesn’t carry the weight of his sibling, that’s all his own.

My husband is named after his brother who passed away at 1 yr old!

Not at all I just myself couldn’t because it hurt to much an I felt I was trying to replace him but in the end if you like it that’s what matters

My baby boy was named Dylan Wayne. He passed at 2 days of age. 14 years later I had another boy and I named him Joshua Daylin. Not the same but close

It’s a lovely idea to remember his brother in this way.

Honey, you do whatever you feel is best for you…

My friend had a Bently and named her son Brantly. Similar but different :heart:

To each their own :heart:
It’s your child
I lost my daughter at 22wks in Oct of 2022, had another after her, they have 2 different names

No. Please. You can give him the first boy’s name for his middle name. Agree with Dallas.


Myself, I couldn’t do that, but maybe switch first and middle names for example Mitchell James becomes James Mitchell. (Name my first was going to have if she would have been a boy)

No way…that’s like not acknowledging that baby at all…maybe use it for middle name but you can’t bring your last baby back by naming the new one after him. They’re 2 different babies therefore 2 different names.

No it’s perfectly fine. Congrats on your pregnancy

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No . I’d use it as a middle name though

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I would give the child its own name, use his name as a middle name, but at the end of the day, its your decision

Why not give it the middle name of the other baby

I wouldn’t first name but maybe middle name?

Your child should have his very own. Middle ok.

At the end of the day it’s what you and your partner wish to do! Screw what other day. If you want to honor your precious angel then do it! Life is too short!

I would use the name as a middle name.

I don’t think so maybe a different middle name? Either way…

I wouldn’t do that maybe as a middle name.

I wouldn’t. Just come up with a name that is similar if you feel it’ll make you happy