Would it be weird if I did this?

So I need some opinions on if this would be tacky or not. So my mother passed away last July from alzheimers and this year would have been 55 years married for her and my dad. For their anniversary, I was thinking of getting her wedding bouquet recreated with velvet flowers so they won’t die and having it sent to my dad from my mom. Not sure if that’s weird or not, but I was just thinking how if she could be here, she would’ve sent them, she just can’t so I’m arranging it for her. I was gonna have the card read “all my love from the beyond. Happy anniversary to my Danny boy! I will always be with you and I love you forever and for always. Love, Brenda” or something to that effect. I just wasn’t sure if it’s weird to do that or not.


I think it’s a beautiful idea and I also think your father would love it. :heart:

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That’s beautiful! You should definitely do it!

I think that is so beautiful :heart:

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I don’t know personally if I’d do the note or not. I don’t know your dad or how he’d perceive that. The bouquet sounds like an awesome idea though. I’d probably do the bouquet as a gift from me though with maybe their wedding photo with mom holding the flowers. Just my thoughts. You know your dad better than any of us though so that’s something for you to decide.

I think it’s a very sweet gesture :heart:

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I mean it is sweet, in thought, but I wouldn’t do it. 55 years is a long time and honestly that might make it hard


I wouldn’t do it “from” him, but i would either give them yourself or mail them from yourself. saying exactly what you said in the post, since she’s not here to do it, you’re doing it.

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You know your father best so I would just do what you think he would feel comfortable with . I don’t think it’s a bad idea . This will be his first one without her so he may be more emotional with it but do whatever you think .

Do it!!! Wonderful idea!

Nice thought but would he actually want a gift like that even if she were here? Purposeful gifts are better than extreme sentiment. Maybe a useful item with some engraving or something on it.

I think it’s a very sweet idea.
I don’t know your dad personally to know whether this would or wouldn’t be a good gift.
If you believe it’s something your dad would appreciate then go ahead but I would make it from you and tell him what you’ve told us that you’re doing it for her since she’s not here to do it herself.

That was it’s less likely to cause him any duress.


My daughter sent me flowers on Valentines Day from my husband who passed away last year. I think it’s nice


Where can you get the flowers recreated in Velvet? That sounds awesome.

I’m going to go against popular opinion. I, personally, don’t think its a good choice. I think its a choice that will potentially cause Dad stress and duress. It’s going to be hard enough for him. If you want to acknowledge with a beautiful bouquet from you, awesome. Personally I think duplicating the wedding bouquet is going to have a very emotional effect on him, not necessarily in a good way.


I think if you took them to him it wouldn’t be so weird as receiving as a delivery which might flummox him depending on age. I always send my stepmother flowers on anniversary and birthdays with a note saying we are thinking of her and him, which she likes but not from him direct


Not tacky to recreate but tacky and potentially emotionally/mentally harmful/traumatic to have them from her.

Not weird at all, very thoughtful